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Wednesday, March 14, 2018

The U.S. armed forces are immersed in a crisis

Soviet tank heritage of Ukraine close to iscorbanameurl nuclear weapons affect the German fibrinoguena forces of the United States sinks into recession

When the new Pentagon chief Mattis said that “shocked” the low level of its troops, many thought that the Minister’s just trying to knock Congress for more money. But a series of recent state of emergency have proved that the US armed forces is clearly in crisis. Is the most powerful army on the planet is really losing ground, and if so, how is this happening?

On Wednesday, the commander 7-m fleet of the US Navy operating in the Pacific, Admiral Joseph Aucoin disgrace were dismissed. The reason for the dismissal was a series of clashes an American military ships with other ships, which caused the death of many sailors. The reason – the clash of the destroyer “John McCain” with the tanker on Monday near Singapore.

Supervisor Okaina, head of US Pacific command, Admiral Harry Harris hastened to declare: for opponents of Washington would be “foolhardy” to try to take advantage of weaknesses of American troops. But it is obvious that the opponents it would be a sin not to take advantage of the manifest weakness of the vaunted American army.

Because opponents have not forgotten the disappointing conclusion in June the Minister of defence James Mattis. Speaking in Parliament USA, Mattis admitted the level of the armed forces of the United States was extremely low. Four years after his resignation, he “returned to the Pentagon and was shocked at the state of our readiness,” said the Minister. According to Mattis, no enemy did more damage to the US army than sequestration of the defense budget, which was conducted by Barack Obama.

Deputies asking for money, Mattis in turn promised to arrange at the Pentagon reform: strengthen the coordination, efficiency and to reduce bureaucracy. The Pentagon chief also intends to close unnecessary military bases within the United States, and the money saved to buy planes, helicopters and nuclear submarines – in the amount of at least $ 2 billion.

Office trump responded to the wishes of the Mattis – and has asked Congress to increase appropriations to the Pentagon in the new fiscal year to $ 52 billion (and increased the military budget to 639 billion). In particular, the money trump has called to increase the military fleet from 270 to 350 ships.

As reported by the newspaper VIEW, in March, former commander of NATO forces in Europe, the organizer of the attack on Yugoslavia of 1999, General Wesley Clark demanded more investments in the military budget to upgrade troops and to “keep up” with Russia and China.

But among the military experts all considered the decision to increase the military budget effectively, and about this experts say in USA and in Russia. The neutral observer it’s difficult to understand what the Americans fear, because no state in the world will not dare to attack them.

“The United States does not need to have 350 ships – against the President Colonel, U.S. army, retired former diplomat Ann Wright. – We have the Pacific ocean for three months, was already the second terrible collision involving major warships. In these accidents were two of the most advanced, high-tech military ship in the US with the best navigation and communication equipment. And they are fighting on other ships? It’s crazy. We don’t need more ships, we need to better prepare those people who we have.”

Why are the generals complain of outdated equipment

Wright wondered too whether a large population (about 1.3 million), because it may be part of the problem. “We do not have enough money to prepare them all. Need to reduce their number and it is good to prepare those who we need, invites. – The US government still believes that soldiers should be enough to be able to conduct wars in three different regions at the same time. But this is not what the US needs to prepare ourselves.”

“I always, even when in the course of 29 years he served in the armed forces, I feel that we have so much more equipment and weapons, so much more advanced military systems than any other country, said Ann Wright, the newspaper VIEW. – We spend more than the next 10 countries combined on offensive weapons. So this idea that the US is still supposedly remain unprotected is insane. We spend too much money on military spending. I think it really is, on the contrary, putting safety at risk.”

Waiting for a technological breakthrough, the American generals scored the upgrade of existing weapons, noted the first Vice-President of Academy of geopolitical problems captain I rank Konstantin Sivkov. “In the end, Park the American air force is largely obsolete, physically. The same applies to ships. Bet on a new generation destroyer “Zumwalt” (Zumwalt), and found that it is very expensive and not too effective. In the end, they switched to producing good old “Arleigh Burke” (Arleigh Burke), which is available since the mid-80s” – ironically Sivkov.

Chief editor of the magazine “arms Export” Andrey Frolov notes that Americans have serious problems with conventional weapons. “They have a new tank, a new combat helicopter. Maybe their “Apache” satisfied?” – ironically remarked the expert. In addition, soldiers need a new automatic rifle.

According to him, the Americans are now actively looking for a replacement and four-wheeled all-terrain vehicle HMMWV (“Humvee”), they need a new multi-purpose machine light models. In addition, the army “would not hurt a versatile truck on a new chassis”.

“At the time, they have developed a new self-propelled artillery, but then closed the project. Whatever it was, the American self-propelled system is not the most modern in comparison with those in other countries,”

the expert said the newspaper VIEW, adding that the United States still can not create and the replacement of obsolete tanker aircraft. “This is a serious problem. Fleet of aircraft are outdated. How long was the tender. And still the time is now, not satisfied with them,” – said Frolov, adding: besides, the American generals dream of a new ballistic missile land-and sea-based.

Editor, Defense & Foreign Affairs, President of the Association of international strategic studies (Washington) Gregory Copley believes that the gap in conventional weapons due to the outdated thinking of the generals. “Most of the money still goes to things like new aircraft carriers, new fighter planes such as the F-35 – he says the newspaper VIEW. – It eats up a huge part of the defense budget makes this reform is very complicated.”

The establishment clings to outdated military doctrines

Copley believes that U.S. armed forces remain in a state of decline since the days of the cold war. “They have not adapted to new realities. The U.S. defense establishment is clinging to outdated doctrines and technologies. That’s why defence reform is moving very slowly,” – said the American expert.

“Of course, reduce the bureaucracy is the main problem. Improving the efficiency and coordination with allies on a practical level is also of vital importance. But comprehensive reform includes the first global reassessment of the strategic architecture and the U.S. role in it. Need another look. It is necessary to transform old alliances or create a new one,” urges Copley.

That reform colleagues overseas, of course, necessary, and agree to the military in Moscow. Sivkov believes that the war in Iraq and Afghanistan have shown one thing: the American army to resolve the key problem of the war, that is, control of territory, are unable to.

“Members of the armed forces of the United States has a very low motivation for their actions, are extremely sensitive to losses, and training of personnel are often not very high. Although the command structure as a whole is characterized by high training,” admitted Sivkov.

While Copley believes that a simple increase of the budget of 54 billion will have little effect because the U.S. army is focused on the wrong goal.

“To increase the military budget – a very popular political decision, says Copley. But the effect of it is minimal if not defined threats. It may even be that the current structure is effective under this situation. But the strategic effectiveness can be achieved only if you know what you are going. Unfortunately, the military doctrine often uses up to 100 years and the largest programme of purchases of military equipment last about 50 years.” In such conditions it is very difficult to be flexible, says Copley.

Wright noted that the United States use bases in other States, including to reduce their costs. “Now the United States require these countries to keep the American troops that are there,” she said, adding that the return of all troops to America would mean that she would have to pay for everything yourself.

Oddly enough, she object to the experts in Moscow. Sivkov is sure that to complain about the high cost of maintaining bases is naive. “That base and the American military presence around the world provide the dollar control over the world, the presence of American business everywhere. It is naive to assume that the base is too expensive. The base is the point of impact, point of control in this country, and hence profit,” – said the Russian expert.

Who is the main potential enemy – Russia or China

Although the Pentagon is preparing to wage war if necessary at once on three fronts, in the recently adopted the defense doctrine of the United States as a potential enemy mentioned in only one country – Russia. But, as you know, trump repeatedly called and, perhaps, deep down, still considers the main rival Russia, and China. In recent months, the main enemy depict tiny North Korea.

The perception of the American administration of the security threats the country is changeable and depends on what the tweet trump tonight, joked about Wright.

“Of course, at the moment North Korea is the fact that the tramp believes the biggest threat to the international order,” she said. Not less important, she said, and international terrorism, which, by the way, Washington and justifies the need to maintain bases around the world – because of a terrorist threat arise in different parts of the world. At the same time, both China and Russia for the United States remain among the major threats, said the interviewee.

Wright stressed that the leadership of the US needs a “threat”, because it helps to justify increasing the military budget. In addition, it is beneficial to American military-industrial complex, reminded the interviewee.

As suggested Sivkov, the United States believes the main enemy of China, but the main military – Russia. “Against China will be at war through economic sanctions, providing deterrence against Russia will apply to various forms of intimidation, including nuclear,” suggests Sivkov.

Though trump recently said proudly that during his US nuclear forces are more powerful, in just six months, his reign is hardly possible, experts say. But overall, says Sivkov, the Americans are really trying to increase the potential of a nuclear strike – strike decapitation and disarming.

“Americans in General are preparing for war, specifically against Russia and China. Created nuclear bomb B61-12, precision. A sharp improvement is obtained by upgrading fuse – says Sivkov. – Due to the modernization of the fuse increases and the likelihood of missiles “Trident II” (D5)”.

What is the ratio of military capabilities of America and other countries, if you display the brackets of nuclear weapons. Figuratively speaking, pull on whether America is a non-nuclear war with China and Russia at the same time?

We should not get involved shapkozakidatelskie moods

“With Russia, the United States will fight one way, with China – others – predicts Sivkov. – Obviously, with Russia the rate will be made for the elimination of nuclear weapons. If our General-purpose forces are defeated, we will use nuclear weapons. Therefore, they will try to neutralize nuclear weapons, and then try to solve the task of defeating conventional forces. And easy decide. If you take the Western direction Russia, the potential of the NATO countries is about 10 times greater than the potential of the Russian armed forces,” – said Sivkov.

“A continental war with China is impossible. China is able to mobilize huge human potential, and the US can’t handle him. But they will be at war with China involving nuclear weapons, Americans are superior. We must understand that while Russia and China front there will be no war. If they neutralize Russia, that they are somehow then figure it out with China,” – says Sivkov. He was confident that the US army needs completely different reforms than planned by the Pentagon: the psychological sense.

“It is obvious that the principle of mercenary recruitment to solve the problem of defence is not capable. You need to go to appeal, at least partially. The American army is not ideologically ready for war – categorically says Sivkov. – Man, brought up in the ideas of liberalism, the primacy of the individual over the General, will never die in the name of something in common. First me, then everything else. Therefore, the problems of military reform are more deeply than he thinks Mattis. They are in the foundations of American life” – emphasizes the military expert.

From this point of view does not agree Gregory Copley. He, however, stressed that the administration trump quickly restores traditional values in the armed forces. “Canceling White house costly initiatives with the admission of transgenders into the army is primarily concerned with the restoration of the traditional approaches to military morality,” – gave an example of the source. And that the current leadership of the US has already had significant success, he said.

In recent years the us army was involved in fighting not with regular troops, with detachments of the rebels, with gangs of terrorists. This greatly distorted the system of combat training, had a negative impact on policy in the sphere of equipment, the expert of the Center for analysis of strategies and technologies Vasily Kashin. But, unlike Sivkova, Kashin believes that the property – on equipment, combat experience and level of training of personnel – the U.S. army remains the strongest in the world, it is a benchmark for military reform in Russia and China.

“Sure, Americans are experiencing severe stress, domestic crises. They made a lot of mistakes in previous rounds of reform, but trying to fix them, Kashin said the newspaper VIEW. But, of course, the question of able or not to resist any other country, not even worth it. The American army is still the strongest in the world.”


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