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Sunday, February 25, 2018

Sergey Bogachev: solar Flares acknowledge our helplessness

Photo: Nikolay Gyngazov/Global Look Rgege next year minimum wage (the minimum wage) should be compared with the cost of living. The job has given Vladimir Putin. The state Duma has promised to enact as soon as possible. Thus, the minimum wage equal to the subsistence minimum for the first time, although it has declared in recent years. Will this help in the fight against poverty? Details…

  • The price of oil fell slightly
  • Turkey made the first payment for the s-400
  • The Ministry of Finance announced the placement of the third tranche of the national bonds

Go to a section…”Sevastopol should become the southern capital”Photo: Vasily Batanov/RIA “news”,”If you spend time on the constant scandals, public discussion, and to care in other planes other than work, then you have nothing useful happens” – said the newspaper VIEW, the newly elected Governor of Sevastopol Dmitry Ovsyannikov. In particular, he commented on the subject of previous disagreements with the team of his predecessor Alexey Chaly. Details…

  • Crimean authorities estimated the non-recognition of elections by the European Union
  • The EU does not recognize elections in Crimea
  • Nebesa: Russia does not accept the nuclear ambitions of the DPRK

Go to a section…”Local residents have been warned that it was going to Maclay Fourth”Photo: John Oxley Library, State Library of Queensland”Maclay they remember and love, for the North-Eastern part of New Guinea it is almost a national hero. It should be used”, – said the newspaper VIEW, descendant of the legendary Russian traveller, speaking of the purpose of a new expedition to the Papuans is a unique for the Russian science and public diplomacy. Details…

  • The Russian 11356 frigates for India will receive the Ukrainian engines
  • VTSIOM has studied the opinion of Russians about the United educational space
  • Kozhin said the increased demand for missiles “Caliber” after testing in Syria

Go to a section…the United States remained a gap, a critically vulnerable to nuclear attackPhoto: Workman/WikipediaРассуждающие about the prospect of nuclear war between the US and the DPRK think in terms of a missile strike, the benefit is for the missiles, Pyongyang has bet. Meanwhile, it is obvious that such an attack is impossible. But it is theoretically possible the other is also nuclear and so devastating that America after he did not recover for a very long time. Details…

  • The Syrian opposition has officially confirmed the participation in the talks in Astana
  • Media: China is violating the laws of physics engine
  • The US national debt exceeded 20 trillion dollars

Go to a section…”Arrow from Ivanteevka” was inspired by the American experiencePhoto: from the personal pages vk.com the alleged shooter”Ivanteevka is a very beautiful, prosperous city with good, proper social environment. We need to understand what pushed a young man to such actions,” – said the newspaper VIEW Duma Deputy from the Moscow region Sergei Zhigarev. A student opened fire in class, according to classmates, was different unsociable disposition, however, he did not hide his intentions, no one took the example. Details…

  • Vandals damaged a number of facilities in the new Park “Zaryadye”
  • On the fact of robbery of the graduate of “factory of stars” opened a case
  • In the North of Moscow killed a mother with a three year old child

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Alexei Mukhin: regional elections in 2017. The results

It turned out that in Moscow the part of the opposition is still gaining a number of municipal mandates. “Apple” will even call it their victory. However, it became clear that Yabloko “took a bite” these mandates are not the “United Russia”.

Alexei Kolobrodov: Paradoxes Andropov

Yuri Andropov – the most mysterious of the country’s leaders in the twentieth century – a figure no less relevant than Vladimir Lenin and Joseph Stalin. The scale, of course, less, but we live in the country today, are largely modeled to them.
Details…Discussion: 23 comments

Andrei Babitsky: On the way Saakashvili may stand only nationalists like Yarosh

Even yesterday, bringing terror to the population of Ukraine, the security Service, which ruthlessly cracked down on dissidents, does not know compassion, uses torture and extrajudicial executions, turned out to be a broken tool.
Details…Discussion: 36 comments

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    Online marathon “election Night – 2017”

    Discussion: 7 comments

    Putin held a plenary meeting of the Eastern economic forum

    Putin held an open lesson “Russia looking into the future”

    Discussion: 9 comments

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      Defined “Miss America – 2018”

      For the first time in the history of the contest “Miss America” winner was the representative of North Dakota. 23-year-old Kara Mundu is the USA champion, and six years ago was marked by Obama for his merits in the field of philanthropy. Local media and bloggers, however, the winner dubbed the “fatty”Details…Discussion: 12 comments

      “Irma” flooded Miami

      The popular American resort of Miami in Southeast Florida, like many other cities of the coast of the Atlantic ocean, was almost flooded after a hurricane swept “Irma”. Only in the de-energized state of 3 million buildings evacuated nearly 6.5 million of itemattribute…

      Musk first showed SpaceX space suit in full growth

      Elon Musk in his blog posted photos of the new SpaceX space suit in full growth. Prior to that, he showed the helmet and upper part of the protective space suit. The man in the suit standing on the background of the ship Crew DragonПодробности…Discussion: 9 comments

        Go to a section…For whom do you support in the conflict between Saakashvili and Poroshenko?

        • I wish you success Saakashvili
        • I wish success to Poroshenko

        Alexey Chaly invited to make a Patriotic Sevastopol the capital of Russia. How do you feel about this idea?

        • Support
        • Patriotic capital should be another city
        • Patriotic do not need the capital

        Ramzan Kadyrov has expressed its disagreement with Russia’s position regarding Myanmar. Is it acceptable that the head of the Russian region publicly challenged the country’s foreign policy (which is not true to his official authority)?

        • Yes, a politician can always defend its position publicly
        • No, in this case, it’s insubordination
        • All depends on the personality of the head region

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          News of the HOUR:Turkey made the first payment for the s-400

          Missiles “Caliber” increased demand for robelplast of Crimea assessed the non-recognition of the elections Euroautogas the UN tightened sanctions against Chargeda exceeded US $ 20 trillion dellarovere outlined the condition for lifting the sanctions against Asciimation responded to the accusations Lavrov “dzhebhat an-Nusra”Britain convened a meeting of the UN security Council on the situation in Manmademoon were in the “Peacemaker”Became known, the value of the gift Putin the inhabitant of Izhevsk trips to Sociable welcomed the talks between Russia and Germany on the security of SMM on Ukrainerussia 11356 frigates for India will get digitalmaverick Ukrainian President Herman Klimenko returned to Facebook

          The main theme

          The United States was breached, critically vulnerable to nuclear attack

          “walking intelligence”

          The Russian Embassy in the US said about bullying of the state Department

          support for Ukraine

          The EU does not recognize elections in Crimea

          information war

          The Polish General said Putin “dictates the terms” in connection with the exercises “West-2017”


          Became known the plans for new restrictions on American diplomats in Russia

          “with the same tenacity”

          Poroshenko hoped for a breakthrough Saakashvili across the border of Georgia

          90 seconds

          The defense Ministry released a video of the crew of tank T-90

          incorrect analogy

          Alternative comparison of the Crimea with the GDR is unlikely to appeal to Merkel

          “the fatal error of Napoleon,”

          The historian spoke about the myths surrounding the battle of Borodino

          Breakthrough Saakashvili

          Andrei Babitsky: In the boat of Ukrainian statehood punched a huge hole

          the supply of American weapons

          Denis Seleznev: in fact, the “issue price” for Ukraine announced

          “Another September 11”

          Dmitry Drobnicki: whether the “Chilean miracle” and is the author of Augusto Pinochet?

          in your opinion

          For whom do you support in the conflict between Saakashvili and Poroshenko?

          The organizers of the installation of a memorial plaque Nemtsov lack of respect to his memory”Flares acknowledge our helplessness”

          “This is one of the most mysterious events, which the Sun has ever produced in the history of observations of the Earth,” – said the newspaper VIEW astrophysicist Sergey Bogachev, commenting on a series of powerful flares occurred on the Sun in recent days. He told me what the consequences of these outbreaks can be expected on Earth.

          On Friday the Sun was recorded a powerful new flash, its maximum occurred at 11: 00 MSK, it follows from the graph of solar activity laboratory “x-ray astronomy of the Sun” of the Physical Institute named Lebedev, Russian Academy of Sciences (FIAN). Appeared on Earth a powerful magnetic storm, which is estimated at four units on a scale.

          The representative of FIAN admitted that the strength of the magnetic storm was ten times more than predicted. Its consequences are difficult to predict. In particular, in the Northern hemisphere began a strong auroras at unusual latitudes. In addition, it was reported that during the flare on the solar surface spread of seismic waves – “canceractive”.

          According to scientists, the direction of the magnetic field emission is adverse for our planet is a field directed opposite to the earth, and at the moment, “burn line” of the Earth.

          About how dangerous to the earth is “burning” in an interview with the newspaper look told the chief researcher of the laboratory “x-ray astronomy of the Sun”, a member of the academic Council of FIAN, doctor of physical and mathematical Sciences, astrophysicist Sergey Bogachev.

          Sergey Bogachev (photo: frame channel STS)

          OPINION: Sergey, how long will this magnetic storm on Earth?

          Sergey Bogachev: first, it is worth noting that the flash was on Wednesday, 6 August. Accordingly, the plasma clouds that are ejected during the outbreak, came to us only on Friday. “Blow” was really strong, the flash is large and speed is high, in the night of Friday has occurred a magnetic storm, very high power – four points on a scale, almost the maximum. On Friday afternoon, the activity was already asleep. Magnetic storm still continues, the Earth’s magnetic field is still outraged, but the scores gradually decrease.

          Solar activity is cyclical, and this cycle is well studied. In fact, he’s already 300 years and has been observed for 300 years all worked like clock-work. Every 11 years the Sun goes into a state of high activity. But we are now at the minimum, so the fact unusual.

          On the other hand, the Sun is still not a watch, not a mechanism, but a complex physical object, which we do not fully understand. In a sense, this fact simply underlines our helplessness.

          OPINION: One of the flares was classified as an extremely strong – as scientists say, class X9.3. As this rarely happens?

          S. B.: In our history there were events, maybe one and a half times more powerful. But the combination of factors such a large outbreak, and the fact that it happened during the minimum of solar activity, is one of the most mysterious events, which the Sun has ever produced in the history of observations of the Earth.

          OPINION: they Say it “burns lines of force” of the Earth. Sounds scary. But what does that mean really?

          S. B.: This is a figurative expression. The fact that the magnetic field, if you visualize it these are arrows pointing, say, up. Imagine that there is another field, whose arrows pointing down. Can the first field be called a plus and the second minus. These fields when such interactions start to annihilate each other. It turns out that the field emission burns, destroys some part of the magnetic field of the Earth. Substance from the release which usually field of the Earth is blocked, gets the opportunity to penetrate deeper into the layers of the atmosphere, which are usually plasma from the Sun does not penetrate.

          Accordingly, the radiation belts of the Earth are saturated with plasma from the Sun. This explains the Aurora, which in Canada was observed at the time of the “kick” is very strong, at latitudes up to 40 degrees.

          OPINION: does that technique?

          S. B.: the Aurora can be seen, and the storm – in a sense, to feel. Flash strong influence on the upper atmosphere. In particular, the Earth has an ionosphere is the outer shell of the atmosphere, which contains gases of neutral and quasi-neutral plasma. The ionosphere significantly affects the short-wave radio. In fact, short radio waves simply bounce off the ionosphere. Accordingly, the radio Amateurs it is known that when solar flares during high solar activity is changing the nature of radio communications. It can improve due to the fact that the ionosphere becomes more dense, or deteriorate, if the ionosphere fluctuates.

          The interaction with the satellites is difficult, because the surrounding Land space is now a lot of plasma, which refracts and blocks signals.

          Magnetic storms can affect the global electrical network, cause them excessive current surges. However, in recent years the level of protection has increased, imagine the failure of electrical networks is impossible.

          We must understand that we live in, in a sense, at the bottom of the ocean air. You can draw a parallel. Upstairs a 10-point storm at sea, ships sink, and somewhere in the depth of a few kilometers, the fish swims and doesn’t notice. So for ground equipment flares have little effect.

          OPINION: people’s health?

          S. B.: weather-sensitive people notice a pressure drop, any seasonal effects. A number of people say they feel the effect of the geomagnetic background. I this group do not belong, so believe, not to believe is a personal matter. Human health is complex, formulas can not be described. I’m not a doctor, I do physics.

          Magnetic storms are of a planetary nature. There is no place where I could go to hide. If people have weather-sensitive, you just have to take normal precautions. Knowing about my tendency to such effects people understand this.

          OPINION: IN the near future you expect new outbreaks?

          S. B.: Observations show that solar energy is not exhausted, continue flash. However, the group of sunspots, which is the center of this activity, due to the rotation of the Sun now more and more takes the side of the – relatively speaking, to the Sunny horizon. I think in a day or two she will be quite “on the edge” of the Sun, where the impact on the Earth is impossible. Then all go to the other side.

          If this series of flashes will again lead to some major record is likely it will happen on the other side of the Sun. We don’t even recognize.


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