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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Requirement for Germany Poland is questioning its own borders

Us nuclear weapons affect the German vibrantly, Mezhevich: the poles and the Russians are objectively affected by the collapse of the Union of articlebulimia to Germany Poland casts doubt on its own borders

Poland at the highest level demanded that Germany make reparations for the damage inflicted on the country during the Second world war. This statement directly contradicts the agreements signed by Poland in 1953, and therefore Warsaw did not plead the legal successor of the Polish people’s Republic. And it can have very unpleasant consequences for Poland itself.

On Thursday, Prime Minister of Poland Beata Szydlo said that Poland, as the victim of the Second world war, is entitled to reparations from Germany. “Poland says about justice. Poland says that should be done,” she said.

Szydlo said that the damage Poland is still “by no means” recovered. Reparation, in her view, is “a reminder of the justice that Poland belongs to”. Critics of this position, she offered to “look at history and remembering” what happened in Poland during the war.

The announcement came a few days after MPs from the ruling party “law and justice” (Pis) declared intention to demand “war reparations” from Russia.

In early August it became known that the Polish foreign Ministry and other state institutions are considering claims to Berlin for the damage from the war. However, the representative of the presidential office Krzysztof Merski immediately made a reservation that this question “requires a strong legal arguments”, suggesting “serious dispute based on international law”.

However, the Minister of defence Antony, Macierewicz bluntly demanded that Germany paid for the poles caused material damage and crimes against the people in 1939-1945. According to him, Warsaw de facto has never abandoned claims:

“It is not true that the Polish state has refused the outstanding German war reparations. It was a Soviet colony called the Polish people’s Republic, rejected part of the reparations associated with also a puppet state called the German Democratic Republic”.

In peace promised soon to prepare a report with the international legal justification of possible claims against Germany.

As you want to obtain from the Germans

Exact figures are not yet named. The leader of Pis Jaroslaw Kaczynski only mentioned the “huge amount.” And the Chairman of the European Parliament Ryszard Czarnecki said: in 2004, when Poland joined the European Union, this issue is also discussed in the diet has even created a special Commission, which decided that the Germans have to pay 18.2 billion zlotys (about $ 5 billion at current exchange rate). Even called another amount – $ 45 billion. The Sejm Deputy Marek Jakubiak calculated that Germany needs 1.5 trillion zlotys (about 350 billion euros). But no official decision, the Commission was not accepted. On the contrary, the Warsaw join the EU once again officially confirmed the waiver to Berlin.

The Polish claims tough previously said the Deputy representative of the government of Germany Ulrike Demmer. She stressed that “the issue of reparations Poland was the legal and political points of view completely settled”. According to her, Warsaw, in August 1953, refused further reparations from Germany, and later repeatedly confirmed.

“Germany is aware of the responsibility for the events of the Second world war from political, moral and financial points of view. Germany paid a large amount of reparations, including Poland, as compensation for the damage and carries out many of the benefits are still”,

she said, Demmer.

Bundestag Deputy from the ruling CDU Karl-Georg Wellman said that the agreement of 1953 are binding from the point of view of international law. In addition, he reminded that every year Germany contributes a substantial amount to the budget of the European Union, of which Poland receives subsidies. “Poland receives from the cash register of the EU 14 billion euros a year,” said Wellman.

According to him, Germany has always been on the side of Poland, and has been its membership not only in NATO but in the European Union and Poland have learned from this tremendous benefit. Indeed, within the EU Poland has received no less than 100 billion euros.

A historic agreement, Poland and the GDR

We will remind, the decree of the Council of Ministers pnrm. headed by Boleslaw Bierut on August 23, 1953, stated: “Taking into account the fact that Germany has largely met its obligations on compensation, and that the improvement of the economic situation of Germany will contribute to its peaceful development, the government of Poland, in an effort to make its regular contribution to the settlement of the German question, in the spirit of peace and democracy, and in accordance with the interests of the Polish people and all peace-loving peoples, decided to abdicate from 1 January 1954 from receiving compensation in favor of Poland.”

In 1945, at the Potsdam conference, the parties agreed that the reparation claims of Poland to meet the Russian Union of their share he will receive from Germany. In particular, the reparations the Soviet Union was satisfied at the expense of the Eastern zone of Germany and by the German assets in Bulgaria, Finland, Hungary, Romania and Eastern Austria. It concerned various equipment, materials, products, and other tangible assets.

In 1970, recall, was signed the agreement on the normalization of relations between Poland and Germany, in which Bonn after East Berlin confirmed the inviolability of the Western borders of Poland.

Note that in modern history the first question of the payment by Germany of reparations raised a few years ago Greece, whose Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras spoke about the amount of 270 billion euros. The claims of Athens and now has spurred debate in Poland.

Poland was a victim

The former Russian presidential adviser for political Affairs, who has lived long in Poland, Sergei Stankevich reminds us that Poland was indeed one of the victims of war: “Its status in this capacity was confirmed by the victorious powers consistently at the Yalta and Potsdam conferences. If this is not provided for material reparations, but made significant territorial compensation”.

“In particular, in Potsdam the Eastern border of Germany was moved to the West, which reduced its territory by 25% compared to 1937. The main part of the territories seized from Germany, became part of Poland”

reminded Stankiewicz newspaper VIEW. In addition, Poland was (at the insistence of the USSR) provided the right to sign decisions of the San Francisco conference, which summed up the results of the Second world war. Thus, said Stankiewicz, signing the decisions of the conference, Warsaw is also actually waived the right to demand reparations.

At the beginning of this century, Germany has established a special Fund “Memory, responsibility and future”, which provided compensation for slave labor in German captivity the citizens of all the affected countries, including Poland.

As in Poland immediately after the war, it was not formed the internationally recognized government of the USSR adopted a decision to satisfy the demands of reparations from Poland for its share. Therefore, part of the German assets seized by the USSR as reparations, were sent to Poland – 15%, reminds Stankiewicz. In particular, it concerned numerous industrial equipment.

Do Polish experts are wondering how can the current government to renounce the succession in relation to the NDP, because such a move immediately questioned the legal status of most of the current Poland, including the Treaty between Germany and Poland on the inviolability of borders.

Former Chairman of the international Committee of the Saeima Professor of political science, University of Olsztyn Tadeusz Iwinski reminded the newspaper VIEW that next year “will mark the 100th anniversary of the independence of Poland after 123 years when Poland did not exist and was divided between Prussia, Russia and Austria”.

“You notice that half of these 100 years – the period of the NDP. Of course, Poland was not a sovereign state, in accordance with the decision of the Yalta conference, the country belonged to the area of political influence of the Soviet Union. Although the degree of freedom of the country along with Yugoslavia within the Soviet bloc were here highest. But another Polish was not. And the rejection of this fact opens a Pandora’s box. We gave the Eastern regions, but received from the German site is much big and rich, Szczecin, Wroclaw and so on,” – said the analyst.

However, Iwinski does not think that Berlin will play in the same game, and Warsaw, and will require, for example, from Warsaw instead to return the alienated Szczecin, Wroclaw or Gdynia. “I can’t imagine that the current Germany will make any territorial claims to Poland,” – says the analyst.

Expect Poland to reparations is meaningless

“It is clear that any material payments not able to compensate for any suffering of the civilian population, or deadweight loss, during the most devastating war in human history. But the Polish government does not have any separate or special legal grounds to enforce financial payments from present-day Germany. It is only a question of good will, and its manifestation does not help the ultimate tone, which is shown by separate officials” – said Stankiewicz.

According to him, the chances of satisfying these requirements is minimal, and “that attitude of Warsaw with Berlin, the already far from cloudless, can be completely ruined”.

Iwinski statement Warsaw described by the phrase “the threat is stronger.” “Officially the government had not made such a proposal, because it has no chance for implementation. Now Polish politicians appeal to Germany just to see the reaction”, – he concluded.


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