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Friday, March 23, 2018

Nuclear test, North Korea change the strategic situation in the world

North Korea has become a real threat not only for the West but for Resetiterator test, North Korea change the strategic situation in the world

Each new nuclear test in the DPRK is accompanied by hysteria, repeatedly overestimating the capabilities of Pyongyang, and the comments of skeptics, claiming that North Koreans are mostly sound effects. The PR of both points of view have their beneficiaries. But now skeptics seem to be confounded. The emergence of Korean fusion bomb is really a special event.

Have a hydrogen bomb the DPRK regime declared yesterday. Under the new, 2016, the year the Supreme leader Kim Jong-UN has explicitly stated this, but the Anglo-Saxon experts did not believe him. Many of their comments was to ensure that North Korea may conduct some development in this direction, but the device she has yet.

In response, South Korean military intelligence stated that, according to them, the bomb is still there, and it will soon blow up in testing and educational purposes. Southerners showed up on the new tunnel in the area of Pangari and claimed that the North was able to establish the production of tritium is one of the foundations of thermonuclear weapons.

From southerners then just shrugged, because the intelligence of South Korea sustained the reputation of “storytellers”. Hundreds of fake stories about the shooting of the controversial Minister from mortars personally, Kim diskreditiert grains of accurate and important information, which is at the disposal of Seoul too.

This time southerners were right. 6 January 2016, the DPRK produced the first explosive device similar to a hydrogen bomb. This time the Anglo-Saxon experts could not believe their eyes, ears and testimonies seismological laboratories.

Was offered a beautiful explanation. The North Koreans were brought into the cave in the mountains a lot of conventional explosives and faked a nuclear explosion. A lot – a few freight trains of TNT, 22 thousand tons of TNT. It is not enough for a thermonuclear explosion, which in theory should exceed a megaton.

An additional argument was the lack of excess background radiation. However, in the 1950s, experts pointed to the fact that primitive types of fusion do not provide a sharp radiation emission, as the energy went mostly into heat (this simplistic explanation of a complicated process).

In 1952 the Americans, conducting the first test of a thermonuclear charge, I just filled the tank the size of a three story house with liquid deuterium and undermined his “conventional nuclear device.” Make a burst of 10.5 megatons.

It was in the enewetak Atoll, people started to return only in the 70-ies, and safe to stay he was officially declared in 1998. Later the same story was repeated on the Bikini Atoll – and it was the largest nuclear detonation in US history, at the same time influenced women’s swimwear.

A year ago, on 9 September 2016, the North Koreans blew up the new device with a capacity of 10 to 30 kilotons, and it is obvious that this device was the hydrogen (two-stage thermonuclear) bomb.

Such hype, as it is now, is not caused because the United States was too occupied by Russian hackers.

Let’s be objective: the current test of a hydrogen device caused hysteria not just for the fact of, and in conjunction with successfully flew over Japan missile. It turns out that North Korea has the delivery vehicle, and the bomb itself. And small enough that the rocket with the possibility of a small payload it mastered.

It is believed that the DPRK remains only to establish the telemetry, how to aim – and then goodbye GUAM, although to this resort island surrendered, not very clear. If we think in terms of inhuman aggression, compact fusion device may be delivered to the port of San Francisco or San Diego. It is logistically complex and quite expensive diversionno-terrorist operation, but it is quite feasible for North Korea.

It can even try to paint in the details. The preparation will take about a year and a few million dollars, but if successful, the effect will exceed all expectations.

The transition from “normal” nuclear weapons to fusion – not only logical, but a pre-programmed course of events. By and large the DPRK “reinvent the wheel”, have been invented by Edward teller, Stanislaw Ulam, Andrei Sakharov and Yuli Khariton. And the main problem here is to establish the production of tritium, deuterium, and lithium in sufficient quantities.

At the present level of development of nuclear science and military industry, available countries “secondary” nuclear developments, the most natural solution is to copy the path, which followed the country-the pioneers. That is, move from the principle of chain reaction to the principle of thermonuclear fusion.

In short, in the first case, the emission of enormous amounts of energy is due to uncontrolled nuclear fission. In the second, the formation and isolation of the free of helium, i.e. the formation of heavier elements from lighter ones (nuclear fusion). The power of the final explosion and the amount of the generated heat is many times greater than “conventional” nuclear bomb. In fact, they are limited only by the number of raw materials.

Use a two-stage thermonuclear weapon is a completely different strategic situation. Now we can say that the nuclear program of the DPRK has reached a new qualitative level. And reached their logical end, because Pyongyang is not available the creation of weapons or engines on other physical principles, and megaton bomb is the most that mankind has invented for the destruction of life on Earth. Then you can move through the quantitative accumulation of charges.

This does not mean the end of the program of creation of weapons of mass destruction in North Korea. But it really is a new strategic situation, and all players will begin to rebuild on the fly. Of course, if someone will pass the nerves.


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