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Friday, March 23, 2018

North Korea has become a real threat not only to the West but also for Russia

“Acoustic attack” on U.S. diplomats have acquired an interesting podrobnostyami test, North Korea change the strategic situation in Mirasierra Korea has become a real threat not only to the West but also for Russia

The DPRK announced the successful test of a hydrogen bomb. According to experts, in power, she repeatedly exceeded the one that was dropped on Hiroshima by the Americans. A number of observers show glee, but rejoice in the fact that Koreans wiped his nose of the US and Western Europe, it is premature among those affected by the consequences of this action will be Russia.

The chiefs of staff of the United States and South Korea have agreed to “prepare and implement measures of a military response” against North Korea.

Previously, North Korea officially announced the successful test of a hydrogen bomb, the warhead is designed to equip Intercontinental ballistic missiles. All components of the warheads are “100% produced in the country,” said the North Korean leader Kim Jong-UN.

Indeed, on Sunday night in the DPRK were recorded from two earthquakes in the city kilju, where is the nuclear test site, Pungere. The first magnitude was 5.6 and 6.4, the second was 4.6. Both occurred on the surface and had an artificial origin, in this connection, Japan and South Korea said with confidence that the DPRK had conducted a sixth nuclear test.

Tremors that occurred during test of a hydrogen warhead, exceeded by the power of the aftershocks of all past nuclear tests dozens of times, said meteorological Agency of Japan. The capacity of the tested charge, according to preliminary estimates, amounted to 70 kilotons is three times more than the capacity dropped in 1945 on Hiroshima of the atomic bomb.

It is the data of the military authorities of Japan. According to the independent Norwegian Institute of seismic research (NORSAR), the charge capacity has reached “120 kilotons of TNT equivalent, based on the magnitude 5.8” (statement quoted by TASS).

Later in the Internet appeared photos in which Kim Jong Ynu at the Institute of nuclear developments, demonstrate a hydrogen bomb test in front of her.

The President of the United States Donald trump reacted to the news not too quickly. But then still wrote on Twitter that the DPRK’s actions “very hostile and dangerous for the United States” and North Korea is a “pariah, has become a big threat to China, which is trying to help, but with little success.”

South Korea already understands that negotiations with North Korea will help Pyongyang “understands only one”,

said the head of the American state.

In turn, German Chancellor Angela Merkel and President of France Emmanuel Makron had a phone conversation in which called for tougher sanctions against the DPRK. “This latest provocation of the authorities in Pyongyang have reached a new quality,” – said the Cabinet of Germany.

Earlier the head of European diplomacy Federica Mogherini stated that the EU considers nuclear test, North Korea threat to international security.

The test in the DPRK are “reckless and irresponsible”, said OSCE Chairman and Austrian foreign Minister Sebastian Kurz, urging North Korea to stop provocations. Director General of the IAEA Amano Acii called the test of the DPRK, “a sad act,” but noted that the organization remains ready to facilitate a peaceful resolution of the crisis.

Harsh statements followed from Russia. Pyongyang crossed the line, said the Deputy head of the Federation Council Committee for security and defense Franz Klintsevich. “If earlier it was swordplay, which could hardly lead to any serious conflicts, past today test – this is a provocation by North Korea. This is really serious,” said the Senator, who was quoted by RT.

Some Western media do not rule out that Pyongyang is once again bluffing, but experts do not share such “optimism.”

The statement of the DPRK on the successful test of a hydrogen bomb “very credible,” he said in an interview with the newspaper LOOK Professor, University of Kunmin (Seoul) Andrei Lankov. The Koreans were hard work on the creation of thermonuclear weapons, he recalled, they have a need – political and military, as well as technical ability, equipment, specialists, and money.

“This is the second time the North Koreans deliberately show in good shape and resolution of their nuclear devices, all convinced that they are real and workable, – the expert added, speaking about the photos from Kim Jong-UN and a bomb. – Few expected that they would fit in such a short time, but nevertheless – here, missed. The North Koreans – people are smart, hard-working and handy polls. The science of love”.

While the possibility of “military response”, which said Washington and Seoul are very limited, said Lankov:

“This is not Syria where we can send a punitive operation and someone to dance here. Any military operation against the DPRK are guaranteed to cause a powerful blow to Seoul.”

He recalled that during the presidency of Richard Nixon, the North Koreans seized an American intelligence ship, causing some members of the crew were killed. “However, this incident did not cause the power response due to the fact that Nixon decided that the risk is unacceptably high,” – said the expert. Now the quantity and quality of North Korean artillery systems concentrated on the Northern outskirts of Seoul, has grown.

Even with the current fervor of the U.S. administration, particularly Donald trump, reasoning that a strike on Seoul is a war somewhere, and not we, the Americans will not. In the context of such “serious war” will be large casualties, including among Americans. And given the presence of North Korea “any nuclear weapons and no means of delivery, it is possible that North Korea will use these weapons, including against U.S. targets.”

“This risk is not very large, but very real. And it’s cool. Nuclear weapons are all extremely good thing,” said Lankov.

The warning of Washington, it is likely to go on increasing military readiness and the American military presence in the region, and the return of American tactical nuclear weapons on the Korean Peninsula (it was removed in the early 90’s). In addition, the US may remove restrictions from the South Korean missile systems – now they have limited range and warhead weight. “But all of the achievements ready, so the South Koreans to move quickly. The international community will have to live with “a nuclear North Korea,” – said the expert.

In the publications of some mass media can be traced elements of Schadenfreude, say, the North Koreans “gave Americans a flick on the nose”. However, the loser here is much more, and Russia is among them, he said.

Suffered the most serious in the history of the attack on the non-proliferation of nuclear weapons. And Russia being a nuclear power, gets great privilege because of the existence of this regime. “Today North Korea, tomorrow who who the day after tomorrow? Sooner or later nuclear weapons will acquire the country, relations with which Russia will be the same as with the current Georgia or Ukraine, he did not rule. – In addition, the more nuclear warheads on the planet, the greater the likelihood that the technology will fall into the hands of terrorists or other unauthorized persons, the greater the chance of accidental unauthorized launch.”

But the thing that then becomes “is completely useless to reduce the American presence in the far East,” warned the expert. For it will now compete in the strongest terms not only Washington, but the South Koreans.

“Attempts to put pressure on South Korea will be met on their part by far: you, Russia and China, did nothing to prevent the North Korean nuclear program, so go with your protests non-printable”,

– said Lankov.

“The deployment of a large number of American air defense, which while aimed against North Korea, but in the long term can be used to neutralize Russia’s nuclear potential is a matter of time”, – he concluded.


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