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Friday, March 23, 2018

Moldovan soldiers caught in a pincer movement between the President and the government

Ukrainians” naturally turned out to be stillborn proektami chose the most inappropriate way to prevent Michael Saakashviliashvili soldiers caught in a pincer movement between the President and the government

The President of Moldova has experienced another humiliation from the government of their own country. Despite its status as the Supreme commander, he could not prevent sending Moldovan military for exercise in Ukraine. And although the law on his side, the Pro-Western government of Moldova from the principle blocks all orders Pro-Russian President.

The Moldovan government decided to send troops into Ukrainian exercise Rapid Trident, despite the Express prohibition of the President of the Republic, the Supreme glaucomatous Igor Dodon. “A National army contingent will participate in international military exercises. All the legal conditions are fulfilled”, – said the press Secretary of the Prime Minister Stella Nistor following the meeting of the Cabinet.

Nistor could not have argued his position, so it remains unclear on what law was relied upon by the government. The President of Moldova, as you know, has mostly symbolic powers, however, in this field it has real levers of power. Thus, according to paragraph 3 of article 33 of the law “On national defence”, to approve sending troops to the exercises outside of Moldova should be the Supreme commander, to whom, under paragraph 1 of article 87 of the Constitution, is the President.

Earlier, Deputy defense Minister of Moldova Gheorghe Galbur notified the President that 57 of the Moldovan military to participate in exercise Rapid Trident held in Yavoriv (neighboring Lviv oblast) in Ukraine, and with the participation of the United States. Exercises scheduled for September 7-23. However, Igor Dodon sending was canceled.

Learned on Wednesday about the decision to send the military out on maneuvers, Dodon said that the government’s actions is similar to the “attempt of usurpation of authority”.

“In accordance with the Constitution of the Republic of Moldova adopted the decision to suspend today’s government decision on the participation of Moldovan military in military exercises in Ukraine. For the first time since my inauguration as head of state decided to exercise its constitutional authority under article 88 (part i) of the Constitution, stipulating the right to suspend “the acts of the government contrary to law, until a final decision by the Constitutional court,” wrote an announcement in his Facebook.

In response to former defense Minister Anatoly Salaru expressed the view that “Igor Dodon continues to fulfil the tasks received from the Russian Federation to bring National army to the point where she will not be able to fulfill the tasks of defense of the country.” “The removal of troops from military exercises likely to affect the preparation of the National army, as well as on the external relations of the Republic of Moldova”, – he complained.

Skeptical to Dodon experts hastened to declare that the head of state cancelled the decree of the government, which is not even seen. However, where did they get this information, too, is unclear.

“The government adopted on Wednesday a resolution which has not been seen, and the President Igor Dodon has suspended its action, without knowing its text,” – said the former Deputy Prime Minister of Moldova Alexander Muravsky, “Interfax” on Wednesday. “Is it possible to specify the number of orders, date of publication, the text of the government decree number decree of the President about its suspension, the text of the decree, the date of publication? Or will governance be managed with the deepest violations of the law from all parties and exchange of remarks on Facebook, “Classmates” and other “Twitter”?” – said Murawski.

Under the Constitution the President is the Supreme commander, so the decision to send remains for him, and the defense has no right to disobey, said the newspaper look Director of the Institute for public policy (Chisinau) Arcady barbaroshie. However, the interviewee thinks that he did so only out of stubbornness, but the government has an “old and well-developed program of” training of troops, so it makes sense to participate in these maneuvers. Dodon “decided to show that he is now the head of the armed forces.” “These exercises are aimed at increasing the level of the armed forces,” he said. “But what would happen if the exercises would be held not in Ukraine but in Russia? The President would be against it or not?” – it asked a question.

The head of the Moldovan center for strategic analysis and prognosis EST-VEST Sergey Nazar also said that the President is under the Constitution the Supreme commander. “As in other States, without his permission, participation in any promotion of the armed forces was unlawful,” he said in comments the newspaper VIEW.

As for the military itself, the Dodon they are respectful and recognize him as the Supreme commander, stressed Nazar and added:

“The military will think three times before to participate in the exercise. I think that many of them will not go at these exercises”.

Nazar is confident that still need Ministry of defence the number of military gain and send to the exercises, because the real control of the country remains in the hands of Pro-Western Cabinet. “Legally it would be a gross violation. But they believe that he cannot interfere with their plans,” – said the source. “Just send it, and there’s nothing he can do,” added the analyst, stating that neither the courts nor law enforcement agencies are not subject to the President.

If in the upcoming parliamentary elections, this government will be swept away and Dodon will receive the majority in Parliament, then all the controls will go into his hand, and then he will really punish those people being absolutely right according to the law, said the analyst. “The time will come when these people can answer, including will be prosecuted and so on. But it will be a year and a half,” predicts the analyst.

The contradictions between the government and the President should address the constitutional court (CC), the expert believes. According to him, the Moldovan Cabinet of Ministers already sent in cs request. However, the caveat is that the exercises begin this week and the time of the judges is almost there.

In these circumstances, Barbarosie believes that the participation of Moldova in the maneuvers is questionable. “The COP may decide tomorrow that question, and may decide in six months,” said the source.

Nazar is confident that the constitutional court is subordinate to the current government. “It is a puppet of the man who really runs, oligarch Plahotniuc,” said the source. “I’m sure the COP will find a loophole to justify the government and reject the ban of Dodona”, – he stressed.


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