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Thursday, February 22, 2018

Kim Jong-UN celebrated the 69th anniversary of the DPRK with a Banquet for the nuclear

North Korean leader Kim Jong-UN in their own “trainer” the great nuclear power, timing missile and nuclear tests or to significant dates in the history of the DPRK, or to certain diplomatic demarches from the West, China, etc. That’s why the world was expecting another nuclear missile test in the end of last week, when Pyongyang celebrated the 69th anniversary of the founding of the Republic.

photo: AP

But, to everyone’s surprise, instead of another test, Kim Jong-UN gave a Banquet in honor of those professionals that these tests are carried out. Kim gathered in Pyongyang scientists and nuclear engineers to have some fun.

Across the way from an underground location of nuclear tests at the North of the country to the capital — the makers of bombs and missiles welcomed the crowds, showering them with flowers. On arrival in Pyongyang the scientists staged a magnificent meeting, including meetings under the open sky and fireworks.

Last test, last September 3, the official Pyongyang has described as a test of a hydrogen bomb that can be delivered on an Intercontinental ballistic missile to any point on the territory of the United States and its allies. Kim Jong-UN called the test a “merciless hammer blow to American imperialism!”.

Foreign analysts expressed concern about the fact that his birthday, the Pyongyang regime will mark yet another test, probably the next launch of an Intercontinental missile. So the South Korean official circles predicted that the Pyongyang regime will push more stringent sanctions, which were prepared in the bowels of the UN Security Council (the security Council on Monday, September 11 unanimously adopted a resolution on antipregnancy sanctions, however, somewhat softened at the insistence of China and Russia).

While in new York engaged in polishing sanctions resolution, Pyongyang walked and had fun, although very purposeful. Kim called on his nuclear scientists to “redouble their efforts and not to reduce their activity to achieve the most outstanding event in the history of North Korea”.

The North Korean news Agency quoted the following words of their leader: “the Recent test of a hydrogen bomb — a great victory, which has reached the Korean people with their blood and tighten belts in this difficult period”. Further, the Agency reports already: “He (i.e., Kim, M. S.) advanced the scientists and technologists working in the field of defense industry, the task is to continue scientific research to enhance nuclear deterrence and self-defense, in order to achieve the ultimate goal — the completion of the nuclear forces of the country”.

In July, Pyongyang tested two Intercontinental ballistic missiles, demonstrating its ability to reach the mainland United States. Now North Korea is left to prove their ability to install these missiles are nuclear warheads that will not burn when entering the atmosphere and will hit the target “with acceptable precision.” Analysts believe that Pyongyang in the near future will focus on the creation of such technologies.

At the Banquet in honor of the scientists himself was present Kim Jong UN with his wife Lee Sol-Ju. Was presented to the vanguard of the ruling party. The Banquet was filled with “Patriotic songs” – rather, the solemn assurances of loyalty to the party and “personally to comrade Kim”.

Like the Kremlinologists at the time, made conclusions on the gradation of the Soviet ruling elite, as it was located on the podium of Lenin’s mausoleum, the current “kibology” seeing through a magnifying glass Banquet etiquette, pay attention to the following. Among those present at the banquets in addition to Kim and his wife were two of the person — Whether man Hong and Hong sung-Mu. The first is the Minister of defence industry of North Korea, the second — his Deputy. In their hands all the nuclear missile industry of the country. Hong accompanied Kim during his recent visit to the Institute of nuclear weapons. According to North Korean news Agency, during the visit, the Director of the Institute Li Hong-SOP gave the President a report that, “what is a hydrogen bomb.” September 3, Kim, Hong and Lee attended the nuclear test.

Later, the Pyongyang media has published pictures of the Minister and his Deputy in uniform. (For “kinologov”: the Minister on the shoulder straps four stars; his Deputy three.)

During the Banquet Ri and Hyun showered with flowers. Before Ri was Director of the North Korean nuclear energy Institute, the main complex which is located in Yongbyon, “birth” nuclear program of North Korea.

Yeah, I almost forgot. All three of them — and Lee man Hong, and Hong sung-Mu, and Lee Hong-SOP included in the sanctions list of the United Nations.

Melor STURUA in Minneapolis


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