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Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Georgians near Kiev are

Breakthrough of the Ukrainian post “supporters of” Saakashvili and his entry into the territory of Ukraine through the border with Poland – history, which revealed a new elite agreement and Union opposition, do not accept the status quo and wanting much more. In addition to the disgraced as ethnic homeland and Square, Georgian politician, Yulia Tymoshenko, Andriy Sadovy, and semen Semenchenko.

“Orange Princess” accompanied Saakashvili during his stay in Poland, then support him during the break through the state border provided the battalion “Donbass” dinner Georgians after this criminal action already in Lviv with the leader of “Samopomich”.

As you can see, the new opposition is also its flagship (Tymoshenko), and controversial newsmaker (Saakashvili), and a bright representative of the Ukrainian bureaucracy (Garden), and a powerful power unit (battalion “Donbass” with the “instructor” Semenchenko). It’s self-sufficient education, and elections can play a fatal Poroshenko for the role, and to contribute to political destabilization. Before the next presidential election we will find a lot of interesting things.

Arrangement of the figures on the Ukrainian political scene is changing rapidly. Group “Avakov, Turchynov” with high probability will refuse granditsky encroachments and unite with the team Poroshenko. The latter still believes that he is able to keep the situation under control, but this is a big misconception, and demonstrated the episode with the breakthrough. Even now comes the interesting times, like in the good old “rebel” 17th century – is Poland, Moscow Russia, and they have South of the border for some unknown whip, shifted geographically to the West. The heads of cities and former head nabata melted the former Governor to a country which was deprived of citizenship, in response to the Poroshenko team begins a criminal prosecution. But wonderful Georgian, hiding, and nobody will give guarantees that it in a day or two will not appear on the podium in the center of Kiev. And the police won’t even be able to take it, because there will be strong shaved guys from the ATO, which, of course, Saakashvili is no sympathy don’t feed (“liberal Stalin”), but the national revolution is a national revolution, and there is nothing you can do about it. The ex-President of Georgia has effectively attracted the attention of the press, he tied the major cash flows that the West, too, remember the old merit Mishiko. So it is not Saakashvili uses the nationalists, quite the contrary.

Semenchenko is in the relationship with the “Self-help” Garden, from which he ran in the last election. Note – the battalion “Donbass” in contrast to the “Azov” became famous not so much part in the fighting, as the organization of the blockade of the insurgent region. Guys, defending the Bastion galichanskogo separatist, believe that “abscess, metastases to cover the country,” Ukraine’s only hurting and he can’t wait to get rid of. Poroshenko also pretends that he is interested in the return of the Donbass – otherwise he had no choice. The conflict between the Alliance Garden-Semenchenko-Saakashvili team current Ukrainian President is inevitable.

The only weak link of the coalition, as it is paradoxical sounds – Tymoshenko. Not because she is a minor figure, on the contrary, its rating has long been surpassed poroshenkovsky. The problem is her loyalty to the Union – Saakashvili too eccentric and Garden – a purely Western phenomenon. But Yulia Vladimirovna has special no choice – the establishment of the Alliance with the “Opposition bloc” will not bring any dividends and will even force many Ukrainians to be disappointed in Tymoshenko, who they see “adequate nationalist”. Its partnership with Yatsenyuk, it seems, came to an end – stay in the Premiership the head of the popular front generated a number of contradictions, Kladusa relations of the former allies.

Any move the team Poroshenko in this situation would have serious costs. Leave Saakashvili’s actions without punishment is impossible, but the arrest and subsequent deportation to Georgia, where it is expected several criminal cases, is fraught with the intensification of the opposition, which will not fail to seize the chance to protect “his”. There is no other option, because you can not tighten the bolt of wasting away thread – it is today pluralist political system of Ukraine. All of this can lead to a new adventure of the Ukrainian authorities. In order to appear the guarantor of the independence and integrity of (what still remains under the control of Kiev), Poroshenko is able to go to another escalation in the Donbas, especially in the event of failure of the world community from Moscow with the introduction of the special contingent of the UN line of demarcation (the Ukrainian variant with high probability will not be accepted).

Wow something to keep the electorate, and at the same time barely to make it to the election.


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