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Sunday, March 18, 2018

European Nazis adopt the tactics of the Islamists

Turkey bids farewell to German vennimala on the streets of Hamburg was best Marketleverage Nazis adopt the tactics of the Islamists

The attempted assassination of Emmanuel Macron has forced Europe to remember that refugees are among the Islamists is not the only domestic terrorist threat. There is a revitalization of the extreme right, in places converted to a street terror under the banner of Breivik. Europe gradually tighten in the millstone between Islamism and Nazism.

The assassination attempt on the new President of France was revealed by gamers. They told police that a visitor to chat one of the games asked where you can buy the machine. “We need something like a Kalashnikov”, – he explained. The next day the police arrived the suspect, who lived in the commune of Argenteuil – a prestigious suburb of Paris. Twenty-three year old guy attacked them with a kitchen knife, two knife found in his car. Already on interrogation it was found out that the gamer was planning on shooting the Emmanuel Macron at the annual parade in honor of Bastille Day.

“We are dealing with a mirror image of an Islamic terrorist – a person sent exactly the same, but opposite ideological mania”

Later in the Paris Prosecutor’s office said that the suspect belongs to the right-wing radicals were going to attack the “blacks, Arabs, Jews and gays”, and his idol believes the Norwegian extremist Anders Breivik. Psychiatrists considered gamer “psychologically unstable, but sane and motivated.”

As in the case with Islamic terrorists in London, most of whom were well known to the police, the identity of a “dedicated gamer” was for the French police discovery. In 2016 he was brought to trial for his support of Breivik, the promotion of terrorism and incitement to racial hatred. He got three years jail with a delay of a year and a half.

The assassination of presidents is a long – standing French tradition. One Charles de Gaulle survived 32 assassination attempts, and even joked about it: “If the President never shot, so he’s unpopular.” The current terrorist may have been inspired by the example of Maxim Brunei. July 14, 2002 this twenty-five year old student carried on parade in honor of Bastille Day the rifle case from under the guitar. He managed twice to shoot Jacques Chirac, however, the bullets of the President was not hurt. Bruneri then stuck the rifle barrel in his mouth, but did not reach the trigger. It twisted before the arrival of the police.

Brunei was also the extreme right and belonged to the nationalist group of the “Radical unity” (Unite Radical). Its members maintained ties with the Republicans and with the “National front”, but saw themselves as national Bolsheviks and called for Absheronskogo the resistance. Immediately after the assassination, the group was banned, and most of its members moved to Identitary block (Bloc Identitaire), in which continue to fight for national identity against Islamization. He Bruneri, after serving seven years, was released, wrote a memoir and became something of a celebrity.

As many refugees moved to Europapassage presidents of France – only particular cases in a series of attacks organized by the European ultra-right in recent years.

No justifying extremists note that some logic in their activation are. To normal political struggle of the extreme right do not allow the party establishment and the European officials of all levels present a United front even against those nationalists who at all desire can not be attributed to the radicals. In France a very moderate “national front” marine Le Pen, which in the presidential election voted for a third of the voters, received in the National Assembly with eight seats. Ended in failure, and parliamentary elections in the Netherlands for the party of Geert Wilders, the agenda of which simply copied the ruling circles. Prospects, “Alternatives for Germany” in the upcoming elections to the Bundestag is also a non-shiny look.

Normal rostrum among European nationalists actually no: the media either ignore their point of view, or quote, only to label it “fascists” and “racists”. Add to this the ongoing immigration crisis, the wave of Islamist terrorism and a demonstrative unwillingness of the authorities to respond adequately to these challenges. The French nationals it is difficult to agree with the position of the Macron, which is in the midst of the presidential race said philosophically about the next terrorist attack: “This is a new reality we live in it”.

In the end, most young and bitter over the line that cannot be crossed.

Since 2011, when Anders Breivik shot 77 people only because they belonged to the left of the Labour party, the number of violent actions of nationalists across Europe continues to grow. First it was attacks on migrants and their dorms. In Sweden alone for 2015 registered more than 20 attacks on the dormitories, and in January 2016 unknown people in masks gathered crowd and beat migrants at the train station in Stockholm.

Regularly set fire to the centres for the reception of migrants in Germany. The interior Ministry of Germany has calculated that in 2016 the places of compact residence of refugees was attacked by more than a thousand times, in addition, there were more than two and a half thousand attacks on migrants.

If the organizers manage to bring to court, they will face serious punishment. So, leader of the National democratic party of Germany mark Scheider received in 2016, eight years in prison for arson migrant hostel, in which no one was hurt. It seems that the rigidity of the court only whet the extremists.

The statistics of the French interior Ministry is also not happy. For example, the number of attacks on Muslims in 2015 grew by 223% compared to 2014. One of the most dangerous shares of the French extremists was the burning of the refugee camps in Calais – the famous “Jungle”. No one was killed only by a lucky chance.

Extreme radicalism differ English Nazi. Ahead of a referendum on Brexia the country was shaken by the murder of 41-year-old Joe Cox – member of Parliament from the labour party. At a meeting with voters she was approached by a local resident Thomas Meir, briefly argued with her about whether or not Britain to leave the EU, and then three shot coke from a hunting rifle and finished it off with a knife. Meir professed ultra-right ideas and the attack shouted the slogan “Britain first!”.

A year later, shortly after the attacks of Islamists in London and Manchester, 47-year-old native of Cardiff Darren Osborne drove his van into a crowd of parishioners coming out from the mosque Finsbury Park. One person he was crushed to death, eight hurt. Witnesses claim that during the arrest he shouted that he wanted to kill all Muslims.

According to the British police for 11 months, since the referendum, the number of crimes motivated by racial and religious hatred have increased by 23% – from 40.7 thousand to 50. The largest increase in the County of Gwent in Wales (77%), as well as in the counties of Kent, Warwickshire and Nottinghamshire.

The Minister of foreign Affairs of Her Majesty, Boris Johnson astutely noticed at the time that in the case of Breivik, “we are dealing with a mirror image of an Islamic terrorist – a person sent exactly the same, but opposite ideological mania”.

Indeed, right-wing radicals is largely similar to its stated enemies – the Islamists. For the most part they work alone until the attack behave like ordinary respectable citizens. So the attacks with their participation so difficult to prevent.

However, as in the case of Islamists, the lone right-wing radicals themselves do not feel. They live in their information environment completely shapes their view of the world. If Islamists find spiritual food in the sermons, the nationalists inspired by the works of the “classics” from Hitler to Breivik, and the Internet allows you to communicate with like-minded people around the world. At some point, this virtual view of the world where “blame the migrants” (Muslims, Makron – underline), completely displaces reality, and the terrorist take up arms.

The usual motive of the right – wing radical revenge. Swedish nationalists took revenge on the refugees for the murder of a young girl-volunteer. German rape in Cologne. Darren Osborne tried to “bring to justice” Muslims for the attacks in London and Manchester.

The handwriting of the attacks is also largely similar. The Islamists came into fashion crush of pedestrians – the same tactics now used against Muslims. The Islamists prefer landmark locations for their attacks – the Champs-elysées, the promenade des Anglais, London bridge. Nationalists also choose places with meaning. Gamer, was going to kill the Makron, was planning to do it on the Champs Elysees, and Darren Osborne chose the mosque of Finsbury Park – it became famous as a refuge for the most radical imams.

It seems, against the right-wing radicals of the European intelligence agencies are making the same mistake in regard to Islamic terrorists. For a long time it seemed to them that they control the organization of the ultras, nashpigovat their agents. However the single in this situation is invulnerable to calculate them in advance is almost impossible.

In the worst scenario, if the mutual bitterness will continue to grow, the war attacks have the potential to turn into civil war, the winners of which will not.


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