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Sunday, February 25, 2018

Diplomatic war between Russia and the United States: posokrushatsya to complete rupture

The foreign Ministry will examine the conditions of work of diplomatic missions of Russia and the United States and bring their “full parity,” stated on Monday the head of the Ministry Sergey Lavrov. Can the diplomatic war between the two powers lead to the rupture of relations and the withdrawal of ambassadors? The experts of “MK” there is no single answer to this question.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

Yuri ROGULEV, Director of the Foundation for the study of United States Franklin Roosevelt (MSU), doctor of historical Sciences: “the Americans only understand the language of force, therefore, Lavrov’s statement must be sober. Russia for a long time kept the break after another under the Obama administration was sent to the first 35 diplomats. And in their place new members of our Embassy had not arrived, they are just under different pretexts were not given visa.

Nikolai ZLOBIN, Director of Russian and Asian programs world security Institute, States: “We first introduced the term “equality” in the ratio of the number of diplomats in our countries, when asked to reduce the U.S. diplomatic mission in Russia before 1 September. Here they are counted all employees, number of consulates and demanded to equalize them. And if we go this way, it is obvious that it will have to cut us, not them. It is clear that we have buildings in the United States much more than Americans in Russia. Again if you will continue to reduce foreign organizations, we will lose just us. After all, it is our students go on exchange programs of their charitable funds are there humanitarian programs, etc. If everything is cut, who will win? So you can posokrushatsya to complete rupture of relations.”

However, both experts believe that the US actions, particularly the closure of the oldest Consulate in San Francisco and the seizure of property of Russia (talking about the building that was our Embassy) does not fit into any framework of international law. Such actions cannot remain unanswered, especially since in diplomacy all actions are mirrored in nature.


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