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Sunday, March 18, 2018

China introduces a system that allows to know everything about each

China is changing generals serdyukovskaya metallicana army conquered the place in the ranking of the strongest primarily Kolichestvennyi introduces a system that allows to know everything about each

The Chinese government introduced compulsory identification of the user, leaving comments on the Internet. The disappearance of anonymity is just beginning with China – in the near future it will happen all over the world. But such a step is, in turn, will be only the beginning of creating a Grand system of online identification that affects everyone on the planet.

By order of the state Chancellery Affairs online China from October 1, introduced mandatory identification of users for writing reviews online. The forums and the Internet platform with the possibility of commenting should enter the pairing process real passport data of users to their accounts to authenticate their identity – this applies not only to new and current users:

“This provision will enhance the level of science and culture among the comments on the Internet, will promote the healthy development of the Internet community, protect the interests of citizens, legal persons and other organizations, as well as state security and public interests.”

Innovation was not unexpected. June 1 in China entered into force adopted last October, the cybersecurity act, which provided for the rejection of anonymity. The law States that “access to the Internet, register with a social network, you connect a landline or mobile, providing services to the client release of information or its transmission, with the signing of the agreement (for services) the customer must provide authentic identification. If it is not provided, the service provider has no right to customer service”.

It is clear that we are not talking about that now to comment in social networks will be possible only under his own name – but when you register you will need to specify the actual data that “if anything” makes it easy to find the author. If it’s totalitarianism and censorship? No. For starters, this is a banal things in order – the Internet has become a full-fledged living environment and in the virtual world are transferred to the same laws that apply in the real world.

If you covered her face with a mask, just walking down the street – no one will take it from you. But if you start coming to meet you offend people, then you will remove that mask, for passers – by or police. The same thing is happening now in the Internet, the Chinese just first started this process.

Chinese Internet audience is the largest in the world – more than 700 million people. And although the Chinese are focused primarily on their own networks and websites and they have denied access to some global social networks and search engines, such as Google and Facebook, the laws of development of Chinese Internet is no different from the global. Moreover, in many areas, the merging of virtual and real life goes in China, even faster than in the West – for example, using virtual money, which “release” the social network.

As for the unmasking, that is, the elimination of anonymity on the Internet, it is a process of the world – Russia and the West will come to this in the coming years. It is clear that, formally, the main reason for this will be the concern of cybersecurity. The thing is really important, because the boundary between the real and virtual worlds is thinner. The Internet has long been a medium of life, and over time it will become already the main, if not the only environment for various human activities. And if so, what rules of conduct it will become less convenient for anonymous.

Not because of censorship or suppression of fraud, and because the Internet gives fantastic opportunities for control over man. Control not for prohibition, but for the sake of self-organization, that is best, most correct, most effective self-organization. That is what every human society, are built for this state – mate interests of all its citizens to work for the common good (from raising living standards to the building of communism). It is equally inherent in the Protestant countries of the West and Confucian China, capitalism and communism. But only the advent of the Internet and the development of social networks gives an opportunity to make the collection of information universal and diverse.

The people themselves provided all the information about yourself. Not only that which is needed for purchases or receipt of public services, but also that which allows us to define their tastes, preferences and opinions. It has been studied by marketers, compiled a portrait of the consumer or voter. Eventually mankind will come to the conclusion that all information about a particular person will be collected in a single database. Will work with his government – or the global government, if his own country has only a formal sovereignty.

And these databases are no longer just a collection of information, and a virtual portrait and document person. Affecting his behavior, career and life in the real world.

How it roughly will look

you can judge by going in the same China to experiment with “social credit”.

The program of its creation is carried out in 2014 and its first phase will be completed by 2020. The first step is the experiment, study the results and recommendations for future implementation.

The Chinese did not invent the Bicycle. For the base they took the scoring system, that is the assessment of solvency of the borrower, manufactured by the American company FICO. But now we are talking about relationships in society as such. Roughly speaking, initially, each citizen is assigned a rating of 1000 points. And whether it grows or falls in the future depends on whether he benefits or fall under the restrictions.

The purpose designated himself, XI Jinping at the end of last year:

“To combat an acute problem of lack of confidence to take firm hold over the establishment of a system reliability evaluation, covering all of society. We need to improve as mechanisms to promote law-abiding and conscientious citizens, and mechanisms to punish those who violate the law and have lost trust that the person just didn’t dare, just couldn’t lose the trust.”

Now the experiment is in dozens of Chinese cities. The most advanced one is Rongcheng in Shandong province. Just there for all of the residents (670 thousand) has assigned initial rating of 1000 points. Writes Leonid Kovacic on the website of the Moscow Carnegie center:

“Anecdotal information concerning the life and activities of the citizen comes from a municipal, commercial, law enforcement, the judiciary in a single information center where it is processed with big data technologies, and the rating of the citizen, respectively, either increases or decreases. At Rongcheng single information center analyzes neither more nor less than 160 thousand various parameters of the 142 institutions. Actively encouraged and the system of denunciations. The citizen reported to be on any bad deeds of his neighbor, relies at least five points.

Any single document, which would be clearly stated what is possible and what is not and what it will be, the system is not intended. We only know that if your rating is more than 1,050 points, then you’re a model citizen and marked with three letters A. With 1000 points, you can count on AA. With deveciusagi – B. If the rating fell below 849 – you are already suspicious of the carrier of C rating, you will be expelled from service in state and municipal structures.

And those who have 599 points and below, nesdobrovat. Their record in the black list with the note D, they become the outcasts of society, they do not take almost any kind of work (even in a taxi with a black mark D can not work), do not give loans, sell tickets for high-speed trains and airplanes, not rent a car and Bicycle without bail. Neighbors shy away from you like fire, because God forbid someone sees that you communicate with the person D, you just came, and your ranking is also rapidly goes down.

A few more examples of how to live in Rongcheng people with different ratings. For those who have a rating of AA and above give consumer credit to 200 million yuan no collateral or guarantors, at the reduced rate. The guy can go to hospital without collateral, if the cost of treatment does not exceed 10 thousand yuan. Healthy residents Junciana with a rating of A+ will give the bike rental without a Deposit, and the first half an hour you can ride for free. For comparison, the holders of the rankings With a Bicycle will only give bail of 200 yuan.

How to earn ratings, or at least not to lose them? Power Junchen say, it is very simple. Enough to live by the law, repay loans on time, pay taxes, follow the rules of traffic rules (for each violation, in addition to the administrative penalty, removed from five score), not to violate the moral foundations of society, and all will be fine. Not removed in the yard for your dog or minus five points. Spent an elderly neighbor to the clinic – got five points.”

The data people gather not only from state agencies – meaning that in obschekitayskom scale they will collect eight private companies. And have to process the entire set of information will be the all-China unified platform of credit information, which will be to assign ratings.

And do not about “Chinese totalitarianism.” The system of collection and control came from the West, from social networks, online stores and search engines. Another thing is that if in the West it is mainly used for sales (whether of goods or of politicians), in China want to promote values like good behaviour, social responsibility and the common good.

But in any case, the West and East will come to the same – concentrate the maximum amount of information about each person in his virtual “passport.” And control over this information, and making decisions based on it will carry machines, that is, a program written by man, but controlled by artificial intelligence, on the development of which is now beating the mankind. And then will come the really new, unknown world to us.


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