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Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Ufologists reported in the “UFO” on the space images NASA

By studying the images taken by astronaut orbiting the Earth, the UFO, they noticed a triangular UFO. According to self-proclaimed experts, this object is an alien spaceship. Allegedly, two shots, where was pictured a giant spaceship, was taken by NASA astronaut 30 years ago.

photo: NASA

Ufologists suggest that the noticed footage became available to a wider audience simply because the American space Agency have shown negligence, otherwise the images would be classified. That triangular object is a spaceship of aliens, not space debris, orbital probe of humans or a natural atmospheric phenomenon, the authors of “sensation” do not Express doubt.

Reports of UFOs near the Earth and other planets of the Solar system appear on the Internet often, and lately — even more than usual. Just a few days ago some “experts” on the extraterrestrial civilizations, said that closer to the Earth hundreds of space ships, aliens, and others — that the aliens first landed on the territory of Russia. Even earlier ufologists “found” pyramid of aliens on the moon and a city of representatives of extraterrestrial intelligence on Mars. UFO in Earth orbit “detect” is also often possible, and the wreckage of space ships aliens ufologists constantly “notice” in not the most populated Land (e.g. in the Arctic) and on other planets. Frequent reports of aliens during a recent lunar Eclipse in Russia and solar in the US.

It should be noted that serious experts almost never respond to messages of this kind — in all probability, not because I want anything to hide, and for the reason that wouldn’t “spin” the already unworthy of attention message.


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