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Sunday, January 21, 2018

The reason for the strange results in the elections in Moscow were QR codes

In the municipal elections in Moscow, voting was considered a fundamentally new way: through a QR code. This technology is useful in all respects, applied on behalf of the head of the CEC of Ella Pamfilova. A new method of counting must be introduced in most parts of the country to the March presidential elections, and the campaign in the capital has become a kind of dress rehearsal. The first pancake, however, was about the way it should be.

photo: tambov.izbirkom.ru

New technology tested by the correspondent of “MK”, which is a member of the territorial election Commission Yasenevo with the right to vote.

Starting with the scandalous elections to the state Duma 2011 the main complaint of the election commissions was as follows: they rewrite the protocols on the way from the precinct election Commission in the territorial sea or directly in the Tick. That is, data at the plot alone, but in automated system-“Elections” are manually entered completely different numbers.

QR-code for such a possibility eliminates. On Saturday, the eve of the elections in the capital, PECs, and Tiki did the software that checks the final report of the Commission for control and logical relations, and if everything is in order and converts it into unreadable “square” QR code. It is printed, and Tick just scanned in the automated system-“Elections”, which stands for back to the columns and columns of numbers.

No human factor: fraud or just a mistake becomes impossible, because system administrators no longer enter the numbers manually. Again, it removes and a second complaint: there is no need to long hours of vigils polling station commissions in territorial election Commission. The superior Commission is no longer obliged to check each Protocol (it makes the machine) and the procedure of data input into the system by scanning takes seconds, not tens of minutes. So, all in cab system administrator does not accumulate.

In Thika where I work, 67 plots. We have two cars that scan QR codes. Before election day we decided that we will be able to enter all the information and complete the counting of votes in the district forty minutes, not 6-8 hours, as usual. But that was the optimistic theory, is far from merciless practices. Time for system testing prior to the election we just had.

The first members of the PEC began to come to TICK to half past nine in the evening, and everything went like clockwork. Signature in the registry that the data entered into the system resembled a train schedule metro: 21.27; 22.02; 22.07… Scanning, decoding and printing of the Protocol, the autographs of those responsible, and all are free.

However, on the sixth visitor to the state automated system “Elections” hung, after a reboot, hung again, and so continued for half an hour. And foremost, we wanted to avoid, after all lined up. However, the programmers figured out the cause: error IN “due to” which of our Teak began to conflict with each other. One had to disconnect, after which the case started to move.

But the system hangs again, for a different reason: at school, where there is another polling station Commission, on the printer the old cartridge. The QR code printed with variable contrast, and the gas “Vybory” is unable to decode it. System administrators are trying to “negotiate” with the machine to input data from this plot the old fashioned way — numbers, but she wants everything to be as it should again…

The hand of the clock is gradually rotated to the second half of the night, the Commission the successor in the queue and remember humoresque Zhvanetsky about the train and the airplane: “Well, still faster than the train? Considered. Is it that not faster. Okay, Gregory? Excellent, Constantine!”

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After an hour and a half all the problems seem to be solved. It remains to wait when the system will automatically give the signature of the members of the TEC final reports for the three districts in our area. There’s a little distracted: code code, but the tradition — the tradition: large handwritten copies of the final protocols, as always, hanging on the wall for viewing by all interested persons. To fill the expectations of their study decided the most experienced member of the Commission Oleg Zaitov, delegated to the TEC by the Communist party. And he casually notes that one of the precinct election commissions in the graph of the Protocol, where must be specified the total number of voters indicated the number of ballots issued.

Such a nightmarish mistake, we would never have missed if, as always, checked the protocols themselves. But this time relied on the smart car.

Trying to convince this machine, so she returned to the scoresheet and allowed to correct one number. Doesn’t want to. Offers to replace your old QR code on new. For this precinct election Commission must be collected again on your site, fix Protocol, transcode it again and get back to us. And all the members of the commissions already went home and sleep. And in the morning in the school lessons. And without that, one area we can’t sign data across the district.

Strictly speaking, to trick the machine and fix it myself one figure our engineers, might. But without the PEC Protocol it still would have been outside the law.

Collect a meeting of the Commission, estimate the scale of the disaster. The result of this calculation error is not affected in any way. Hence the proposal is to leave everything as is. But the mistake affects the other: in a PivotTable will appear on the site, which voted exactly 100% of voters. And all the lovers of statistics they will be noticeable. It will be a scandal and a joy for those who have every reason to accuse the Commission of election fraud.

In General, five o’clock in the morning, counting normal appearance is one hundred percent…

And because the car such nuances can not explain, you have to wait for the teacher to provide lessons that will work over the electoral error — until the next evening (meeting of the TEC was scheduled for 5 p.m. Monday).

I repeat: the system is good, only a few incomplete. The question arises: whether it was an unfinished product to throw at these elections? It is necessary, in fact. Let the better all schools will show itself in all its glory in the municipal elections to presidential to bring the system to mind.

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