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Friday, March 16, 2018

The intrigue of elections in Moscow: what have the Bulk

On Sunday in 82 regions of Russia have passed elections of various levels. At 16 won the Governor from the ruling party. “If in Mordovia, the Governor from “an United Russia” has received nearly 90% of the votes, then what is there will support Vladimir Putin?” — sets the rhetorical question the experts. The unexpectedly high results in the elections of municipal deputies in Moscow was received by the opposition. However, the joy of the supporters of regime change on this issue was somewhat premature.

photo: Evgeny Semenov

Sensation in the gubernatorial election did not happen, so, in most regions of the defeated candidates from the ruling party.

Head of the Center for political and economic reforms Nikolai Mironov in conversation with “MK” pointed out that nowhere in the region there was a competitive campaign, that’s what caused such a result Pro-government candidates. “Electoral system is rolled back to the beginning of “zero” years, she became like this, which tried to leave in 2011,” he says.

According to the head of the Political expert group Konstantin Kalachev, the governors scored 80% and more, “will have to try hard”.

“To ensure that the protests did not grow, improved social well-being, and Putin got as much or more than the newly elected head of the territory,” he says. Thus, on the one hand, the winners of triumph on the other — they will have a lot of work to do.

However, many of the experts believe that the reason for victory EP just in of no alternative in terms of degree of “popular support”.

As for the municipal elections in Moscow — the opposition rejoices consolidated team of Democrats under the leadership of prominent opposition figures Dmitry Gudkov and Maxim Katz won in 14 municipalities of the capital, including in Gagarin, where he voted Vladimir Putin. While the turnout was low, the Moscow election Commission has estimated it at 15%. His representative Viktor Gorbunov called leaders of the “United Russia” and “Yabloko”.

The victory also said opposition leader Ilya Yashin, and journalist Ilya Azar, the Basmanny municipal district became the Deputy opposition candidate Lucy Stein. After the surprise subsided (such results in the elections, even municipal, the opposition was not yet), it is time to ask the questions: what does it mean and what will result?

Besides the version about the fact that the protest electorate is undermined from the inside the bureaucratic system of “elections without choice”, showing his potential power, you can nominate some more.

For example, as they noted opponents of any form of interaction with the current government, participation in elections legitimitize obviously flawed system: “see how we are all honest, and you are still dissatisfied with something,” will speak in the Kremlin. Thus, the results of the opposition in the municipal elections that, by and large, mean not a lot now iron argument to justify the system as a whole.

Another version of — door municipal meetings are friendly opened to opposition in the face of the team members Katz and Gudkov, in order to distract the electorate from the Bulk. In fact, the current Democrats-Monday who was in the team with Gudkov and Katz in mass Bulk and support can only strengthen his position. However, antinobelevskoy version will only work if someone from the locomotives of sandepu himself decides to participate in presidential elections. In this case, the logical question arises: why not support someone who already proved themselves in the elections and who, unlike the Bulk, not burdened with a criminal record and has the full right to participate in them?

Don’t forget about the upcoming elections of the mayor of the capital. The last time they are not with the best hand showed himself as Alexei Navalny and former colleague Dmitry Gudkov on the faction “Fair Russia” Nikolay Levichev. Beeps can unite the supporters of both candidates. It is worth noting that even though the opposition scored, the chances to pass the municipal filter for the nomination of the candidate in mayors it has no, it needs significantly more members.

If member Monday Bulk support, with Katz had long-standing friction.

First, they had to work together, and then throw each other with mutual accusations. So, Navalny accuses Katz in the work of the mayor’s office, and Katz Bulk — of dishonesty. The conflict began with the fact that Katz was dismantled in his blog the pros and cons of the housing reform, which offered Bulk, in response to the criticism, called the opponent is stupid. The fray former colleagues and joined their comrades, one side is called the Katz Pro-Amateur, friend Bulk — ungrateful narcissist.

As a result, the municipal election came down to the fact that supporters of Navalny accused Gudkov and Katz in “spoilertv”, they supposedly came to areas where their place in the Council was eager to take candidates Navalny, and drew the electorate itself.

Gudkov, however, denies these accusations. In his words, “the unification of democratic candidates were willing to cooperate, but the candidates focused on the conflict.” In addition, Gudkov does not believe that speech can go about the deliberate “pulling” of the electorate in the context of municipal elections, where the winner can win multiple candidates in one district.

Characteristically behaved himself Bulk. He congratulated the opposition with the win, pointed to the success of a number of candidates, but did not say a word about Kace and Gudkov with the team. Commenting on the news on the Network, many immediately drew a parallel with the well — known paradox- neither Putin nor his entourage, never mention the name of Bulk. The informal leader of the opposition, according to Internet users, decided hard “to keep quiet about the Katz”.

“For the opposition, strategically the victory is small,” — said Nikolai Mironov. According to him, the success of the opposition, on the contrary, the best government, because it will be able to determine candidate in the mayoral and presidential elections, felt the electorate of Moscow, which will give a representative of the opposition, and that, in turn, needs to be safe and well studied.

“We need a man like Mikhail Prokhorov, he says. Is a large part of the game and the opposition has not understood everything right — really studied it”.

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