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Friday, March 23, 2018

Scientists have debunked the myths about an extremely powerful flares on the Sun

Recently, the Sun broke out happened the fourth, the last time a powerful flare, classified in the highest class activity. Many experts say that the solar plasma, as a result, the Earth, carries with it many dangers. However, a number of scholars are of the opinion that a series of solar flares threatened earth dwellers to a much lesser extent than it begins to seem after many alarming reports in the media.

photo: pixabay.com

A series of solar flares began on September 4 and two days later the merger of the two sunspot explosion, the most powerful in 12 years, and one of the five strongest in the entire history of observations. This was followed by other powerful flare that occurred on 7,8 and 10 September. All of them were classified as class X, which brings together the largest events of this kind (all five classes — A, B, C, M and X). In such explosions, the emissions of solar plasma are strong enough, rushing towards the Earth, they were able to achieve it.

It is known that such events cause magnetic storms and, as a consequence, interruptions in telecommunications, problems with many electronic devices and sometimes, according to some, and the deterioration of health of meteodependent people. However, this time, many media outlets have painted an even more frightening picture — as reported, under the earth, the solar substance “burns” lines of Earth’s magnetic field, reducing its size. In this case the magnetic field plays a crucial role in protecting life on earth from solar and cosmic radiation, each of which is a hazard.

However, the experts relied upon by vesti.ru and nplus1.ru urge not to overestimate such threats — negative external effects our planet protects not only the magnetic field, but the atmosphere and “taking” energy from the solar matter and turns it into a safe Aurora. Cosmic and solar radiation can be really dangerous for a person just in case he’s on a spaceship flies very far from the Earth (which, by the way, is one of the main factors preventing regular manned missions to the moon or Mars).

At the same time, experts do not deny the other effect of the solar flares — they can really break down communications satellites in Earth orbit, the researchers note.


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