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Friday, March 23, 2018

Predictions of solar activity: from normalization to the Apocalypse

From 4 September the Sun is observed a series of flares, some of which were among the most powerful in the entire history of observations. The latter recently suggested that in the future, these flashes will continue, however, the media appears and a variety of other forecasts, both more and less optimistic.

photo: nasa.gov

According to the Roshydromet, tomorrow, September 12, will remain the likelihood of outbreaks of class X, including the proton (because of them astronauts on the international space station recently had to hide in a special shelter).

At the same time, chief researcher of the laboratory of x-ray astronomy of the Sun Lebedev physical Institute Sergey Bogachev said that solar activity is “almost went down”. This is with reference to the expert reports russian.rt.com. The specialist noted that recent outbreaks in the Sun, was among the largest in the history of modern observations despite the fact that now shone is at the stage of its 11-year cycle, corresponding to a kind of “hibernation”, from-for what such an event can be unexpected.

Some of the media results in the opposite prediction — as stated, a series of powerful flares on the Sun’s surface can trigger a “flare”, the consequences of which for the Earth could be catastrophic. However, such news is harder to believe only because their authors do not name any names of scientists to which they referred, nor the scientific organizations which they represent, and this gives reason to doubt the veracity of the source. It should be noted that some scientists do not exclude that a flare on the Sun may indeed one day occur. Some studies indicate that in 775, and then 993 ad was flash, ten times more powerful than the strongest currently known, and this, according to some experts, suggests that the light is capable of even more powerful emission of plasma.

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