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Friday, March 23, 2018

In the Sun there was a new outbreak with a frightening power

In the Laboratory of x-ray astronomy of the Sun Physical Institute of the RAS stated that the Sun was already fourth in the last powerful flash. She was awarded the highest class of activity. the Explosion was recorded at about 20:00 Moscow time, experts say.

Recent solar flares are one of the most discussed media topics. On 6 September, the experts have recorded the most powerful explosion on the surface of the disc in 12 years and one of the most powerful in the entire history of observations. The plasma cloud, the result is separated from the Sun come to Earth orbit 12 hours before the expected time and “hit” the planet is stronger than expected.

Soon experts have suggested that the recent outbreak will be followed by other, comparable activity, and a short while later, this prediction has come true. Two bursts were recorded on 7 and 8 September, and both of them have also been classified as upper class.

Experts also specify that a series of solar flares began on September 4 and “record” release is the result of a merger of the two sunspots.

Emissions of solar plasma on the Earth cause magnetic storms affecting radio and some Elektropribor, as well as on the health of people (though in the latter case, some experts argue, in what proportion it affects, actually, the flash and the “psychological factor”). This recent flare was so powerful that, according to some, “burned” some of the lines of Earth’s magnetic field that protects our planet from dangerous to living things solar and cosmic radiation.

Have solar flares and a more “pleasant” consequences – at least, from an aesthetic point of view. Earlier it was reported that they can cause aurorae, in certain regions of Russia, and, for example, in the Novosibirsk region it really is could be observed. The employee of Novosibirsk state University Roman Belousov is even captured is not the most common for this region meteorological phenomenon on video.

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