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Friday, April 20, 2018

Hooters responded to the accusations in spoilertv on elections in Moscow

Past beneficiaries of the Moscow municipal elections can be called Dmitry Gudkov and his team. That part of the Metropolitan Deputy municipal housing was much more opposition than before – including to their credit (76% of the capital of the mandates received “United Russia”). Today, however, Dmitry is forced to respond not only to pleasant questions.

photo: ru.wikipedia.org

– Dmitry, you declared victory, though not complete. But in the context of plans for next year, the intention to nominate a candidate for mayor, it looks still more like a defeat: the municipal filter still irresistible.

– Whatever is said in Moscow election Committee, it is necessary to admit the obvious fact: we were the second political force in Moscow. By a wide margin from the rest. No other real parliamentary opposition in the city. We have 250 independent deputies. At least, this is how this is the exact number we still do not know.

The head of Mothersurname tells us that without the help of “United Russia” no one can get through the municipal filter. And I say that no legitimate elections without our participation more in Moscow impossible. The second political force, as some will find the opportunity to take part in these elections involved. As it will be technically ready – it does not matter.

– But you still see the first option?

– In General, municipal filter must, of course, cancel. This shameful barrier. But we have 250 members. And you need 110 signatures. So let Moscow change legislation, may not put such conditions that the signatures were from each district.

In some areas, where he ran your team was an alternative team, ponravilsia power. In this connection, some colleagues in the opposition camp accuse you of spoilertv, that you contributed to the atomization of democratic forces.

Is absolutely not the case. We added a lot of the other opposition candidates. 50. Did not add only those who went with us to the scandal. This is an isolated history.

– What, for example, you prevented to find a common language with gradoselskaya Alexandra Perusini standing in the center of Moscow? (Poroshina already very well known as an active valid Munda and marching under the aegis of Yabloko, took first place in all three districts in an area where not chose any of United Russia – “MK”).

We were ready to add Perosino, but she went to conflict with our team. I wanted to meet her, to talk, to discuss the situation. But she even did not agree. However, now have this conflict, so to say, to resolve. Now we have to work together. Now Prusina has the opportunity, together with our MPs to form a majority and to really influence the situation in…

Meanwhile, at today’s press conference chief of staff Gudkov, Maxim Katz said he wants the offset head of the Moscow Yabloko Sergei Mitrokhin from his post and he hopes to lead the office party, as the Mitrokhin although “beautiful people”, but ineffective. Answering the question of why the project Gudkov did not support Navalny, Katz suggested personal enmity, and added that the strategy of the boycott, which has bet the Creator of “Fund of struggle against corruption” had a negative impact on turnout, although in the end did not materialize.

Read the material: “the Elections in Moscow 2017: results of the who became a municipal Deputy”

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Elections 2017. Chronicle of events

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