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Friday, April 20, 2018

Flight abroad, sectioned in a mental hospital: what happened to “swampies”

The events on Bolotnaya square, which authorities describe as the riots unfolded five years ago, the last prisoner of the “Bolotnaya case” was released from prison, but to stop talking about them does not work, the case makes itself know all new information reasons. Why “swamp thing” never stops and who still bears on him the punishment — in the article “MK”.

Maxim Panfilov sentenced to forced treatment. Photo: social networks

Escape from-under supervision

Engineer Ivan Sciences was released from prison in late August, early September, he arrived at the airport “Sheremetyevo”, got on a plane and flew to Prague. There he intends to study at Charles University, after which he will go to study in the United States. Nepomnyashchikh engineer, before his arrest he worked in the NGO “Motherland”, was engaged in hydro and wanted to go to one of the American universities. According to him, Russia has no opportunities for professional growth: “the Engineer, especially the mechanics, it is impossible to grow”.

All anything, here only Nepomnyashchikh not just freed from prison, the prison authorities requested the appointment of administrative supervision. This means the need to constantly report to the authorities, the ban on travel beyond the suburbs and participation in public events. Nepomnyashchikh this state of Affairs did not suit.

“I cherished this idea two and a half years in prison,’ he says of leaving and studying abroad. Knew that after his release going, prevented the oversight. So I decided to get out of Russia to the decision of the court.”

Indeed, the formal Sciences could legally leave the territory of Russia. The decision of an administrative oversight was made until the next day. The question of whether Ivan back, we asked his lawyer Irina Biryukova.

“He went legit. But due to the fact that the supervision took effect, he enter-we can but to study in the States it will not be released, says she. — So in the next few years, if you do not cancel after our appeal this illegal decision, he won’t come.”

Ivan the forgetful — the 33rd defendant in the “Bolotnaya case”. He was arrested in February of 2015, 3 years after clashes at an opposition rally on Bolotnaya square, he was 24 years old. Ivan the forgetful accused that during dispersal of the rally, he “was hit several times with hands and umbrella police Victor Kolmakov and Eugene Gavrilov”. Tellingly, themselves affected by the uncontrollable umbrella Riot policemen remembered about the incident only after seeing the video. First 10 months Ivan Sciences held under house arrest, the remainder of the term in the prisons and camps. Stints in solitary confinement were beaten. The thing is — in constant conflict with the administration, he not only pointed to the prison authorities on the illegality of their actions, but helped to compose the complaints to other prisoners. By the way, he was sent to punishment cell for the last time on the eve of the liberation. After about beatings of prisoners in penal colony №1 of the Yaroslavl region became known — largely through the activity Nepomnyashchikh, there has changed head.

In the thrall of medicine

Unlike Sciences, which was finished to serve his sentence, Maxim Panfilov is still “in the hands of justice.” True, he was in a place that many consider worse than prison, in a psychiatric hospital.

The fact that Panfilova — the-onset Tourette’s syndrome. It is a neurological rather than a mental illness, but in the nuances did not understand.

The-onset Tourette’s syndrome is a disorder of the Interaural ganglion, which leads to thecobrasnake the twitching of facial muscles and shoulder girdle, involuntary cries, often obscene. It is an incurable genetic disease, while it relieved by medicines on an outpatient basis, does not require isolation from society and considered not dangerous to others. However, he was sent to forced psychiatric treatment.

31-year-old person from Astrakhan, Panfilov became the 36th defendant in the “Bolotnaya case”, he, like many others, was charged under part 2 of article 212 of the criminal code (“Participation in mass riots”) and part 1 of article 318 of the criminal code (“violence against a representative of power”). According to investigators, on Bolotnaya square, he prevented the arrest of other protesters and tore the helmet from the policeman Vladimir Filippov, thereby causing him “physical pain.”

After the detention on may 6, Panfilov was fined 500 rubles and released, and the “Bolotnaya case” he was arrested only four years later, on 7 April 2016.

Filippov are totally confused in his testimony. During the investigation, he gave three versions of events. First they said that his helmet flew off from the blow to the head. Then he claimed that he pulled the helmet from his head. But three years after these events began a clear legal phrases in the Protocol to say that the helmet had stripped him. Then presented the fourth version of events, saying that Panfilov was allegedly hit him on the helmet. According to counsel Panchenko, policeman testifying against his client because he is in the “service dependence” from the police.

By the way, Filippov already passed the victim on the “swamp case”. According to investigators, Yaroslav Belousov threw a policeman “solid object of yellow color and spherical shape.” The object hit him in the chest “, thereby causing strong physical pain.”

According to the lawyer Svetlana Panfilova Sidorkina, it is in adequate condition able to think straight and to think, during his stay there, he lost muscle mass and conditions of transfers is not easy. But it’s not in the patient’s condition and the conditions of detention: the family, for example, did not report the exact treatment plan so that what doses he receives, we can only guess, as for the conditions, in terms of psychological pressure, that it manifests itself in everyday things, particularly in the toilet of patients allowed on schedule.

“He wasn’t there”

“We were supposed to be engaged, but they knocked on the door…” — recalls the day of his arrest, the wife of Dmitry Bochenkova Anna. It happened on 2 December 2015, three years after the events, for participation in which it is judged. According to her, the staff were polite, but “to pack, not given”.

Bochenkova accused traditional Affairs article “Participation in mass riots” and “Violence against a representative of authorities”. He allegedly turned over the toilets, fighting with the police.

But, as noted by his lawyer Ilya Novikov, in Bochenkova there is one fundamental difference from the rest — it was not at Bolotnaya square.

Indeed, the attached video (this is the main clue of the investigation) — the guy who looks like Bochenkova very vaguely. But the amazing thing is that several of the records examination have been the only ones where the man investigators believe by Bochenkova in the cap and black hood, no ears, no outline of the head is not visible. The experts of the FSB, which had to find out, is this the man, admitted that there is little evidence, but the verdict — in the video it is.

At this time, Buchenkov sat in jail and wondered quietly what is happening, his lawyers while loudly stated the need for a re-examination and the admission of those videos, where the object efesbank research there is no hood.

Bochenkova was released from jail under house arrest there, getting access to the computer, he tried the “ears” to pull himself out of his precarious prison. Namely: reviewed all records and found fragments, which show that these parts of the body and the person in the video is absolutely not identical. Will do do the same work, the consequence still unknown, but advocates hope that they will be able to defend his client.

Being a Professor at a Medical University. Pirogov, buchenkov was very politically active, adhered to anarchist views, was a member of the movement “Autonomous action”, has published their own newspaper. According to a number of rights, namely civil activity Bochenkova and his commitment to anarchism might be the reason that the attention of investigators fell on him.

“And they don’t care that the video is not him, that day he was at my parents in Nizhny Novgorod, about what witnesses say, what the camera recorded, as his car was leaving town. All this is not “evidence”, and the fact that he was an opponent of the current regime, of course, the evidence,” says a friend Bochenkova, Alexander.

Vladimir Akimenkov is raising funds for aid to political prisoners. Photo: social networks

“The authorities failed to intimidate the protesters”

Vladimir Akimenkov was released in 2013 under an Amnesty a few days ago appeared information about the fact that he tried to detain police officers near the entrance. According to them, he looked “suspicious”, but it is possible that he came on a tip. The Statute of limitations “marsh of the case” has not expired, and, judging by recent events, you can expect anything.

However, regardless of attention from the police to the Swamp Akimenkov in its way, has not ended. After his release, he has been using for political prisoners, devoting practically all his time. Although Akimenkov, in his words, grateful to human rights organisations with which it collaborates and which supported him. The fact that he is acting independently, allows him to help all whom he considers political prisoners.

From the “may 6 prisoners” to “seaside guerrillas”, those convicted of reposts Internet users to participants of direct action. Ildar Dading, Boris Stomakhin, the defendants, ABTO… All he had 80 clients, and activities Akimenkov continues.

It shows with writing small handwriting notebook where he writes reports on received and spent funds, also stores all Bank checks, and can account for every penny.

“Previously, I published the reports online, but relatives of the grieving, not always able to respond adequately to information about assistance to other inmates, when all their thoughts of the loved one,” he explains.

In 2012, Akimenkov was in the convoy of the “Left front” and was a political activist with experience, but after the liberation from politics, although he is a convinced anarchist, he had to tie and to devote himself to social activism.

According to Akimenkov, donations to help his team do the Facebook users who see such calls on his page, and intellectuals, pensioners, simple people from different regions.

On the question of participation in the fate of the prisoners who has at least a great information resource, Akimenkov says that, in particular, Alexei Navalny periodically provided information support and once transferred money, but no systematic work in this direction does not and, of course, could do much more, at least against members of their own shares.

According to Akimenkov, using the “Bolotnaya case” the government failed “to intimidate the protesters”.

“The wave of protest came to naught, not only because waves of repression, because of the laws and initiatives aimed at the restriction of freedom, but mostly due to the fact that is not yet ripe conditions for full, high-quality of protest, which would realize itself and present a meaningful claim and had clear requirements for the current regime,” he says.

Thus, according to him, risk is still a very large number of people — and while the Statute of limitations has not expired, “at any time the SC may issue a press release about the new detainee on the “swamp case”.

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