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Saturday, March 17, 2018

Experts: “the Return of Saakashvili proved that Poroshenko “naked”

Saakashvili “support group” still managed to break into the territory of Ukraine. His supporters stormed the border crossing shehini, during melee fights injured 16 police and border guards who needed medical help. The losses by the attackers was not reported. As reported in the social network Minister of internal Affairs of Ukraine Arsen Avakov, in the country illegally penetrated about 40 people.

In fact, a mass breach of the border, the national police opened a criminal case. Avakov has promised that every member of the assault shehyni will “ofiice” and urged Saakashvili and his entourage go through the procedure border clearance and to report to the police to testify. Meanwhile, Saakashvili on the evening of September 10, arrived in Lviv, where he dined with the mayor of the city Andrei Garden in the restaurant Mons Pius on the street Lesia Ukrainka. The restaurant was guarded by the soldiers of the battalion “Donbass”. After midnight Saakashvili and Garden left to journalists. Garden spoke about the future plans of the former President: on September 11, he intends to move to Kiev. Here pertinently to remind, who is the mayor of Garden. It is just one touch: in 2008 he was ordered to pay monthly Lviv to veterans of the UPA (banned in Russia) for $85 for retirement.

What happened, it seems incredible. A person without citizenship, with an invalid passport power erupts on the territory of the state, crushing the cordons of armed guards. In fact, in such situations, the border guards should shoot the offenders. But they don’t shoot and generally sluggish resist. Why? There is no doubt that when trying to break through, for example, the borders of the United States, Saakashvili would have been shot. It would not have helped even “human shield” in the form of son, wife and Yulia Tymoshenko. The border whatever the outcome would be recognized as lawful.

But in Ukraine recently there was a Maidan. Ukrainian security forces are suffering “post-Maidan syndrome”. They well remember what happened to their comrades who defended the legitimate government. They were accused of all mortal sins, deprived of work and home, they were killed, maimed, their spit and put on his knees. The President, who they defended, betrayed them and fled. Now to defend the government in Ukraine nobody will. No fools. Because the bandits and extremists of tomorrow can turn out to be some “warriors of light”, riots — people’s revolution, and the guardians of the law — criminals. The government, which is illegitimate by itself has driven itself into a trap.

Arsen Avakov is absolutely right when he calls leginski breakthrough “the collapse of the foundations” of the country. It is really the collapse of the Ukrainian statehood. Saakashvili not only didn’t get shot, he even still not arrested. And how he was arrested? You need to carry out forceful disarmament of the battalion “Donbass” and other “patriots” who are going around of a stateless person. Need to start ATO in Lviv, the mayor who is clearly out of control of the Central government. This isn’t just trespassing, it’s Galicia rebelled against Kiev. And that’s going to do now Poroshenko?

Avakov started to say that he “wanted blood.” This suggests that the government has already lost. Shevardnadze did not want blood, Abashidze did not want blood. What became of them, we all know. This is the hallmark of Saakashvili: it puts the opponent a choice: either to shed blood or give up. For him, by the way, bloodshed was never a problem. Was well aware of that exploded recently in Kiev Ali Dabuev-Makhauri, which in Georgia is considered “personal killer Saakashvili”. Saakashvili’s arrest from the current Kiev authorities in the guts. He will move to Kiev, along the way accumulating more and more armed supporters.


Experts told “MK” about the risks that are Poroshenko return to the country of Saakashvili and his Alliance with Tymoshenko:

Konstantin ZATULIN, head of the Institute of heads of the CIS, state Duma Deputy:

In career Poroshenko, the moment came when it was revealed that the “king is naked”. The Ukrainian authorities have been unable to prevent the return of Saakashvili to the country. Whatever happened next, this fact indicates a fundamental weakness of the Ukrainian authorities, in particular, its inability to enforce its decisions. In this regard, the agenda returned early parliamentary elections, or even presidential, if Poroshenko will refuse to re-elect the Verkhovna Rada. The opponents of the Ukrainian leader is very experienced, therefore not as important as they will sit in the opposition, chances of success they will in any case quite high.

Poroshenko “dancing on rake” in the same way, as did the Ukrainian President before him. Thus Kravchuk lost to Kuchma, Kuchma incorrectly held its elections at the end of the next term became a “lame duck”, the second time Yushchenko received just 5% of the vote, with Yanukovych came known history… Now Poroshenko himself created the situation that showed his helplessness. “Bad luck” pursues the Ukrainian leaders because of the nature of their power, which is based on lies against all Nations and nationalities inhabiting this state.

Kirill MOLCHANOV, Deputy Director of the Ukrainian Institute of policy analysis and management:

Yesterday Poroshenko has shown that constructed his system of power is able to protect the Ukrainian border, including he can’t rely on the power block. In 2014 in the region of Donetsk and Lugansk was unauthorized breakthroughs the border, and in 2017 the same thing occurred on the part of the city. The Ukrainian authorities have proven their inability to control the situation in the country. Any politician who surrounds himself with several hundred supporters, can do what he pleases.

It was stupid to give Saakashvili citizenship, but even more stupid was to deprive him of Ukrainian passports are absolutely unconstitutional. Probably, Kiev had hoped to intimidate him with deportation to Georgia, but it didn’t help. As a result, the clown crossing the border disgraced Ukraine at the international level. It is impossible to imagine a similar situation in some Western state. Logically, now Saakashvili to be arrested as an illegal alien, but in this case the government will lose even more than now, because the opposition will immediately hold a parallel between the former Georgian President and Tymoshenko. As Poroshenko will get out of this situation is unclear. It is possible that Saakashvili will succeed in court to recover the Ukrainian citizenship.

It is unclear why it was necessary to brew this mess. In the summer of 2017 Saakashvili has had no public office and his popularity ratings are not allowed to rely on a political career, he was generally not interesting to anyone. Now he was given a second chance, and he certainly will use this.


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