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Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Bulk “not noticed” victory in the elections Gudkov and Katz

In his statement on the results of the municipal elections in Moscow running for President of the Russian Federation Alexei Navalny has been silent on the organizers of mass oppositional candidates — Dmitry Gudkov and Maxim Katz. The main reason for the success of the opposition politician called it the emergence of the election of a large number of candidates.

photo: ru.wikipedia.org

According to Navalny, “the main mechanism of the electoral “victories” of power — it’s not even fraud, and non-admission of candidates for elections”. He stressed that the involvement of the opposition in the elections, “Putin’s majority” “is spreading like a leaky blanket.”

Further Bulk only mentioned Ilya Yashin and Konstantin Jankauskas, head of the team of candidates in Krasnoselsky district and Zyuzino. Other cases of electoral successes, particularly the victory of the opposition in Ostankino, where the “United Russia” could not obtain a single vote, but the candidate supported by the “Open Russia” Mikhail Khodorkovsky, Navalny said nothing.

Coordinator of the project “Open elections” Timur Valeev in conversation with our publication suggested that the position of the Bulk stems from the fact that he “thought that his boycott will make the elections in Moscow opposition candidates will lose with the devastating account. And he’d earned this bonus by saying “without me you can do nothing”. However, the situation has changed radically: now everyone can see that Alexei Navalny is not a major player in the political arena, and especially in the political arena in Moscow. The story, which relies “Open Russia,” many leaders agree with each other, carry out the project and win. Now, if Bulk will begin to promote Gudkov or “Postcard” (“Open Russia — ed.) which he is promoted, his supporters, I think, will say a few kind words.”

Recall that a politician long conflict with a former employee of his staff on elections of the mayor of Moscow Maxim Katz, and, in their opinion, the hostility to him from the Bulk connected with personal motives.

On the questions about the attitude of Gudkov Navalny has repeatedly said that he refuses to support it in view of the fact that the Russian supposedly did not politicize his campaign (remember, Gudkov announced his intention to run for mayor of Moscow in 2018).

He Gudkov, the state Duma elections, nominated by Yabloko, had previously pledged to support on elections of the President of the Russian Federation Grigory Yavlinsky.

According to preliminary data of Mothersurname, candidates coming from the “Apple” in the end in the elections of municipal deputies were able to get 177 seats (11.7 per cent), third place went to independent candidates (7.2 per cent) and representatives of “United Russia” left with 1150 mandates (76-77%).

The head of Mosgorizbirkoma said that to overcome the municipal filter for candidates in mayors of Moscow will be in power only with the support of “United Russia”.


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