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Friday, March 16, 2018

A solar flare has forced astronauts to the ISS run for cover

The solar flares are triggered proton stream, which, as suggested by experts, were able to break through the protective shell of the international space station. While the ISS passed through the area, on which was recorded an increase of radiation In connection with that, the crew got the command “Alert” and were forced to move in located aboard the station shelter.

photo: pixabay.com

Reportedly, the team of “Alert” was received yesterday, and so far, it already canceled. According to the head of SINP MSU Mikhail Panasyuk, given the team due to the fact that protons were stronger than during the more powerful solar flare occurred on 7 September.

Powerful solar flares have occurred 6, 7, 8 and 10 September. At the intensity they were all related to the “maximum” class of X and the first turned out to be the most powerful for 12 years and one of the five most powerful in the entire history of observations. Such emissions of solar plasma sometimes cause magnetic storms on Earth, which affects the communication quality and the appliances, and sometimes, to some extent, on the health of some weather-sensitive people — however, according to some researchers, in the latter case a considerable role not only the magnetic field but also the “psychological moment.

In General, as recently stated by the experts, due to the active discussion on the Internet solar flares over the past few days have been in the public mind to be perceived as a phenomenon that represents a very great danger, although in many respects this can be considered an exaggeration. However, the astronauts are in Earth orbit, to a lesser extent protected from the solar plasma than ordinary people on the surface of the planet, therefore in their case, sometimes they may need additional precautions. For the same reason, solar flares can actually have a negative impact on the operation of artificial satellites.


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