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Thursday, March 15, 2018

The naked truth: scientists have developed a program that defines sexual orientation on the photo

Special application Face++ will soon learn to accurately determine sexual orientation on the user’s photo. Experts from Stanford University have published a study that found that artificial intelligence could determine intimate preferences of the person on his face.

photo: pixabay.com

Scientists loaded into the software includes hundreds of pictures in front of people with different orientations, therefore, the application learned to identify characteristic traits for men and women with different inclinations. After, when testing artificial intelligence on random profiles on Dating sites, it was found that the program in 81% of cases correctly identify the orientation of the men and 74 percent women. However, as experts note, respondents also visually simple can distinguish the homosexual from the heterosexual in 61% of cases when viewing photos of men and 54 percent women. As explained in the description of the study, it must prove that sexual preference is an innate characteristic of man, and not acquired during the life of the character trait.

However, physiognomists believe that a photograph of a face to contain too little information to know for sure about such an intimate aspect of personality only by this method impossible.

– Of course, there are some facial features that show the sexual identity of the person, says physiognomist Oleg Voevodin. But to determine the tendency, you need to see other parts of the body. The neck, jaw, cheekbones, hair line and even teeth total, there are 133 signs, in the aggregate, it is already possible to draw any conclusions. I watched a lot of videos with geyparadov Europe and I can say that the appearance of their members were totally different. Therefore, to believe that the program will be able to understand gay or not, is extremely difficult.


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