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Friday, February 23, 2018

“Thank you on behalf of all Muscovites” say Putin took a walk on the “Charge”

Despite the intense working week in the far East, Vladimir Putin took an active part in the celebration of the 870th anniversary of Moscow, visiting not only the concert in red square, but two key areas — the Park “Zaryadye” and “Luzhniki”. Congratulating the citizens, the President noted that a large-scale reconstruction, started by the city authorities, — a troublesome, but necessary. The whole of Russia, according to the head of the state, with trepidation to Moscow and watching her transformation.

photo: Natalia Gubernatorova

In the Park “Zaryadye” Vladimir Putin arrived behind the wheel of electric cars straight from red square — the good neighborhood. Under the construction of a new natural and entertainment complex, the authorities took a site that was formerly the hotel of the same concert hall. Some of her designs do not even have to understand — they formed the basis of the hilly landscape, which now opens up new, previously inaccessible to citizens views of the Kremlin and the waterfront Tinkers. Under the land hid the main pavilions of the Park (the media centre, “ice cave”, archaeological Museum), and on the roof using a unique Botanical collection has recreated four zones — forest, steppe, meadow and Northern landscape. “Just, please, don’t use the word “tundra”! This creates an unnecessary Association. Tundra and marshes we have here!” — implored journalists, employees of the Park.

Inspection of the Park Vladimir Putin and Sergei Sobyanin, whom the President brought into the passenger seat of his electric car, began to mediamelon, where there are two multimedia attraction. In one of them the audience on a panoramic screen show 8-minute video about the history of Moscow. In another you can see the city from a bird’s eye view. And although the President for several years, regularly flies over the capital by helicopter, he remained impressed. “Great! Even his house looked down!” — praised of GDP, without specifying, however, what kind of house — the Kremlin or the building in the street Academician zelinskogo, which supposedly spelled out the President is involved.

Sergei Sobyanin recalled that the idea of creating a Park on the site of the demolished hotel “Russia” belonged to Vladimir Putin — relevant instruction he gave to the city authorities in 2012. The construction work took only two years and, as it turned out Saturday, at a cost of the city hall at 14 billion rubles. “Now in the city centre created a new comfortable space. The Park managed to integrate the historical sites: the Patriarchal farmstead, churches and cathedrals,” — said the mayor.

— Thank you on behalf of all Muscovites! — thanked Putin had every right to: after all, for 20 years (and so-called residency requirement, allowing, for example, to submit to Moscow in the Federation Council or to stand in a queue on improvement of living conditions) GDP lives in the capital.

At the end of the tour the mayor took the President on the “floating bridge”, which, according to Sobyanin, will claim a place in the Guinness Book of records — 70-foot cantilever, similar to the protruding tongue, hovering over the waterfront and the Moscow river without supports and other supporting structures. As told by the Park staff, protection of the head of state all over they eaten, have not yet been convinced of the safety of the structure. But journalists are more puzzled wooden cover of the bridge: if the asphalt is poorly withstands the climatic conditions of the capital, then what will happen after a succession of frosts and thaws with less durable material?

— Are you sure that the bridge is not vspuchilis? — asked “MK” at the head of the construction complex Marat Husnullin.

— Don’t be silly. — cut one. — Why it vspuchilis? Two technological Institute checked, said everything is fine!

According to Khusnullin, Muscovites have no reason to doubt the reliability of the bridge: on the console set the load of 240 tons. She caved only 20 mm. Vladimir Putin, too, no doubt — love to see the views from the tip of the “language” and even leaned over the glass fencing to greet people walking along the promenade residents. “Happy holidays!” — his hollowed hands, cried the President. Stunned citizens in a hurry get the phone…

After walking around the Charge of GDP went to the Luzhniki stadium, which also opened in the city Day. On the new ultra-modern field, where in July of 2018 will host 7 matches of the world Cup, fought children’s sports schools. Hundreds of boots trampled the lawn is expensive, but Putin and Sergey Sobyanin was not sorry. “You, dear children, in the near future to develop football, to defend the colors of famous clubs and to represent Russia at the international competitions”, — said the President.

Seeing how the stadium after the reconstruction, Putin gave a start round of the world Cup football which, according to him, will become the longest and exciting for 123 days the trophy will overcome 26 thousand miles, visiting all corners of the country. By the way, no President in this ceremony was not enough: the unwritten rules of touching the Cup only the winners of the tournament, the FIFA President and the head of state hosting a world Cup.

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