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Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Presents unexpected way to guess the sexual orientation of a photo

Artificial intelligence was able to accurately determine the sexual orientation of people by analyzing their photos. To such conclusion experts from the USA, representing Stanford University. According to them, the machine was able to determine the orientation of the photo is much better than people.

photo: pixabay.com

Experts said that people with different sexual orientation and can often detect is usually uncharacteristic for their gender traits men look more “feminine” and women more “manly”. However, to guess that, especially on the photo, the man is usually difficult. In the experiment conducted by scientists, people only in 61 percent of cases guessed the orientation of the men in the photograph, and 54 percent of the time — orientation of women. Computer algorithm coped with the same task much more successfully, correctly determine the orientation 81% of men and 74 percent women.

Even more impressive results artificial intelligence showed when he was tasked to determine sexual orientation is not one, but five photos. After that, the percentage of correct answers increased to 91 percent in the case of men and 83 per cent in the case of women.

Experts suggest that if the pre-load algorithm of the relevant data, he could as accurately determine IQ or even a person’s politics. Scientists even fear that their discovery can be used “for evil” — a computerized analysis of pictures of the man, apparently, can give out more personal information about him than most would like. The researchers acknowledge that many people may view such a use of proven technology, at least, unethical.

On his experiment, experts told on the pages of the scientific Journal of Personality and Social Psychology.

Previously the photos and used in their processing filters, artificial intelligence has been able with high precision “guess” whether the person is suffering from clinical depression.


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