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Sunday, February 25, 2018

The defense Ministry has declassified Soviet losses in Cuba during the Cuban missile crisis

64 Soviet soldiers were killed in Cuba during the acute phase of the Cuban missile crisis 1962-1964. This information was published for the first time the defense Ministry. The publication of official data is timed to the 55th anniversary from the date of delivery of Soviet ballistic missiles on Cuba.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

Official data on losses among Soviet citizens in Cuba during the acute phase of the Cuban missile crisis and beyond, was published by the Ministry of defence of the Russian Federation. During this time on Liberty Island killed 64 citizen of the USSR, reported the information Department of MO.

“The exact number of losses of Soviet troops during the operation, was not formally published. According to the defense Ministry of the Russian Federation from August 1, 1962 to 16 August 1964 in Cuba killed 64 Soviet citizens”, – stated in the message.

Russian defense Ministry publishes these data in connection with the 55 anniversary from the date of delivery of Soviet ballistic missiles. They were first delivered on 9 September 1962 as part of the secret operation “Anadyr”. Later to Cuba and brought nuclear warheads to these missiles. In the message of the defense Ministry stresses that it was a response to the deployment of US missiles in Turkey and Italy. Also there was the possibility of invasion of the Armed forces of the United States to the island.

“The June and October 1962, the operation was a reprisal for the deployment of American missiles in Turkey and Italy, as well as the threat of American military invasion of Cuba,” – said in the comments of the Ministry.

The defense Ministry also reported on the presentation to the awards of one thousand and one soldier. The decision was taken by the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR on the results of the secret operation “Anadyr”.

Including 18 soldiers were awarded the order of Lenin, 38 – order of the red banner, 591, order of the red Star. The rest received medals.

Earlier in late August, the defense Ministry released the documents about the battle of Stalingrad that became the turning point battle in the Second world war. Released archives tell of the actions of the Soviet assault groups in urban combat.

Also in summer the Ministry on its official website has posted classified documents on the liberation of Poland.

“Among the declassified documents – military reports and memoranda, reports and reference, historical forms and telegrams, is impartial evidence of the bloody fighting of the red Army for the liberation of the fraternal republics, the true relationship of occupants to the local population and liberated the poles to their liberators the soldiers of the red Army”, — said the defense Ministry.


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