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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Who needs the death of actor Pashinin: kill him for the second time

Actor Anatoly Pashinin, who buried the second day of the Russian and Ukrainian media, confirmed that he was alive. On the death of the actor who fought in the Donbass on the side of the APU, with reference to the other publications said the writer Zakhar Prilepin: “I Write, actor Pashinin killed in the shelling. Who will start to gloat – I will ban. Perhaps disinformation”. Information September 6, began to spread Ukrainian media.

photo: youtube.com

Prilepin said that the shooting “certainly not us, the authorities will not allow it”. Later the mother of the actor’s films “the Admiral” and “We from the future”, said that her son is alive and was not killed in the shelling in the Donbass. The battalion commander with the call sign “red” also confirmed that Pashinin was alive.

On Friday contacted and the actor himself, saying Ukrainian newspaper that “the Order of the command to die I was not.”

As found “MK”, media Square buried an actor for the second time. The first time rumors about his death appeared on August 26. Some Internet portals and lead to even details of the death: “the shelling of the rear post with a shard of 120 mm. mortar Pashinin received numerous injuries incompatible with life”. But at that time no reaction except sympathy or cursing on the part of Internet users, followed.

So this time, having heard about the second death of the actor, users protested: “he was killed two weeks ago. Fake, I think.”

Why Ukrainian publications so you want to quickly kill the Russian actor, who went to fight in the Donbass, and Kiev?

I believe that the media are not the subject of his death, lobbied for, and crank out another negative against those who are allegedly involved in his death, – said the doctor of historical Sciences, political scientist Alexander Kobrin. Of course, this implies both Russia and militias. And Ukrainian publications no matter he is alive or not, the residue will still remain. There are plenty of people that live on a single information. Today people saw that the actor was killed: “That the scoundrels!” And the fact that the actor is alive, the reader won’t know. And if he learns of it he will not care, because psychologically, the opinion was formed. With regard to the moral qualities pashinina, they make me certain questions. I would place our media about this man forgot. Our Directors, our producers made him famous. And what does he do in gratitude? He was going to kill his family and relatives. Why it all PR? He himself says he is not ideological fighter, he kicks from the war. It is already a medical issue.

In fact, Ukrainian mass media would be beneficial to do from a young handsome guy a Martyr — in the event of his death. Although the actor claimed that gets a thrill from the war in the Donbas: “I’m not here to perform the duty of being here with these nice guys, I catch the buzz”. Recall that the war he went this summer, becoming the fighter of the eighth battalion of the Ukrainian volunteer army.


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