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Saturday, March 17, 2018

The truce in the Donbass disrupted: the bombs exploding every 10 minutes

On Friday, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg gave high marks to the truce in the Donbass, and in the meantime in Donetsk and Mariupol the directions again the bombing started. As said Deputy commander of the operational command of the DPR Eduard Basurin, 12 settlements released 29 min caliber of 120 millimeters and 66 min caliber 82 millimeter. The day the territory of the Republic was shelled more than 100 times. Truce was signed on 25 August, and since then has been repeatedly violated, but on 8 September, the Ukrainian side ceased to abide by it. Does this mean the beginning of a new full-scale war? This “MK” asked the Ukrainian political scientist, Director of the Kiev branch of the Institute of CIS countries Denis DENISOV.

photo: youtube.com

– Strictly speaking, of no sustainable truce even out of the question, it was not observed a single day. Immediately after the signing of the armistice, on the first night, from the Ukraine had shelled the territories of the DNI and LC. However, the mass they were not. And the first mass bombardment really happened on 8 September. But here I would not hurry to speak about any special triggering or the beginning of a new war. Just that we’re not the first see a conflict of medium intensity with mutual attacks, and in my opinion nothing much changes: fighting goes on as usual, and life in the region — their own. Of course, the main tragedy is that killing innocent civilians. But Ukraine doesn’t care, the West turns a blind eye, and only the Putin initiative is aimed to reinforce safety components, civilians and prevent further tragedy.

– But they are not accepted…

– It depends on whether they will be adopted in the future, depends on the strengthening or weakening of the conflict. The French said that they see them as a good opportunity for the beginning of the settlement, the Germans have quite tolerant attitude to Putin’s proposals, especially the Minister of foreign Affairs of Germany. And especially in that part which concerns the diversion of heavy weapons and the input force, which provides security monitoring mission of the OSCE; direct negotiations with representatives of the DNI and the LC regarding the placement of any troops on the frontline.

– Stoltenberg commended the truce, during which bombs exploding every 10 minutes, what does that mean? NATO bad intelligence?

I don’t know how to appreciate what is not? About any truce is out of the question. This claim is absolute nonsense.

– Is there any end to the crisis between Ukraine and Donbass, and in what perspective?

– At the moment — no, of course. The Ukrainian side is doing everything to armed conflict was delayed. The current Ukrainian government is profitable. Due to the war Kiev elite get new loans from the West. This war is the best explanation for Ukrainian citizens the new measures, which limit their freedom and rights. The war can be attributed to economic difficulties. The current government would not be able to stay without this war. When the power shifts armed conflict can end quickly enough.


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