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Thursday, March 22, 2018

The founder of the “Orthodox Seliger” Boris Yakimenko aiming for the presidency

The founder of the “Orthodox corps” of the movement “Nashi” Boris Yakimenko is going to nominate his candidacy in the elections for President in 2018. About his decision he announced on air of TV channel “Rain”. “It’s very important to understand how many votes can dial a normal person” – so Boris Yakemenko explained his participation in the presidential race. Meanwhile, many people remember Boris Grigorievich as a person not quite normal, though not very bright. About the background of a candidate with a strong Orthodox position “MK” talked to political scientists.

Boris Yakimenko. Photo: a screenshot of the video on his Youtube channel

Now the brothers Yakimenko as politicians a little rusty, but even 8 years ago, their last name often got on the front pages of Newspapers. In the early 2000s, Boris Yakimenko, together with his younger brother Vasily participated in the creation of Pro-Kremlin youth movement “Nashi”. If Yakemenko became the political leader of this movement, then Boris can be called spiritual. He created the “Orthodox wing” of “Our”. For several years, Akeena Sr. organized a large-scale youth forum “Seliger Orthodox”, which were collected annually from 400 to 1,500. The forum participants listened to lectures, studied the creation of Orthodox communities and the organization of pilgrimages. Every “Orthodox Seliger” on the open stage definitely served as a missionary Liturgy with explanations.

Exactly Boris Yakimenko we owe the introduction into the school program “Bases of Orthodox culture”. Having achieved his, he even wrote the first textbook on this discipline. Then went to the Public chamber. In recent years, Boris Grigoryevich became immersed in science, he teaches history at people’s friendship University and lectures in the open air.

About the implications of the sudden appearance Yakimenko, Sr. in the political arena, “MK” told the first Vice-President of the Center for Political technologies, Alexei Makarkin.

In my opinion, this is a fairly exotic candidate. First, historically, was known more for his brother Vasily Yakimenko, who was the founder of the movement “Nashi”. But he had forgotten. So, I think a serious percentage of the vote, Boris is unlikely to pick up. Why was it necessary to be nominated? Boris Yakemenko is known for his Orthodox views, now quite unexpectedly Orthodox topic has become the focus of public attention. This contributed to the scandal surrounding the film “Matilda”, and the conflict around St. Isaac’s Cathedral. There are Orthodox voters, their needs, the policy should also consider. I can assume that Boris Yakemenko will position himself as the candidate for this environment. But if Poklonskaya could take some votes away from the President, Boris Yakimenko, Putin is unlikely to interfere.

– It would be logical to join the presidential race Basil, who as a politician was better known?

– But about Basil already forgotten. The last time his name flashed in the media quite a long time, when he created an office catering. If to speak about Vasily Yakemenko, it is not clear what audience it was aimed at. For young people it is hardly interesting, and the bill can be his own audience, however small. It’s Orthodox supporters of the maximum clericalization companies. This layer of people with the current regime there are some differences. They do not understand why the government does not prohibit the film “Matilda”, why isn’t she forbids abortion. All of these themes could play Boris Yakemenko.


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