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Saturday, January 20, 2018

Solar flares burn magnetic field protecting the life and health of earthlings

The plasma cloud, separated from the Sun during a recent outbreak, not only came to orbit the Earth in 12 hours sooner than expected, but was hit on the planet is much more powerful than expected by scientists. As they say in the message of Laboratory of x-ray astronomy of the Sun Physical Institute of the Academy of Sciences, the plasma “burn” the lines of Earth’s magnetic field.

photo: pixabay.com

The approach of the plasma cloud was recorded by a scientific instrument ACE running a million miles from Earth. Disturbances of Earth’s magnetic field, i.e. geomagnetic storms are fairly standard consequence of solar flares, however, according to the LPI, in this case we are talking about something much more unusual.

Magnetic field reflects the planet from harmful cosmic rays and flows of charged particles flying from the Sun. It protects not only those who are on the Earth’s surface, but also, for example, astronauts aboard the International space station. However, if you happen to be really far from the planet, the people will lose this protection. By the way, this is one of the reasons why in the near future man has hardly set foot on Mars — the participants of a manned expedition will have to leave the magnetic field of the Earth, and yet good enough and easy to implement protection from cosmic radiation in these conditions, the scientists came up with. It is believed that harmful radiation from the sun in the past adversely affected the health of some of the astronauts who visited the moon.

In various studies it has been shown that dangerous radiation, which normally protects the Earth’s magnetic field, otherwise it could cause a number of problems, including dementia and other disorders of the brain and diseases of the cardiovascular system.

To date, scientists have no clear idea exactly how the Earth and other planets of the Solar system support a magnetic field around it. According to the most popular assumption, the reason can be self-excited Dynamo mechanism that is emerging in the core of the Earth.

In just two days in the Sun, almost in a row happened three flares, each of which was assigned to the higher class activity. This is one of the most powerful bursts of solar energy observed in the history of the study of this phenomenon.

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Watch the video on:
“NASA released the clearest video of solar flares”




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