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Friday, March 16, 2018

In Moldova from-for NATO exercises began the war between branches of government

Army of Moldova actually came from the subordination to his commander in chief — President Igor Dodon. The unprecedented event. Contrary to the direct prohibition of Dodona 57 Moldovan soldiers went in Yavoriv polygon in Lviv region to take part in the NATO exercise Rapid Trident 2017. Ministry of defence stated that he had complied with the order of the government of Paul Philip, which he ordered to send troops to Ukraine. Dodon promises to punish the military and calls for the resignation of Deputy defence Minister Gheorghe Galbur.

The government motivated the decision with desire to learn about five million lei, allocated by “external partners” on the training of Moldovan servicemen. According to the Prime Minister Pavel Filip, the President allegedly five times already disrupted the participation of Moldovan military exercises abroad, which is why the funds were not disbursed. On Tuesday, September 5, the President said he directly forbade the participation of Moldovan troops in the exercises in Ukraine, and even reported this on his page in Facebook. And according to the Moldovan laws, to participate in similar exercises need the permission of the Supreme commander.

Allowing the military to go on NATO exercise in spite of the ban of the President, the government of Moldova, in fact, called on the army not to obey his commander-in-chief raised bog. This is serious. This is very serious. If you call a spade a spade, this is a military coup. So they can start war without the consent and even the consent of the President. And it is necessary to answer.

You can, of course, not answer. To pretend that nothing had happened. But if the real and very painful consequences for them not, let Dodon’t be surprised if tomorrow, everyone will look at him like the empty space and like a buffoon. The Moldovan government is now controlled by puppets of the oligarch Vlad Plahotniuc, the man with the typical Nouveau riche of the 90 criminal tendencies. In the criminal environment laws are simple. If you Flex, you bend over even more. Pro-Western forces in the Parliament and the government can’t undo the fact that Dodon was elected President in the national elections. The level of legitimacy higher than them. In Moldova, the Parliament and the government continue to live their lives, pretending that no President Dodon does not exist. And if it rigidly not to stop, Dodon just quietly eat.

The question is whether the President has enough resources to change the situation. If he has, for example, the true power structure? I doubt it. Deputy defense Minister who disobey the commander in chief, should be arrested within 15 minutes after the commander found out about it. If this still did not happen, so he is not sure that austerity measures will not cause resistance to the military which may result in the present an armed coup. At a press conference on 8 September he was confined to those that “asked” the resignation of Galbur and threatened Prime Minister Philip to deal with him later.

Meanwhile, no reports on the return of Moldovan soldiers from Lviv region is not received. Apparently, they happily take part in the exercises. I wonder: what will make an announcement if and after the current terrible performances by the military again, going somewhere, and the Galbur will remain at his post?


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