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Friday, March 16, 2018

Deputy Minister of defense of Russia: “the Terminator” will be adopted by the

Tankman day is celebrated this year in Russia on September 10. On the eve of the holiday “MK” talked with Deputy defense Minister Dmitry BULGAKOV and find out what novelties are waiting for our armored units, fell the role of these vehicles in modern warfare, when the troops will be “Armata” and whether adopted “the Terminator”.

photo: ru.wikipedia.org
Photo: Vitaly V. Kuzmin.

– Dmitry Vitalyevich, you can often hear that the fighting the use of armored vehicles, tanks – all from the past. Tanks are no longer needed, as the main combat tasks in modern warfare are resolved in the air, with the use of precision weapons. What you could to oppose this view?

– Tanks today and in the foreseeable future will remain the main modern means of combat ground troops. Of course, the use of aircraft and precision weapons make a significant contribution to fire damage the enemy, but are not decisive. Only after the seizure or retention of land forces assigned to the borders you can talk about the success of the operation.

The combat experience of the army of the Syrian Arab Republic once again demonstrated that no matter how voluminous and important tasks of long-range precision weapons, space and military and naval forces, to achieve its goals without the involvement of ground forces is impossible.

– The main part of armored vehicles, primarily tanks that are in service is all that remained from the time of the Union. What is today, the troops of the percentage of old equipment, what’s new? What are the growth figures?

– The situation on provision of military units and formations of armored weapons and equipment in recent years has changed significantly. The share of modern samples was estimated to be about 50%. And this figure is increasing. Every year, hundreds of samples of armored weapons and equipment received to ensure the growing needs of the troops. The result of more than forty military units and formations of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation rearmed with modern samples of armored vehicles.

– In the Soviet Union were in service a great number of various modifications of tanks and armored vehicles. Today there is a clear trend toward unification. Tell us more about it.

– At the beginning of the XXI century in tankostroitelnye industry has started an active search of alternative variants of development of armored weapons. When searching for new designs of advanced models, the designers have sought all means to reduce the amount booked, especially the crew compartment, since these areas have to protect the most thick and heavy armor. So as an alternative is often considered scheme with the placement of the main armament with the removal of it from the booked space.

As example design solutions created T-14 “Armata”. In it a crew of 3 people is located in the front of the case in an isolated capsule, equipped with a means of livelihood. The weapons placed in a desert the tower and includes the gun caliber 125-mm coaxial machine gun 7.62 mm machine gun on the turret roof, also 7.62 mm.

Such a layout solution allowed to maintain a fighting weight. All received due to the new layout of reserves mass is aimed at improving the security of cars and crew. Advanced armor protection is supplemented by integrated dynamic protection and the new active protection system, which allows to neutralize all modern anti-tank weapons.

– Old armored vehicles in the army warehouses and in the parts a lot more. It will be, or is there plans to modernize it?

– Upgrade the standing armed with samples of armored vehicles is the fastest, most effective and least costly way of solving problems of life extension of the previously released products.

Ongoing development improves the settings for all the main combat properties of armored weapons: firepower, protection, mobility and command controllability.

So to increase your fire power, improved fire control system, which enables automatic detection, recognition and pointing at the target, implemented management information systems and automatic tracking target, is provided by fully redundant fire control from the commander and gunner. Development of new ammunition, providing reliable defeat all types of goals.

The solution to the problem of improving the integrity of the tanks is carried out in several directions. The first is the decrease of the probability in the product by reducing its visibility in the optical, thermal and radar ranges. The second way to increase protection is to equip tanks with dynamic complexes, optical-electronic and active protection.

In addition, one of the important directions of improving security is increasing the survivability due to the removal of ammunition and fuel from crew compartment, use anti-splinter screen in the booked volume and more perfect system of fire-fighting equipment.

– In addition to the “Almaty was” there are other novelties? “The terminator”, for example, it – support combat vehicle tanks.

– Yes, this year adopted will be adopted the machine is a fundamentally new class of combat vehicle support tanks (BMPT), the interest of which manifested for many countries, primarily Israel and Syria. The history of its creation is complex and significant for the period of the 90-ies of the last century. In the late 80-ies of the research organization of the armored industry came to the conclusion that it was the feasibility of establishing a “partner” of the tank against tank hazardous manpower of the enemy, equipped with handheld anti-tank grenade launchers and anti-tank missile systems. This need was confirmed by the experience of warfare in Afghanistan.

To date, the machine has successfully passed all kinds of tests. In may and August 2017 on the basis of the range “Alabino” the dynamic display of fighting opportunities BMPT administrative Board of the Ministry of defense of Russia, the results of which were adopted positive decision in respect of the adoption of its service and organization of serial production. I am sure that this machine will prove the right to existence and further development in the near future.

Also will be adopted the main battle tank of the Land forces – the modernized tank T-72B3 with improved combat characteristics. Are the state tests of the upgraded T-90M, preparations are under way to test the upgraded T-80БВМ.

– The recently passed “Tank biathlon”. There was information that he can become more spectacular – developed a new training ordnance to simulate a tank duel fight? How are things with this experimental design work “the Paint”?

– OCD “Paint” is carried out in initiative order MSTU named after Bauman. The aim of this work is the creation of a 125-mm training projectile for the simulation of target lesions, as well as practical purposes, simulating armored vehicles. However, this work has not yet received support in the defense Ministry, because of possible defeat external equipment, elements and systems of the tank, therefore to the practical implementation to date not been completed.


In the eve of the Day tanker, the defense Ministry has published on its website previously secret historical documents, devoted to the tank troops. The basis of the section are combat documents the fall of 1944, when red Army troops came to the borders of Slovakia.

The defense Ministry stressed that the merits of the tankers “in those bloody battles was marked by the decree of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR of 11 July 1946, which was installed Day tank”.


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