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Saturday, March 17, 2018

X-ray flares can cause the Aurora in Moscow

Solar flare maximum power class — X9.3, which occurred September 6, 15.02, Moscow time, might disable a radio communication, damage electronics on Earth and in space, and to create the polar lights in Moscow. The dramatic consequences of a rare event in the sun for the last 12 years, is expected on September 8-9. What they can mean for earthlings, “MK” has learned from the Director of the Institute of terrestrial magnetism and radio wave propagation of Russian Academy of Sciences, Vladimir Kuznetsov.

photo: pixabay.com

As you know, our Sun is now at its minimum activity, this is evidenced by negligible number of sun spots – sometimes the NASA satellite SDO (Solar Dynamics Observatory) provides pictures of the lights, more like an orange without a single, even small stain. And against the background of a long lull, the Sun suddenly throws something extraordinary — a whole series of outbreaks, starting with class M (medium) 4-5 September next, September 6 – two flashes of x-ray class X — x2 and X9.3.

– This sometimes happens on the background of low solar activity, – said Vladimir Kuznetsov. – If the sun saves energy and then releases it in the form of powerful flares. We consider the class X — the highest. During these outbreaks generated x-ray flux which can cause interference on the planet, as well as protracted magnetic storms. A numeric value after the letter indicates the brightness of the flash in x-rays. So flash with an index of 9 were last recorded 12 years ago in 2005. But this is not the limit, it does not exist. For example, while a record is considered to be an outbreak of class X with the index 28, which occurred on 4 November 2003. It led to serious consequences, violating communication in the polar regions and causing problems with the space satellites which began to drastically lose altitude.

On a short radio communication failures following the outbreak that occurred on 6 September, scientists have already informed the colleagues from Europe and the United States. But they had in mind only one flash of x2. About the consequences of X9.3 we have yet to learn. There is a high probability that the shock wave will reach Earth to 8-9 September, as a powerful explosion occurred in the so-called geoeffective region, close to the center of the solar disk. This means we should expect a significant impact on radiation, geomagnetic and electromagnetic environment — can fail navigators, computers and other electronics. Experts predict that the strongest magnetic storm will reach in the night of 9 September.

However, in the night of 8 September, when our atmosphere reached the charged particles of the solar wind ahead of the shock wave, residents of circumpolar regions will be able to see the Northern lights. According to some experts, the current power flash can spread its influence on middle latitudes, this means that the fire painted on the sky can be seen even in Moscow. Well, Friday afternoon or later will notorious a magnetic storm. During strong disturbances of the magnetic field of the earth people is not recommended without special needs to get behind the wheel of a car and fly on airplanes.

– This is mainly due to the high risk of violation of radio communication and navigation equipment, – says Vladimir Kuznetsov. – You should also be more careful for people with diseases of the cardiovascular system. Objectively citizens healthy, in my opinion, to worry about any special effects of the magnetic storm on their body is not worth it. Judge for yourself: for each 11-year solar activity we are experiencing on average 600 magnetic storms. Anyone can celebrate special their influence? After all, people are more adapted to such phenomena, which cannot be said about electronics.

Meanwhile, experts of the LPI, do not rule out that after the flash X9.3 may be followed by more powerful, hails from the same active region on the Sun, as happened in November 2003.


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