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Friday, March 23, 2018

Udaltsov has declared that does not pass the Bulk on interrogation in SK

Leader of the “Left front” Sergei Udaltsov, who recently was released from prison, ordered to report to the Investigation Committee. He was waiting for questioning at 14 o’clock on 8 September. Udaltsov allegedly asked to testify against Alexei Navalny. We learned how the leader of the non-systemic left-wing sees the challenge in the UK and that’s going to meet the investigators.

In the media leaked information that in the interrogation discussed, in particular, will focus on the events on Bolotnaya square in may 2012, which are regarded by police as riots. Recall that after the release of Udaltsov, Navalny criticized — for his actions in the Swamp, including…

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

– Sergey, you have some assumptions – that you could suddenly need you from the Investigative Committee?

– Apparently, the authorities did not like that immediately after his release from prison where I served time on charges of organizing mass riots on Bolotnaya square on 6 may 2012, I returned to active political activity. With this I associate the intensification of the Investigative Committee and its call for questioning. As I understand, investigators are again interested in the “bolotnoe” case, apparently for 5 years they have something forgotten…

– It is believed that with your help will “Bulk plant”, if you are asked, urged to mass riots, what would you say?

– His testimony on the events of 2012 in detail I gave in the course of the trial, a new questioning to add me will be nothing. My position is that on may 6, 2012 there are no “mass riots” on Bolotnaya square was not, and the conflict was provoked by the actions of the authorities, who, without warning, organizers of the “March of millions” to change the route of the procession. This position over the years has not changed.

I want to emphasize that if I had the intention to “surrender” or “to put” some of the participants of those events, I have had wonderful opportunities to do this is still under investigation, and this “cooperation” with the authorities would certainly enable me to achieve a significant reduction in sentence.

However, it’s not my way, honesty is one of my basic life principles. And if today I complain about the same Navalny and Ponomarev in their activities in 2012, they do so with the aim of informing and warning the public, and not for the purpose of bringing them to criminal responsibility.

After all that, after of the colony, the liberation that you feel when again received a call in the UK? Not scary? Did not want to quit politics and live in peace?

– I have over the years of imprisonment had time to think about their next steps. To live “a quiet life” – is unacceptable for me. Therefore, the decision to continue his public and political activity was suspended and informed. So there’s no fear, I’m sure the truth is on my side.

– Why do you think so far, the government is engaged in the “swamp” of the case?

– The “bolotnoe” case was brought with one purpose – to suppress the protest activity of citizens, to intimidate the most bright and energetic people. This is the challenge facing the authorities today. So use all mechanisms, including “dusty” the case of the events of may 6, 2012. Because the Statute of limitations on this case has not yet expired, so the responsibility can attract someone else of “undesirables” and “dissidents” by sending another repressive society signal. As they say, “the economy” is still useful.

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