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Thursday, February 22, 2018

Sexual skirmish Polonskaya and Zhirinovsky were evaluated by spin doctors

Exquisite verbal duel between colleagues in the state Duma — eminent “edinorossy” Natalya Poklonskaya and the leader of LDPR Vladimir Zhirinovsky reminded the people of the cheerful Joker of Lieutenant Rzhevsky. Here he is playing Natasha in the boat: “Natalie, have you ever been beaten with a wet paddle on the bare ass? – Oh, no, Lieutenant, but why are you asking?! – Just making conversation!” But he dances with her at the ball: “Madame, I have the honor of being presented you, however dare bother you a question: to Surrender are not interested?”. But the scientists, including Western, swordplay Zhirinovsky Poklonskaya caused quite a serious debate about the political use of humor “below the belt”.

photo: ru.wikipedia.org

It all started with the fact that Zhirinovsky “diagnosed” Poklonsky “sexual frustration” – based on her negative reaction to the film by Alexei Uchitel “Matilda”. By the way, the host, whose broadcast sounded “diagnosis”, he provoked Vladimir Zhirinovsky, asking whether the fight Poklonskaya with the film “evidence of a rabies of a uterus”? Thereby reminding policy on his own diagnosis of “the furies of Maidan”: “Rabies uterus you women of the Maidan. There would be no rabies and independence would not have happened”.

Natalia Poklonskaya “diagnosis” thought about it and the next day, retorted the leader of the liberal Democrats in social networks in the style of a literary evening of Anna Pavlovna Scherer: “with regard to ribald comment in my address I will say that during the reign of Nicholas Alexandrovich Romanov the first Russian officer would call You to a duel, dear Vladimir Zhirinovsky demanded from You satisfaction for insulting women and unworthy of any more or less self-respecting men behavior”.

Grand tone a little slowed Poklonskaya remark that in fact she was referring to the machinations of the money: “I’m on the fraudulent use of public money, and told me something about “sexual frustration:) anyone that hurts?!” This former Prosecutor added that no regrets not waiting for “few have the courage to admit that you were wrong.” And recalled Vladimir Zhirinovsky that for the current month he has managed to speak negatively about the Minister of foreign Affairs of Russia Sergey Lavrov and Tsar Nicholas II. “It’s difficult to imagine what natural or other factors influence this vision of the history and current situation”, – elegantly finished picks Ms. Poklonskaya.

In the meantime, Mr. Zhirinovsky considering a decent answer to your opponent, strategists believe that the image of the “Lieutenant Rzhevsky” experienced politician chosen:

– Zhirinovsky — a very competent, talented showman, says mediapolitical Daniel Garcia. – “Outrageous roles” he chose early in my career and it’s not just it rescued. Shocking, coupled with a sense of humor, helps a policy to get out of difficult situations, avoiding direct answers to complex questions. I must admit that the humor Zhirinovsky, with all that it is often compared to the anecdotal character of Lieutenant Rzhevsky, just seems “campy”. In fact, the humor is very subtle, precise, and therefore the reaction is not angry, but rather, ironic. I think either politician are very competent image-makers, or such a sense of humor given to him by nature. Please note: despite the fact that Zhirinovsky regularly touches on the theme of “below the belt” jokes on this topic is always tied either to global political events, or the identity of the Joker is never used in those situations where such an explanation would be similar to the truth and therefore offensive. Literary critics would call this a metaphorical hyperbole. This is a kind of allegory, which at the same time in the psychological aspect is a powerful method of “depreciation” of the enemy. Here is a smart woman, says is important to her and her activities, things, and the mere mention of “sexual frustration” – and the focus of the listener shifting from the essence of her feminine essence. If you look closely, the “roughness” in jokes too deliberate policy, aimed at a wide, “popular” user. In fact, with us joking, very clever, I would even say — a clever man with a developed intuition, understanding of the situation and a healthy cynicism. Recall a couple of years ago Vladimir Zhirinovsky has introduced for its members the “standards of sex.” Here is a quote: “this year we are introducing norms for sexual life: once a quarter. Under the influence of pornography, porn cassettes and various frivolous films like that, the young generation is the norm: the more, the better. The less the better. And only when there is mutual sympathy. Standard: quarterly 3-4 times per year is sufficient.”

As evidence of his opinions, the consultant leads a mini-collection of aphorisms of Vladimir Zhirinovsky “below the belt” and “about it”:

“Sex in my life is a big place, unfortunately.”

“Sex is for young people. Now for me it’s a load.”

“I remember one girl ran up to me. She fell in love with me. I understand, but can not do anything”.

“We have many scares someone else’s word for sex, Russian sex, that comes to our life. If they weren’t, then we wouldn’t be here, in this hall, was not… we Have that should not be a normal sex life? And it should take place? If a young man marries twenty-five years, and the need for sexuality comes in fifteen or sixteen years old, what is he doing for ten years?… Hence the cause of many revolutions. Many do not need reforms, many atrocities…”

“In Parliament there are a lot of outstanding women: Hakamada, Panfilov, Starovoitova… They are strong, are in a good age, and if you got pregnant before March, that would be the best gift Duma. And then sit around… “

Well, quoting the TRP, a dictatorship is constipation. Democracy – diarrhea. Choose what you like best.


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