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Saturday, February 17, 2018

Sevastopol is preparing for its first-ever elections of the Governor

Sevastopol stands on the threshold of a historic event — 10 September at the city’s sailors will be the first ever popular election of the Governor. . The high post immediately claimed five people. Of course, a clear leader only one — the acting head of the city Dmitry Ovsyannikov, who over a year working with the console Acting. “MK” together with experts summed up the first campaign in Sevastopol.

photo: Natalia Gubernatorova

New experience

For the city this election is a whole new experience. In the Ukrainian period, the head of the administration appointed by the President. After the referendum on joining the Peninsula to Russia has changed not only the title of the post, but the system of election of the mayor. In 2014-2016 the Governor of Sevastopol were appointed by decision of the local Parliament from candidates proposed by the President of the Russian Federation.

So in April of 2014, his post was taken up by the Sergei Menyailo. Vladimir Putin, his nomination was recommended by Alexey Chaly, who is currently the Deputy of legislative Assembly of Sevastopol. Chaly believed that with the appointment Menyailo Sevastopol partially return to its old traditions, when the city led the black sea fleet commander (Sergey Menyailo was appointed Deputy commander of the black sea fleet from October 2009 to December 2011). However, less than six months, as the relationship between Chaly and Menyailo deteriorated sharply. . Policy unleashed against each other in an information war, which Menyailo left a Governor’s post, according to the official version – at own will. The one that goes to Sevastopol political circles — at the urgent request of the Kremlin, which the conflict in the city-symbol of the “Russian spring” was completely useless.

6 days before this Chaly started collecting signatures under appeal to President of Russia with a request to remove the Governor from office. By the way, Sergey Menyailo that story just won — in the day of his resignation he was appointed Plenipotentiary representative of RF President in the Siberian Federal district, that, in fact, means an increase.

The decision of Vladimir Putin changer Menyailo was Dmitry Ovsyannikov, who is in Sevastopol, nobody knew. Before holding the post of Governor, he was Deputy Minister of industry and trade of the Russian Federation, and almost all of his career has been connected with the industrial sector. Ovsyannikov has long been in a suspended position, as in the local Parliament could not decide how to get out of the Governor. There were two options: either, as required by Russian law in the cities of Federal importance, the will of the citizens, any decision of the city deputies. 29 Nov 2016 elected officials still decided the right to choose the Governor gave Sevastopol.

Kissed by the President

As the Russian practice, a Manager, appointed by the President, by all means go to the polls and wins them. For example not far to seek — a year ago in the gubernatorial election won just 4 ex-Acting: Sergei Gaplikov in the Komi Republic took the place of Vyacheslav Gayzer; in the Tula region Alexey Dyumin was replaced by Vladimir Gruzdev; Constantine Iljovski lowered Zabaykalsky Krai in the success rating of the regions 39 to 85, gave the chair Natalia zhdanovoj; and the Tver region headed by Igor Rudenya, replacing Andrey Shevelev.

So the acting Governor of Sevastopol Dmitry Ovsyannikov long want to get rid of the prefix Acting, to feel confidence in the future. Ovsyannikov is a candidate from the ruling party — “United Russia”. His post changer Sergey Menyailo stepped in great for us, the feast — Day of the Navy. Local residents have reacted with undisguised skepticism for another “mainland” to the appointee, who took the job without knowing the “internal kitchen” and features of Sevastopol. Started Ovsyannikov, as befits a new Manager fairly smartly, with the dissolution of the team Menyailo, sending city government to resign. However, right off the bat, he exploded, not only in political aspects but also in social. When Menyailo Sevastopol overgrown garbage dumps began to appear directly within residential yards, trash containers no one took out for weeks. With the advent Ovsyannikova, the situation has changed — the center of the city began to clean up, illegal dumps eliminated. Another problem of Sevastopol not only is not solved but even worsened. Citizens were bothered by the endless construction in the coastal zone. Hope Ovsyannikov will be able to solve this problem was fading away as quickly as it was built new mansions with sea views.

The solution to garbage problems are unable to seriously raise the ratings Ovsyannikov. The lack of progress on construction matters, making the controversial urban development plan, according to which Sevastopol can develop in high-rise anthill, did the trick. Against the decisions Ovsyannikova and personally he was held a number of meetings, so talking about a guaranteed victory of the incumbent Governor prematurely. But real competition had virtually none. Although the last election campaign in the city already think it is not quite fair. According to opponents of the current government, the municipal electoral Committee has removed from a distance all who could become a real alternative Ovsyannikov. If Sergei Baburin, Nikita Bayonets and Denis Merkulov has not registered by municipal electoral Committee due to undelivered documents, was hardly serious competitors, because all three aren’t local, nothing to Sevastopol is not available, then Vadim Kolesnichenko, the former Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine are seriously intended to compete for the post of Governor. And when he was denied registration because of violations – he was nominated one of the party, another was not able to collect the required number of signatures of municipal deputies — accused the electoral Commission of bias. However, it is unlikely that most of Sevastopol would give their votes to former Ukrainian Deputy from “Party of regions”. Another thing, a public figure Viktor Rezanov, who heads the “movement For the welfare of each of Sevastopol”. He pointedly handed over the papers to the municipal electoral Committee without the signatures of municipal deputies, trying to prove that the municipal filter for a small town, where only 10 municipalities and 120 deputies is absurd. The result is predictable — he refused to register. Which again gave a reason to talk about cleaning extra. As a result, candidates were only five.

Elder Sevastopol

The most experienced politician in the upcoming elections of the Governor of Sevastopol can be rightfully considered Ivan Ermakova. At 70, the candidate of the party “Patriots of Russia” tries to win voters with the slogan “Sevastopol will.” In particular, the hero city, according to Ermakova, should be closed by analogy with the Soviet period, to develop a variety of industries and to transfer some authority to a Council of elders members, including business leaders and representatives of public organizations.

Their good intentions Ermakov underpins the remarkable managerial experience. From 1991 to 1992 he was head of the Sevastopol city Council, and from 1992 to 1994 he was a representative of the President of Ukraine in the city. In addition Ermakov has worked as a Chairman of the “Church Bank” (1994-1996) and in the leadership of the Central apparatus of the Ministry of defense of Ukraine (2004-2006).

His supporters say that, despite the difficult time in which policy was chosen to lead the city, he managed to hang the official status of the Russian language and subordinate directly to Sevastopol to Kiev. Also during his reign the city was never off the hot water, always on time pay, no raise housing prices.

Junk king

The candidate from LDPR Ilya Zhuravlev is a kind of “garbage king” of Sevastopol. In particular, his family belongs to the enterprise “Clean city”, which deals with waste collection throughout the city. Moreover, the Sevastopol was still at least 5 companies with the same name but with different additions, such as “region”, “ink”, and so on. They are also owned by the family Zhuravlevich.

Only in 2016 of the company that the candidate for Governor received from the city budget not less than 64 million rubles for garbage collection. Evil tongues say that earned without any tenders, the money an entrepreneur does not hesitate to spend on their own political projects.

For example, in 2010, Zhuravlev became the Deputy of city Council from “Ukrainian people’s party”, standing for “orange” positions. For the sake of victory he paid for the election campaign to protect his political power. The same trick he pulled off in 2016, when sponsored the participation of the liberal democratic party in local elections.

As for the upcoming ballot, that Zhuravlev is in a difficult position. On the one hand, it is necessary to conduct the election campaign, and on the other it is impossible to criticize the current government, in order not to lose lucrative contracts. As a result, he decided to attract attention with the slogan “Russia-Friendship-Shell” (“Shell” – the summer stage of the Primorsky Boulevard in Sevastopol).

Dark horse

In late June, the Sevastopol branch of the Communist party, “Fair Russia”, “Party Great Fatherland”, “Labour party of Russia”, “Russian party of pensioners for justice” and “the MOUTH-Front” has put forward candidates for governors of the city of Roman Kiyashko. This 48-year-old candidate can boast a dizzying political career or business Empire, as a number of its other competitors. However, Kiyashko was mentioned close to the Kremlin “Foundation for civil society development” Ovsyannikov as the only opposition candidate in these elections. However, the Fund’s experts do not consider him a serious contender for the governorship, as no sufficient experience of political struggle.

In the early 1990s he worked as an engineer on the Sevastopol factory “monsoon”, and then went into private business. The Communist party he joined in 2006, after 2 years, became its Secretary of the Sevastopol city Committee, and in 2010 was elected to the city Council. However, in the current composition of the local Parliament Kiyashko has not, at the election, he went as assistant to the Deputy of the state Duma from the Communist party.

Note also that despite the forecasts of analysts, myself Kiyashko, confident in their chances of a second round of gubernatorial elections. In particular, he believes the only competitor Ovsyannikov, and others called technical candidates. However, he notes that city officials hindered him to campaign not allowed to meet with voters at enterprises, was forbidden to distribute brochures, videos, and so on.

More than any other on “technical candidate” like 55-year-old Nicholas Kryazhev. His party is called “Communist party of social justice”, i.e. the Communist party. Perhaps this title will allow him to delay tenths of a percent of voters from among those who confuse this political power with the Communist party.

More this policy still can not count, but he, apparently, is not going to. No election in Sevastopol Kryazhev does not. Instead, he lives quietly in the Stavropol region, where the Deputy Director of the educational centre “Caucasus”, dedicated to the training of security guards. Before he got into the lists of candidates for Governor of Sevastopol, in the city about it not even heard.

Expert opinion:

“MK” asked the scientists and experts to evaluate the first election campaign for the gubernatorial election in Sevastopol, and to determine their favorite.

Oleg NIKOLAYEV, the Chairman of “Business Russia” in Sevastopol, a member of the popular front:

– The election campaign I view as fairly weak. The fact that Dmitry Ovsyannikov has no serious rivals. The people who participate in elections, have a very vague strategy and program, and also are weak campaign. It felt even number of signs, banners and billboards — they are almost absent. The last elections in the state Duma was completely different — the city was literally hung with posters. Roman Kiyashko, and Ilya Zhuravlev look more like technical candidates, rather than real competitors Dmitry Ovsyannikov”

Leonid GRACH, former head of the Supreme Council of Crimea, Chairman of the public movement of the Crimea to defend the constitutional rights of citizens:

– Unfortunately, I believe that this experience will be fatal to Sevastopol. The fact that Sevastopol for a long time were not allowed to decide their own fate independently. In the Ukraine the Governor appointed by the President. The same story was the first time and the return of the Peninsula to Russia. You have to understand that Sevastopol is really impregnable to the enemies of the city and its citizens need a Governor with local roots. Fortunately, in Russia the citizens are finally given the right to choose their own mayor, but in the end it is not the case, as it was Sevastopol. In my opinion, the elections cannot be called fair. All municipal filters, support for Vladimir Putin, one particular of the candidate (Dmitry Ovsyannikov) — has a certain effect. Those candidates who would like to see the citizens simply refused to register for elections. The political “struggle” so much so that some of the townspeople declared Ovsyannikov boycott. They refused to vote for him and anyone other than Joseph Stalin. Despite this all comes to the fact that one candidate will win, but problems it does not solve, but only increases them.


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