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Friday, March 23, 2018

Putin offered to “appease” Kim Jong-UN

Talks that Vladimir Putin had with the leaders of Japan and South Korea in Vladivostok, not brought the world to the resolution of the DPRK nuclear issue. Shinzo Abe and moon Jae-In continues to insist on the strengthening of sanctions. According to Putin, to twist arms, Kim Jong Ynu useless to continue: we need not only carrots but also sticks. North Koreans themselves were not allowed to speak: many were not even aware that the delegation of the DPRK headed by Minister of foreign economic Affairs present at the forum.

photo: kremlin.ru

At the plenary session of the WEF (Eastern economic forum) promised to talk about the prospects of cooperation in the economic sphere, but without a policy it has not done. Yes, and how could it be otherwise, when in one hall gathered the leaders of the countries directly involved in a threatening world security, the conflict over North Korea. Even China was represented by Vice-Premier of the state Council Wang Yang – and this, incidentally, is the second person in the state after President XI, with whom Putin had to reconcile positions during a recent visit to Xiamen.

– I invested $ 4 billion in North East China! I worry for their fate? After all, the threat of nuclear war has not disappeared. Moreover, it is more real than before! – tortured leaders leading the session, one of the largest businessmen of region Ronnie Chan. He added that many employers are already scaling down their projects in South Korea, Japan and northeast China. And certainly not going to invest in the Russian far East while maintaining the nuclear status quo of the DPRK.

– Need to invest, – agreed Vladimir Putin, Because vzh otherwise the situation will only worsen.

According to the Russian President, the hysteria around the DPRK are greatly exaggerated. To worry and to condemn the regime, of course, necessary, but large-scale conflict, especially with the use of weapons of mass destruction, it will not come. “I am sure that all the warring parties have enough common sense and we can solve this problem by diplomatic means”, – said the GDP, under the approving silence of the other participants.

However, this point of contact can be considered ended. Shinzo Abe underlined that the main goal of the international community – to ensure that Pyongyang immediately implemented all the resolutions of the UN security Council and began to curtail its nuclear program. For this, according to him, the sanctions pressure should be maximum strengthened.

“Provocations from North Korea continue, so the level of sanctions should be increased,” agreed with the counterpart moon Jae-In. Thus, the two leaders actually supported the new draft resolution of the UN security Council, prepared on the days of Washington. It speaks of the need to impose an embargo on oil supplies to Pyongyang, to freeze the assets of Kim Jong-UN and to impose a ban on the use of North Korean labor in other countries.

According to the President of South Korea, a new package of sanctions should encourage the DPRK leadership to dialogue. In addition, these measures are taken in the interests of the entire region.

– I hope that Russia and China think the same and will continue to support in this matter, said moon Jae-In. And he hastened to wishful thinking, because Russia and China do not think so. Or rather not so.

Even in Xiamen Vladimir Putin said that the policy of further pressure on the DPRK, in his opinion, is futile, because Kim Jong-UN considers the existence of nuclear weapons to guarantee its security, knowing that otherwise it will await the fate of Saddam Hussein and Gaddafi. The Americans arrive and you kill the elite and the disintegration of the country. “Nuclear weapons and missile program is the last, what did you give up the North Koreans,” confirmed on the sidelines of the forum the conclusions of the President, the Deputy foreign Minister Igor Morgulov, who oversees the Asian direction.

Instead of a constant “carrot” Russia and China propose to show the DPRK any “carrots” that will allow you to reduce tension and to begin the dialogue.

– Russia has specific proposals – joint road linking the TRANS-Siberian railway and the Korean railway through North Korea, construction of a network of pipelines and the development of ports in North Korea – listed at the meeting Vladimir Putin. If the North Koreans will find that they have ceased to threaten and invite you to cooperate, they will be cooperative – such is the logic of the Russian leadership.

But South Korea and Japan while other plans. Neither Shinzo Abe nor moon Jae-In has not spoken in support of the Russian-Chinese initiative, which envisages abstention from increasing their military capabilities in exchange for freezing North Korea’s nuclear programme.

On the contrary, while both leaders were on a visit in Vladivostok, their Ministers at home actively “flexing”. In particular, in South Korea announced the establishment by 1 December 2017 special forces, aimed at destroying the North Korean elite. And Japan’s readiness to discuss the placement of US nuclear weapons on its territory. (However, many experts believe that it is there and so is already behind the scenes).

The most interesting that have erupted in the WEF discussions could well be another party – Minister of foreign Affairs of the DPRK Kim Yong Jae, arrived in Vladivostok on 4 September. However, with the North Korean delegation befallen some mysterious story.

Despite public calls for dialogue, none of the representatives of the highest leadership of Russia and even the foreign Ministry at the negotiating table with the guests from North Korea sat down. But many officials and even pretended to (or really didn’t know!) about their presence. In the end, journalists were able to find only one man, communicate personally with Kim young-Jae: he was a Minister for the Far East Alexander Galushka. According to him, representatives of the DPRK brought to the forum for development cooperation, but reminded them about the existence of UN security Council sanctions.

As for the US position, then, according to Vladimir Putin, in Russia the desire to see the current administration the situation around the Korean Peninsula to defuse. And although the Secretary of state Rex Tillerson, the President recently “got into bad campaign” and “otrulivaet” in the wrong direction (including in relations with Russia), all is not lost. “I hope that the wind of cooperation, friendship and interaction will lead him eventually on the right course,” – said the GDP.

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