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Sunday, March 18, 2018

In Jerusalem found print era of the First Temple

Archaeologists working in the City of David in Jerusalem, found small pieces of clay in the ancient time were used to seal letters. Experts attribute the found print to the era of the First Temple, or Solomon’s Temple, that is, the period from 950 in 586 BC.

photo: pixabay.com

During the fires that took place during the destruction of the temple by the Babylonians, many letters in Jerusalem was burned, however, according to the researchers, clay stamp, like a clay pot, the fire remained even better. Studying the finds, archaeologists had the opportunity, including the names of recipients of letters and to answer some questions about the history of Jerusalem the times of the temple of Solomon and the life of the inhabitants of this city.

Scientists have discovered dozens of seals, and the more ancient of them contain the names of officials, and pictograms, which are characters. The names written in early Hebrew writing contain print, which scholars date to approximately 700 BC and the later period.

As reported by experts, some of the seals can be found still in use biblical names. The greatest attention of specialists was attracted by a piece of clay, on which is written the name of Achiev Ben Menachem. The researchers explain that Menahem was king of Israel, and the name of Achiev recalls the name of king Ahab from the book of the prophet Elijah. Thus, the “evidence preservation personal biblical tradition for the existence of the Jewish Kingdom and after the destruction of the Kingdom of Israel,” say the archaeologists. Thus, after the expulsion of the ten tribes of Israel, refugees from the North arrived in Jerusalem and even held administrative positions there, according to a press release from the Israel antiquities authority.

Today, September 7, in Jerusalem will start the 18th archaeological conference “City of David”, in which representatives plan to showcase a collection of discovered prints.


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