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Monday, February 19, 2018

Found new evidence that Mars could be inhabited

Exploring the impact Gale crater on Mars, experts from several European countries and the United States found that the red planet has a forest. According to experts, on the Earth this element has played an important role in the formation of life — first and foremost, it is necessary for the formation of DNA.

photo: pixabay.com

Experts report that derivatives of boron was discovered by them in the veins of calcium sulfate that is located at the surface of Mars. It is assumed that in the past, borates (for the formation of RNA requires that they) could be dissolved in the liquid water that once existed on Mars.

The RNA molecules contained in all living organisms on Earth, and capable, like DNA, store genetic information. Also RNA can catalyze important chemical reactions.

According to scientists, the discovery increases the chances that in the future on Mars will be able to detect the presence of traces of ancient organisms, formed during the time when the Red planet was much more habitable.

The researchers published a scientific paper devoted to data obtained by them, in the journal Geophysical Research Letters.

Recently scientists from the American geophysical society, reported that they were able to find evidence of the possible habitability of Mars. In the sediment samples obtained by the Rover Curiosity in Gale crater, was recorded a high content of zinc and germanium on the Earth this is characteristic of hydrothermal deposits located in places that are very comfortable for primitive microorganisms. That in the distant past on the red planet was a lot of liquid water, experts know for quite some time.

However, no direct evidence that Mars ever had life, the scientists there, and, besides, along with elements that increase the probability of its occurrence, the experts find those that could prevent the existence on Mars of any kind whatsoever living beings.


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