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Saturday, March 17, 2018

Trump against the “dreamers”: who will be deported from the United States after the illegals

American President Donald trump in recent weeks, actively engaged in foreign policy issues seems to have returned to the solution of problems in the country. U.S. attorney General Jeff sessions said the White house’s decision to phase out the DACA program protecting illegal immigrants who arrived in the country. It is expected that final action will be terminated after six months, which will lead to the expulsion of about 800 thousand people. Trump in the election program promised to abandon DACA, launched under his predecessor Barack Obama. The former US President has called the decision of the incumbent’s failed and cruel. Condemning new steps trump made the leaders of major American cities, and, of course, migrants.

photo: ru.wikipedia.org

The DACA program (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals – can be translated as “deferral migrant children”) protects people, illegal caught in the United States to 16 years, from the mandatory deportation at that age. In case, if they are not listed as offences, they are entitled to work permits, to continue learning, etc. – the delay is granted for two years. You can use it repeatedly, if local authorities have no claims to these people.

Among the Americans they are often called “dreamers” – DREAMers, from the name of another program for migrants discussed in the 2001 Development, Relief and Education for Alien Minors (abbr. DREAM, “the Development, change and education to migrant minors”).

What is the main claim trump and his associates to “dreamers”? According to and Roman sessions, the latter supposedly put US in front of “the risk of rising crime, violence and even terrorism.” In addition, said the attorney General, illegal immigrants who fall under DACA, ultimately taking jobs from American citizens. This argument, as it is known, regularly reads and Donald trump. Therefore, these migrants decided to deport, rather than to give them, as it was previously deferred. “I’m not advocating to punish the grown-up children for the actions of their parents. But we should understand that our country is a country of law,” – said the American leader.

Barack Obama decision to cancel the DACA program was evaluated negatively. “Harass these young people is wrong because they did nothing wrong,” he stressed, saying that “dreamers” – in every sense of the Americans who are not established only on paper. “They may not know no country but ours, no tongue but English,” he reminded the ex-President.

Criticized a statement trump and local city leaders. For example, the mayor of Chicago Rahm Emanuel assured that living in the city migrants have nothing to worry about. And his colleague from new York bill De Blasio warned trump: “don’t mess with new York guys.” “Guys”, however, is also not in the side left by staging a March to trump tower, some of the protesters were arrested.

Statement of Emanuel and De Blasio are relevant not only to the repeal DACA. And Chicago, and new York, like a number of other locations across the United States, belong to the category of so-called Sanctuary Cities – “cities of refuge”. A General legal definition for this phenomenon is not. But in all these cities local laws or otherwise acts in defense of illegal immigrants. Typically, this is reflected in the fact that a newcomer could not be deported only on the basis of violation of immigration laws. If we are talking about other crimes, and here the principle of “cities of refuge” is triggered in a particular manner. Generally speaking, if a migrant is detained for a criminal offence, he shall bear the court-appointed punishment. But, for example, coming out of prison, will not be deported. This situation often leads to problems between local authorities and Immigration and customs enforcement (eng. ICE), is in charge of the fight against illegal immigrants. According to statistics, the “cities of refuge” for the past three years, refused to ICE over 20 thousands of claims for retention of a convicted illegal immigrant in jail before deportation.

In his election program, trump addressed the issue of “cities of refuge”, threatening them with cuts in Federal grants for such a policy. And, it is possible that the current struggle of the President with the “dreamers” will result in a major battle with Sanctuary Cities. Will help him in this Congress, whose members bear some responsibility to the residents of their States – the big question.


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