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Friday, March 16, 2018

Putin defeated the officials in the far East: “Fix it!”

The first day of the Eastern economic forum (WEF), which opened on the island of Russian, turned out to be stormy. Vladimir Putin at session of Presidium of the state Council has threatened to replace Ministers who do not understand that the development of the Far East is the main priority of the country. “And here is the reason for the resignation of the government,” immediately zakusalas in the corridors.

photo: kremlin.ru

Unlike last year, when Primorye covered the devastating Typhoon, this time a Russian island greeted the participants and guests of the WEF grueling heat. The sun was shining so much that the secret service turned a blind eye to bathing in three steps from the Corvette “Perfect”, who drove into the Bay Ajax specifically to showcase new military Vladimir Putin. The President, on the eve of completing the visit to China, the first day of the WEF held in the society of the other “Asian tiger” — the head of South Korea moon Jae-In. Obviously, the main topic of the bilateral talks was the situation on the Korean Peninsula but, coming to the journalists, the two leaders spoke primarily about the prospects for economic cooperation. Moon Jae-In promised not to skimp: for the development of the Far East, namely Korea, he said, is the best partner. “If you combine your resources with our technology, there will be a new area of prosperity”, — he assured.

Not to postpone it indefinitely, Vladimir Putin immediately after the press conference, went to show guest what the rich far Eastern land. Exhibition of far Eastern Federal district regions according to tradition, situated on the University embankment and turned out to be more solid and entertaining than in previous years. However, the weather forecast and then made adjustments. Tree of fish to dress up did not become, probably, being afraid that in the heat it will turn into attraction is not attracting, but rather repulsive to the audience.

On the way to the pavilion of South Korea, which became the honorary guest of the exhibition, Putin mun Jae Another stopped to watch the performances of young judoists of Sakhalin region.

— Well cast, Mr President? Normal? — worried asked the head of the region Oleg Kozhemyako. Putin just nodded — apparently, throws beginners a great impression on the owner of the eighth Dan is not produced.

In the Korean pavilion of GDP received as a gift a toy symbols of the upcoming Olympics, the white tiger and black bear. “The Russian President almost accepted my invitation to come to Pyeongchang,” said moon Jae-In told reporters. Why “almost” to explain to anyone not necessary. In this situation, each President (and not only he) needs to think a hundred times before to volunteer to go “under the flank” to Kim Jong Ynu. However, perhaps the Russian leader’s indecision stems from the fact that the opening of the Olympics (February 9) are in the midst of the election campaign in Russia…

While GDP and its Korean guest walking on the seafront, on the sidelines of the forum, which brought together the entire Russian political and business elites, are actively discussing the latest news. “The President has said he wants to understand how fair are the most humane in the world the U.S. Supreme court. I have nothing to add”, — beat off from journalists, foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov. According to him, the statement of claim to the United States on the occasion of withdrawal of Russian departmenti is not ready yet, so the details discussed before. “But claims there take from anyone, this problem will not be”, — assured the Minister. In turn, the American guest to the WEF and California Governor Gerald brown tried to prove that there is nothing extraordinary in the relations between Russia and the United States actually occurs. They say, in America it’s a common practice to sue foreign States. “So in our country to solve the problem,” he deadpanned.

However, the real hero of the day involuntarily became the head of “Rosneft” Igor Sechin. It’s safe to say that despite a seven-hour time difference, most of the participants of the WEF didn’t fall asleep until, until I read the full transcript of his dialogue with the former Minister of economy Alexei Ulyukaev. The investigators said that will definitely cause the head of “Rosneft” to testify, but he feels interest in his person, was ready to speak right now.

— Being in the post of Minister, the speaker demanded illegal remuneration, he determined his size, he came for him, he took his hand, loaded into the car and he left. In accordance with the Criminal code is a crime. There’s nothing to talk about. — said Sechin journalists, not even trying to hide his irritation.

Passion on the sidelines somewhat subsided with the beginning of the meeting of the Presidium of the state Council, which Vladimir Putin proposed to discuss complex development of the territory of the Far East. According to the President, active work in this direction began only a few years ago, so the results are still quite modest.

— Sometimes, when I look at what is being done, there is a feeling that very little is being done’, said GDP, but hastened to sweeten the pill: — it is Difficult to reverse the backlog accumulated over decades.

During the discussion it became clear that the main problem of the region investment projects are pulling at 3.2 trillion rubles, and the people. Over the past 25 years the far East has left nearly 2 million residents, this trend has continued now every year the population decreases by 0.3%. According to Ministry of health, the level of alcoholism in the population of the Far East twice above, than in the whole country: 120 persons per 100 thousand inhabitants. “In terms of “the quality and availability of labor resources” we have a group E is the worst score!” — threw up his hands, the Governor of Khabarovsk territory Vyacheslav Shport.

How to stimulate migration from the center to the East, the authorities have decided should not only be giving away land, but also to create conditions that people wanted it to be fixed. “We need to build the necessary housing, infrastructure, schools, hospitals, kindergartens for all large investment projects”, — said the presidential envoy to FEFD Yuri Trutnev, noting that while not all ministries understand the importance of the tasks. For example, the Ministry of health allocates Far East only 0.4 percent of the funds provided under the program of development of health and the Ministry of culture on the line — a mere 0.3%.

“Look,” I could not stand the President, I will analyze that’s my word. And to those who will not execute the decisions taken, appropriate measures will be taken. Need to bring in the Ministry people who understand the country’s development priorities.

“I ask you to bear this in mind and fix the situation,” demanded that the Ministers of Vladimir Putin.


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