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Friday, March 16, 2018

40 years in space: the unknown facts about the legendary Voyager

Exactly 40 years ago the Universe was launched by the space traveler “Voyager-1” (In violation of elementary rules of arithmetic “Voyager 2 launched two weeks earlier.) Compared to how humanity has moved forward over these 40 years, the time of the launch of the “Voyager” can seem like an agony of religious wars and the tangle of the continuing violence, although now and then, and more supplanted by the even more terrible events. (Suffice it to recall a nuclear missile, Kim Jong Yne, to which humanity may never find the keys).

photo: ru.wikipedia.org

In 2012 “Voyager-2” has left our planetary cocoon, which we call the heliosphere — the boiling pot in the Cosmos, in which the pressure of the hurricane of solar particles and magnetic field will prevail over the rarefied gas that permeates all corners of our galaxy. “Voyager-1” was the first subject, rustic arms of the man who left our solar system and began to “wander” in interstellar space. (“Voyager 2”, launched on a different trajectory, still floundering in the heliosphere.)

Writes physicist Lawrence Krauss, Director of the project “Start” at the University of Arizona, “one way or another, but the future of humanity in Space. Who knows, maybe in the distant future, the spacecraft will take people to the stars. In any case, the robots learn to do people.”

Scientist allows another opportunity when a person will remain on this sinful earth. During the two-billionth (years) warm-up the lordship of the Sun will increase by 15 per cent, turning our planet into a second Venus. (Not Milo.) The greenhouse effect creates the Earth’s temperature in excess of 700 degrees Fahrenheit. Then another five billion years the Sun will use up all its hydrogen, and its outer surface will expand. It will become a red giant, engulfing planet Earth.

When all this happens (if the science is not wrong), the earth’s atmosphere escapes into Space, and the atoms that now “sculpt” our bodies may be scattered in the interstellar medium, initiating the other planets around stars that do not yet exist.

For mankind this fork has a dual future. But for our atoms, it is one and the same. Many atoms will moor among the stars, regardless of whether they are moving outward into Space in a space ship, or customize them to a massive atmospheric shock wave.

Both Voyager created by man, will yet continue their lonely journey among the stars. During this time mankind could “kick the bucket”. However, in our galaxy, will the traces that we ever existed.

Both Voyager’s are on their sides, a kind of instant picture of the Earth and its people. We are talking about the famous and romantic “Golden record”, which was developed by the great Carl Sagan, our Ambassador in Space. “Record” on the album that contains the music that charmed our ears in 1977. This is in addition to what we were 40 years ago.

Sagan was sure that sooner or later conscious Space will find these ambassadors of earth-1977, wandering in the vicinity of his Universe.

Already own “the Voyagers” are snapshot photos of our science and technology-1977. Even compared to today they are remarkably primitive. So the computers that control the systems aboard “Voyager”, have less power, even compared to the one put in our car keys. Naturally, equally outdated and the knowledge and technology on the basis of which was created by “the Voyagers”.

photo: ru.wikipedia.org
“Pale blue dot” image of Earth taken by the spacecraft “Voyager-1” in 1990 from a distance of 6 billion km (40. E.) from the Ground

Just think how different our understanding of the Cosmos since 1977! Now we know that all our visible stars and galaxies, and indeed everything we could see with our telescopes is only 1 percent of the actually existing Universe. The universe is a “sample” of 1977 was only the tip of the cosmic iceberg, a huge part of which consists of a material having no affinity with those from what are we. Even more inexplicable the fact that 70 percent of all energy of the Cosmos in fact is a kind of empty space that is causing the expansion of our Universe, its acceleration, not deceleration.

Even in our solar system, we expect a revelation. We thought the moons of Jupiter and Saturn only “lifeless blocks” of rocks, or frozen snow build-up. But now we know that underneath the external icy shell some where splashing of hot oceans is the perfect place for breeding are completely independent forms of life.

At the time of the launch of the “Voyagers” we had visible evidence of the existence of planets around certain stars. Now we have discovered thousands of such planets. And some of them may be inhabited living and even thinking beings. For example, a planet orbiting our nearest “neighbor” Proxima Centavra. We now know that our solar system is far “not typical” in Space.

In the years since the launch of the “Voyager,” we found massive black holes in the centers of many galaxies. We observed convulsions of space at the moment of collision of black holes and of their copulation. We managed to unravel the tangle of three of the four fundamental forces of the Cosmos and to find the elusive Higgs particle, which confirmed the view of modern astrophysics to the sources of the mass in Space.

Penetration on the outside and accompanied by the penetration inside. We made a map of the human genome and can now manipulate DNA in our genes that leads to goals, achievable now only science fiction. (With plus and minus signs.) We have developed machinerie, which has the ability to learn from people and generally learn and which can replace humans in many areas of its activities.

And finally, the Internet. We became owners of information and communication. Did not know this even science fiction, 1977. In that year, global warming of the planet and acidification of the oceans, which became the locomotive of our age, yet were not detected by radar science and not appreciated by the radar companies.

Where will humanity be in another 40 years? “The voyagers” will continue its space marathon, but we are running only for a short historical distance, will be threatened to break the finish line of human existence.

2017 is a dangerous omen. North Korean nuclear and missile leader Kim Jong-UN is blackmailing the entire planet. Before him tremble Beijing, Washington and Moscow. But he only grins. Try it, touch it!

Today, science and society marching far out of step. Science is moving forward, and society is woven in her tail. Science has long created a weapon of planetary suicide.

The science of good and evil listens indifferently. But the leaders of the human tribes prefer to worship evil. They either do it, or condoned it. Or cast the famous story of the fable about the cat and the cook. One cooks, the other cats. Some pontificate at international congresses and from the rostrum of the UN Security Council, others tuck their hypocrisy, running over their territory deadly Intercontinental missile.

In 2017, we will be much closer to global catastrophe than in 1977. Thanks to the power of science, launched “Voyagers”.

In the ground you can go. But you can get off the ground.

I am personally not satisfied with the robot with human genes and DNA. Only at worst. Only if a person will exhaust themselves and the cat and the cook, and “Voyager” will carry into Space deeper and deeper, losing a fulcrum and a place to start — the planet Earth.


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