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Friday, March 23, 2018

Putin asked to “calm down” about Kadyrov: the President opened policieson

Vladimir Putin has launched a new political season, speaking at the first after summer vacation press conference. Journalists did not communicate in this format with a GDP of nearly two months, and among others asked him a question about Kadyrov in connection with the situation in Myanmar and protests of Russian Muslims.

About his participation in the election campaign, the President said, advising officials to “work now” and not think about where they will be after the election. Apparently, according to the results shown diligence, it is planned to divide leadership positions after March 18. However, by the appearance among women candidates, the President mentally prepared. Even if one of them will be Xenia Sobchak.

photo: kremlin.ru

On the second day of the BRICS summit the leaders of the “five” decided on tightly to talk to the guests coming from other countries. XI Jinping has shown a global approach and instead of their nearest neighbors was invited to Xiamen leaders of Mexico, Guinea, Tajikistan, Thailand and Egypt.

They all share not only membership in the pool of emerging economies, but also difficult relations with Washington, to which Thailand and Egypt had a falling out in 2014, and Mexico after the arrival to power of Donald trump in the 2017th. Not surprisingly, the morning session again there were calls for a more equitable world order and the allocation of aid to developing countries regardless of their political orientation.

However, the Russian journalists have listened to the leaders with half an ear. After lunch, they waited for the first of the new political season press conference of Vladimir Putin, which he promised to give answers to all accumulated over the summer vacation issues. And especially in the most acute and eternal: who is to blame (in this case, of aggravation of the situation on the Korean Peninsula, a diplomatic scandal in Washington, the case of Kirill Serebrennikov) and what to do now?

Listen to the President caught up with meetings and Russian Ministers. “Well, finally you can sit in the back row!” with satisfaction rubbed his hands, Sergei Lavrov, but his joy was short-lived. Directly on a press-conferences Vladimir Putin gave the head of the foreign Ministry instructions to sue the US state Department because of the “raider attacks” on diplomatic property of Russia in Washington.

– See how to effectively work the vaunted American judicial system! the President stated, hinting that in the future may give Mead another task – to reduce the size of the us diplomatic mission in Russia for 155 people. Russia has such a right, because there is currently parity, which insisted that the United States itself, not followed completely: at the number of our diplomats posted to UN staff working in the international agenda, rather than bilateral relations.

– Full parity is not 455 diplomats in Moscow, and minus 155. So we reserve the right to make such decision, – has threatened Putin.

It is noteworthy that in the boorish attitude the President accused not Donald trump and not even the US administration, and “a certain part of the American establishment”.

– It’s hard to have a dialogue with people who confuse Austria with Australia – in the hearts of noticed of GDP, apparently, can not remember two similar sounding country is messed up in 2007, George W. Bush, who had long been in the business and nothing to do with weaning, Russian ownership has not.

But the trump Putin spoke quite well and even chided reporters for unnecessary suspicions:

– Your question about disappointment (in the politics of the White house – “MK”) sounds very naive! He’s not my bride, and I, not the bride, not the groom! We are engaged in governmental activities, each country has its own interests. Very much hope that we will be able to find compromises in solving bilateral and international issues, the President emphasized.

One had the feeling that trump and his administration is conscious of GDP to exist as separate and not connected with the “part of the establishment” that continues to confuse Austria and Australia, and to intrigue against Russia.

Before you travel to Xiamen, the Kremlin promised that one of the main themes of the summit will be the situation on the Korean Peninsula. This issue is of concern not only Russia and China, as the nearest neighbors of the DPRK, but also remote from the region of the BRICS countries, as if a terrible, winners will not only losers. At the press conference of Vladimir Putin did not disclose the details held on the summit discussions, but confirmed the main thing: North Korea already has nuclear weapons, and therefore we must act with extreme caution.

They will eat grass, but will not abandon the policy of creating weapons of mass destruction, if they do not feel safe, the President warned, adding that to ensure that such security is possible only through diplomatic methods. Further sanctions pressure on the regime, according to GDP, are absolutely meaningless. Moreover, Russia has practically reached the limit of its capabilities: all trade with the DPRK is currently limited by the supply of 40 thousand tons of oil per quarter. “It’s zero!” – said Putin.

However, after the press conference was not clear, in what format, according to Russia, and with it the position of China, a dialogue could be established with the DPRK. And most importantly, ready for the conversation longer an enfant terrible, Kim Jong-UN? Perhaps something will become clear after negotiations between Putin and the leaders of South Korea and Japan, which will take place on 6-7 September in Vladivostok.

As journalists for a long time (almost two months) has not had the opportunity to talk with the President, from the international agenda gradually moved to the inside, especially since the end of the “off-season” in Russia turned out to be stormy. After the arrest of Kirill Serebrennikov many recalled how at the time, Vladimir Putin commented on the searches and detentions in the “Gogol-center” capacious phrase “Fools!”, by submitting the cultural community hope that the conflict will resolve itself. And what? That all changed?

– Serebrennikov has questions on the legality of the budget spending, the President said, – we Have the Deputy Director of the Hermitage Museum and the Deputy Minister of culture under investigation. They are all free, since they work in the field of culture?

In detail, however with the case of the Director, the President, apparently, is not familiar, because the order made a mistake in the numbers. According to him, the pieces of silver received for their projects 300 million roubles the government of Moscow, and 700 million rubles on the line of the Ministry of culture. While law enforcement agencies say only about 68 million of the Ministerial money.

However, the head of state stressed that there were no other questions for the Director and his work from the authorities there. But the arrest does not mean that he is guilty – this will be to understand the court. If it Serebrennikov was someone else, even talented, nothing would have changed.

– If the investigating authorities will find that someone violates the law, then they will apply the same methods of work, – assured the GDP, But to Mikhalkov until no complaints.

No head of state claims to Ramzan Kadyrov, who, using the confrontation between Buddhists and Muslims in Myanmar far, actually declared readiness in certain circumstances to go against the political course of the Russian leadership.

– No opposition there! Please calm down. All right, he assured GDP. He added that every citizen of the Russian Federation, and governors are no exception, has the right to Express their opinions regarding the foreign policy of Russia, which according to the Constitution, recall, is determined by the President.

Ended press conference duty questions about the upcoming elections, the participation of Putin and his potential opponents. GDP is traditionally said that is not yet decided and not in a hurry to do it because, “as soon as I declare a campaign all at once cease to work.”

As for Ksenia Sobchak, about the possible involvement of which in the presidential race, recently told the media, the chances are, according to Putin, will depend on what she can offer people and how to build his campaign. “I’ve always been good to her father. He is an outstanding figure in modern history. But personal belongings are not can play a vital role,” said Putin.


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