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Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Paleontologists found in Crete, the remains of ancient relatives of humans

On the island of Crete near the town of Kissamos international group of researchers were able to detect traces of ancient living beings belonging to hominine — same subfamily as humans. The age of the finds is estimated at 5.6 million years, and this, according to the study authors, suggests that until now, ideas about migration hominin ancient times was too simplistic.

photo: pixabay.com

Among the currently existing species to hominins, in addition to humans are chimpanzees and gorillas. As for the types of extinct members of this family to him, including the Australopithecines are considered to be direct ancestors of Homo sapiens. Almost a century ago, their fingerprints, the age of which amounted to 3.66 million years, managed to find in Laetoli (Tanzania), and this finding has long remained the most ancient. According to experts, it is the footprints, discovered in Africa, largely influenced the modern understanding of the evolution and migration of the ancestors of modern humans.

The new finding suggests that already 5.6 million years ago the territory of modern Greece been living beings, like humans, may still be that from Africa, they arrived much later.

The traces of man and his closest “relatives” are significantly different from the traces of other living beings, and their main characteristic feature is the thumb. According to the authors of the study, discovered on the territory of Greece traces, for all its antiquity, seem almost “human”.

At the same time, let the experts still believe in the Dating is not one hundred percent, high probability that it is accurate as reported, it confirms the analysis of the shells of single-celled foraminifera in the layers above and below traces, and some of the other symptoms.

The study was published in the scientific publication Proceedings of the Geologists’ Association.


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