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Friday, March 16, 2018

Kadyrov Poklonskaya — the biggest problem for Russia

In fact, in Russia there are two of the most effective policy — Ramzan Kadyrov and Natalya Poklonskaya. No, there is one more, or One, as you like. But these two are a direct reflection of the policy of one.

photo: Natalia Gubernatorova

Ramzan Kadyrov has already turned itself into an incredible heavyweight. All of his actions, statements in public, or Instagram-calculated many moves ahead. Here to talk about South Caucasus emotions is not necessary. His last words to the people about the events in Myanmar that “if Russia will support those devils who are committing crimes, I am against Russia’s position” you did not like? Remember Dostoevsky: “If I have to choose between Truth and Christ, I choose Christ.” Well, or Allah in this case.

Kadyrov plays big and goes in the direction. It is running without barriers, without resistance, he absolutely no one can interfere. It only increases the stakes in their game, stuffing themselves. What’s the Bulk with its tens of thousands taking to the streets, take over — million in Grozny! This is not the limit. For this a million (so it never came out or went less often) Moscow Kadyrov will give everything: oil, gas. Close your eyes on everything: Nemtsov, on Politkovskaya. But it was not more that million. And he will, you’ll see.

Only one Putin still somehow can cope with Kadyrov. To negotiate, “a chat about the deeds of our sinful”. And then… Remember how in the still very Soviet in 1986 Superleague Soviet Republic of Kazakhstan decided to put people with the surname Kolbin? Almost immediately, riots broke out, an unauthorized protest. And it was the first serious blow to the unity of a great country.

But if not Putin, then who? For Example, Bulk. Here he became President and… Kadyrov politely tells us all goodbye, waving his pen, and putting allegiance in the inside pocket of the Chechen Republic, goes home. Yes, it is!

Now Natalia Poklonskaya. Holy simplicity she did not know what they do? Very responsible, goes ahead. Once subscribed to her Patriotic citizens have already started with their promotions — this is just the beginning. The berries are in October, I suppose. For the centenary this October. There is some Ksenia Sobchak, no, it Poklonsky has already been referred to as the sparring partner of Putin in the presidential election. Still the sparring partner…

Kadyrov Poklonskaya — the Yin and Yang of our politics. So there the bond of Muslim and Orthodox activists. Kadyrov and Russia have carte Blanche from the government, they’re untouchable. One earned it by establishing order in Chechnya (a full order!), another extraordinary heroism and loyalty during the annexation of Crimea. And now they are allowed everything.

Kadyrov Poklonskaya — a product of Russian policy in recent years. Only here its unprecedented activity in every way they break our fragile unstable federalism. Kadyrov Poklonskaya very finely (and where thin, there and tear) found pain nerve their followers, admirers, and will now fight to the bitter end. On the background of Kadyrov and Polonskaya Navalny is just a boy in short pants. Kadyrov Poklonskaya, the actual heroes of Russia, were actually acting against its interests. Against Putin, who gave birth to them.

This sweet couple unexpectedly turned into the most global and perhaps unsolvable problem for the Russian Federation.

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