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Wednesday, March 14, 2018

In the milky way, discovered “the germ” of a supermassive black hole

A group of Japanese researchers from the Keio University in Yokohama, found in the constellation Sagittarius object, which, in all probability, is a large black hole. It is expected that hundreds of millions of years ago the black hole, and once surrounding the dwarf galaxy was swallowed by the milky way.

photo: pixabay.com

With the help of the ALMA radio telescope specialists found out that the center of the cloud CO–0.40–0.22, which is located 180 light-years from the milky way center, with high probability located a black hole. Its presence, in particular, would explain the abnormally rapid movement of gas in the cloud, and emitted x-ray waves, reminiscent of those that originate from surmesheva black hole at the center of the galaxy. If the scientists right, they managed to find the largest (after “Central”) the black hole of the milky way.

According to experts, the black hole exceeds the mass of the Sun is 10 thousand times. For this characteristic it is “intermediate” position between “normal” and supermassive black holes, many of which are at the center of galaxies. It is the object of this size, as discovered by scientists, according to a widespread assumption, and subsequently can become supermassive black holes, but still find their scientists could not almost never.

The scientific work of specialists dedicated to the detected object, was published in the journal Nature Astronomy.

Earlier, experts from the University of California at Los Angeles, suggested that the existence in vivo of the chemical elements heavier than iron (including gold, platinum and uranium) the universe may be obliged, in the first place, the earliest black holes, also called primordial. It is assumed that these are small compared to the “normal” black holes objects get inside neutron stars, “sucked” them from the inside out, speeding up rotation, and thereby causing the formation of heavy elements.


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