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Monday, February 12, 2018

Futurist said that on September 23 the end of the world

American futurist, said that after a couple of weeks, the mankind expects the end of the world, which proizoidet due to rendezvous with the mysterious planet Nibiru. As one of the harbingers of the cataclysm self-proclaimed expert on the interpretation of the prophecies pointed to the recent total solar Eclipse.

photo: pixabay.com

As reported by several media during the blackout, according to the author of “sensation”, the mysterious planet was to be seen, however, even ufologists about anything like that announced. As for Nibiru, the history of its existence, according to serious experts, are nothing more than horror stories. It is in fact based neither on objective information and scientific facts, or even mythology, which is sometimes referred to supporters of the conspiracy theories.

It is worth noting that last year many researchers had discussed the probability of the existence in the Solar system’s ninth planet — it specifies a number of theoretical calculations. However, conspiracy theories about the existence of the planet Nibiru is the relationship, in fact, has not.

Earlier in the network appeared rumors that the world would end on September 23, while in an object that will serve his cause, appeared not fictional planet, but simply a large asteroid. According to rumors (also, however, without official confirmation) the American space Agency NASA has even commented on this information, stating that no objects that in the near future, could collide with Earth, they were recorded. Often serious experts “sensation” of this kind simply ignored, so as not to attract even more and without that undeserved attention.

Before popular among Internet users, the date of the coming global cataclysm was August 19, but as expected, nothing really unusual in this day, as far as we can judge, did not happen.


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