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Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Epithelial cells in the mouth lose their nuclei from cell phone radiation

Radiation from a mobile phone changing cells inside of the cheek. Figured it out by scientists of Tomsk state University (TSU). The experiment, which was attended by hundred of volunteers, lasted for months.

photo: pixabay.com

In the scientific world is still debate about the carcinogenic effect of radiation from mobile phones. Numerous scientific conclusions about the presence of such effects, which in the future may lead to development of cancer, are often subjected to doubt, because it is always difficult to exclude the range of influence on the change in the cells of other factors, such as: bad habits, diet, lifestyle, oral hygiene.

As reported by “MK” in the Biological Institute of TSU, in their study, the researchers tried to exclude all other factors of influence on the cells, besides the radiation from the mobile phone. Namely, before the examination all subjects filled out a questionnaire in which they indicated personal data (birth date, gender, age), the cell phone model, and confirmed the absence of x-ray studies and diseases of viral etiology in the three months prior to the study, which could change the results of the analysis. In addition, it was chosen for the experiment those who have conditions match.

The mouth, as the object of study, was selected because of availability and ease of fence cellular material. In addition, the epithelium of the cheeks is in close proximity to the cell phone (when talking on it), which increases the probability of impact of electromagnetic radiation on cells of the nasal cavity.

The volunteers did the scrapings from the internal sides of the cheek at baseline and one month later. “Leading” the researchers called the cheek, which is often the kiss mobile, when talking, “control” – the opposite cheek.

As told one of the leaders of the experiment, the Marina Kostromina, at the end of the month on the inner side of the cheeks, which pressed the mobile phone, were more frequent in cells with a damaged genome, the cells lost their nuclei, and abnormal cells with two nuclei, which clearly shows the carcinogenic effect of radiation of phone.

Cellular changes were more often noted in women, which may be caused by the fact that they more and more you talk on the mobile phone, as well as in both sexes of the Mongoloid race, which may be associated with genetic differences from the more resistant to radiation Caucasians.

In the end, the experts recommended that people who frequently use mobile phones to change their application, to wear the braces in the bag or on the belt, not to put them at the head of the bed. In addition, it is recommended to try to avoid conversations on a mobile device in areas with low signal levels or in a room with thick walls, because there the device increases the power of its own signal.

Meanwhile, the researchers are not yet ready to state unequivocally that cell phone causes cancer. According to Castronuevo, they will need to conduct additional experiments.


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