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Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Yulia Latynina and split power

First, Latynina was doused in shit. Then sprayed her house and car by an unknown gas. Now the car burned. Coincidence? I don’t think.

You can, of course, rely on the accident, what in our lives does not happen. You can even think that it is Yulia Latynina pumps, and actually all is quiet in Baghdad, life has become better, life has become merrier. Possible, but not necessary.

photo: Natalia Muslinkina

Man is persecuted for the word. Words spoken or written. Yes, and the verb burn the hearts of the people, as it liked to do Mr President. And the word can even kill. But the journalist had nothing else in the Arsenal, just the word. He’s not picking up the gun (has no right, otherwise what is he a journalist?!), don wrapped an explosive belt. He just says just says. And it gets full.

It turns out that if in our country over the spoken or written word, you were beaten, you’re a good journalist. Bludgeoned to death — very good. And if he did, that is the best reward. The post-mortem. If your word people (they’re people!) so react, then you’re on the right track. So you do your thing and get to the spot in the top ten. So it turns out in our country.

In his last (of course extreme!) the air of “Echo of Moscow” Yulia Latynina wondered. Why killer blogger Stanislav Dumkina in the Park of culture named after Gorky found so quickly, the killer bodybuilder Andrey Drachev detected practically without delay, but that is still not a famous person who hit on Nemcova bridge Ivan Skripnichenko, after which he died, no one is looking. It is not in nature. The man himself took, dead.

Poured Bulk green paint — no witness, no criminals. Well, what they are criminals, just kids fun. Decided in the paint to play. Combat.

Enough pretending that we do not understand enough to shyly look away. The Nemtsov who was killed? The performers are, there is no doubt. And customers? One of them was hiding on the territory of the Chechen Republic, where unauthorized entry is strictly prohibited. Then he was given leave (Yes, just opened a green channel!) one of the Muslim countries, and it is gone. Bribes are smooth, everything is hush-hush. The consequence is finished, forget it.

It only says that all are equal before law, but there are those who are more equal than others. This suggests that after the Bolotnaya and Sakharov the government has divided people into clean and unclean. The country’s leadership became an authorized representative of “pure” (their name is Legion), and the rest please do not worry. After this favourites trust individual Patriotic comrades imagines himself knows that. Considered himself entitled to protect their power from enemies, they themselves appointed. And patriot a demand?

It’s “patriots” killed Nemtsov, right? They authorities tried to help. Well, how then can you find customers? Their reward is necessary! As the two boys-Grushnikov, grojnowski Yandarbiyev in Qatar. Why look for those who have “greened” Alexei Navalny, they are like the best. But it turned out as always. Well, then, do they need to tear the earth to reach termometal Latynina? Maybe they are on the job, and maybe they have under the shirt shoulder straps are available? Its not pass.

To friends everything, to enemies the law — the classic formula. Don’t know what sew Kirill Serebrennikov. Nobody knows. But when his defenders say, “But look at yourself! They themselves are stealing billions, with such happiness and on freedom”. In a normal country position “the fool — the fool” — not an argument. But the truth of life, and against this truth you will not trample. Everyone understands that this is selective justice.

Nobody in Russia knows what is right, it is not valid. And therefore is not valid law enforcement and awareness. But it is a basic element of the existence of any state! So our state hangs in the balance, that is, dependent on one person. In fact it is a direct path to degradation. No country even, and consciousness. “Here to play, here do not play, here fish wrapped” — and live.

In the eyes of the government becomes a hostage of their volunteers. Can’t bring them to heel. Or do not want? The thugs shit and green paint handle useless. Then this word to power. You don’t understand what’s going on? You yourself have created this situation, this mad “Patriotic” gopotu. Chavs tearing your hamstring, it is socially close, and if you suddenly start to compress, it can also be offended in the best feelings. And then you, the government will lose its electorate. Such is the fork in the road, unsolvable.

A split consciousness you know the name? Right, schizophrenia. The doctor we find the doctor! But it is not treated. Later.

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