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Sunday, February 25, 2018

The Republic of Korea and Russia will create a new image of the Far East

6 September in Vladivostok opened the forum, which will last two days. The main event of the forum will be a plenary session on the theme: “the far East: creating a new reality”. This year the forum will be held for the third time, and in its work take part the President of the Republic of Korea moon Jae-In. He will discuss with Russian President Vladimir Putin plans cooperation in creating a “new reality Far East.”

photo: kremlin.ru

What will be the new reality of the Russian Far East? What should be the strategy of its creation?

The very name “far East” means the extreme geographical remoteness of this region from Moscow. The image of the Far East and Siberia as “remote places” has a negative impact on the economy and life of local residents. However, as the image and reality of the Far East is not limited to this. The far East is also the Pacific Asia region. If on this basis to consider “the far Eastern region of Russia” as the “Pacific Russia”, we can draw the following conclusions.

Asia-Pacific is one of the most dynamically developing regions. Among the various regions of the world most characterized by numerous reforms and successful development. The Russian far East, which geographically belongs to Siberia, and to the Asia-Pacific region. Countries bordering the Russian Far East and Siberia, and which are economic partners of Russia, have large capital, large market size, than the European Union (EU). The Republic of Korea, separates from the Far East, a two-hour flight. Eastern economic forum is an event that emphasizes the importance of the Russian Far East and symbolizing open cooperation with countries in the Asia-Pacific region. It also reflects Russia’s desire for regional integration.

The reason the President of the Republic of Korea moon Jae-In to take part in this forum, lies in his firm conviction that Russia’s strategy is aimed at open collaboration and economic integration in the Asia-Pacific region, could be an important factor in ensuring peace and prosperity in the region.

The administration of President moon Jae-In, who took office in may this year, is actively committed to the development of economic cooperation of Russia and States of the Korean Peninsula in the far East. The Korean Peninsula and the Russian far East and Siberia will develop natural ties with its neighbors in the region. This will give new impetus to the development of the Asia-Pacific region.

In addition to the already discussed various mega-projects the parties plan to cooperate on issues such as energy and gas, the Northern sea route, the development of agriculture and production of seafood. The Republic of Korea and the Russian Federation will work together to ensure the welfare of the inhabitants of the Far East and the establishment of peace and prosperity in the region. The Deputy Prime Ministers of both countries will discuss the establishment of the Committee on economic cooperation in the far East. This step will reflect the will of the leadership of the Republic of Korea and the Russian Federation to interact.

In the last century due to cold war exchanges and cooperation of the Republic of Korea with Russia in General and Eastern region in particular has been discontinued. In this period the relations of Korea with other countries of the Eurasian continent were broken, and thus she lost his Eurasian entity. But at the same time suffered and the far East. Given that dynamic, the Republic of Korea is the closest neighbour of the Russian Far East, for this region the termination of relations meant isolation from the economies of the Asia-Pacific region. After the Republic of Korea and the Russian Federation established diplomatic relations, before broken connection was immediately restored, and the effect of the cooperation between the two countries emerged very quickly.

The volume of trade between South Korea and Russia before 1990 was zero. But now he is very close to the $30 billion currently, the Republic of Korea is among the ten largest trade partners of Russia. The same applies to Russia’s place in the foreign trade of South Korea. There was a consolidation of trust and cooperation between the two countries. The Republic of Korea and Russian Federation signed an agreement on the introduction of mutual visa-free regime. In addition, the Republic of Korea had refused to join anti-Russian sanctions. Despite the fact that because of the cold war diplomatic relations between our countries were established later, in the last 25 years South Korea and Russia were able to build partnerships based on mutual trust.

By the way, shortly before the opening of the Eastern economic forum, an event occurred which can be considered a symbol of successful cooperation between South Korea and Russia. At the end of last August, is known worldwide for ultra-modern Russian ship “Christophe de Margerie”, following along the Northern sea route for the first time without the assistance of an icebreaker managed to overcome it and arrived in the Korean port of Boryeong, bringing to the liquefied natural gas (LNG). This was a significant event in the history of navigation.

This ship, owned by the Russian company Sovcomflot, was built by Korean company Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering. 2018 Russian large transport ships, following the Northern sea route will deliver LNG and other energy resources from the Yamal Peninsula to the Asia-Pacific region. The security of the Northern sea route, as well as the connection of Russian goods with the Korean technology will create a new market.

The Russian far East will become one of the leading members of the economic community of the countries of the Asia-Pacific region. He also is a symbol of integration and shared prosperity in the region. In this way, the Republic of Korea can promote cooperation and trusting relationship with Russia and become its main partner.

Because the sixth nuclear weapon tests and the various provocations of North Korea uncertainty and instability on the Korean Peninsula and in the whole region rise, and at this time the strengthening of relations between the Republic of Korea and Russia becomes even more important.

I hope that the meeting of the presidents moon Jae-In and President Vladimir Putin will accelerate the creation of a new future for the Far East.

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